Total Destruction Trophy in PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap

  • Total Destruction


    Death Race: wipe out every last car on The Knot.

    How to unlock Total Destruction

    Even though there are a bunch of easy trophies in this game, this one can be tough to get. You need to destroy all cars in the "Death Race" mode in "The Knot" track before time runs out. There are around 50 cars you will need to destroy. Once you destroy a car it becomes a blue flame car which if you touch it you lose.

    -Don't go to fast or else you will miss too many cars
    -Don't go to slow or else you won't have enough time to destroy all cars
    -If you see a group of cars, try to destroy all or most of them before moving onto the next group of cars

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  • To be exact: you need to wipe out 48 Cars to grab the Trophy.

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