Introduction: Welcome to PixelJunk Monsters 2! You are Tikiman and you have to play some tower defense to save the Chibis from waves of monsters. 

If you're new to the tower defense genre, the PixelJunk Monsters games are a good introduction. Each stage sees waves of increasingly strong monsters, which you have to repel by building towers to attack them before they reach your base, the Tiki Hut. 

When you start the game, you'll be asked if you want to view the manual. This manual explains the various gameplay features and can be viewed at any time by pausing the game and selecting How to Play. In addition to this, the Totems in the main hub world also explain pretty much everything that's in the game. If you're ever stuck or want a bit more information on something, go up to one and press cross.png.


Step One: Play and earn a Rainbow fragment for every stage on Fun difficulty

The overworld of PixelJunk Monsters 2 splits the game up into five distinct areas with three stages each. To familiarize yourself with the game and each stage, the best thing to do is work through each stage in the order they unlock, earning a Rainbow fragment for completing them without any monsters reaching your house. You need to earn a certain amount of fragments before you can unlock the next area, so focus on completing stages perfectly while learning the best way to place towers to fight off monsters while the stages are less difficult. 

By the end of this step, you will have earned: 

Rainbow Bridge trophy_silver.png
Tikis Really Did This? trophy_gold.png

Step Two: Play and earn a Rainbow fragment for every stage on Tricky difficulty

Same as before, only this time some stages will feature more waves with tougher monsters. Stages with special conditions such as monsters not yielding coins or gems will be the same, but the waves themselves will be slightly different.

By the end of this step, you will have earned: 

Tikiman is Our Protector trophy_gold.png 

Step Three: Play and earn a Rainbow fragment for every stage on Mayhem difficulty

The hardest challenge the game has to offer. The monsters have more health, there are more waves and you'll need to place your towers perfectly to keep them all at bay. Put everything you've learned into practice to pass these stages and you will earn Please Tikiman, No More... trophy_gold.png , plus Somewhere Over The Rainbow trophy_gold.png  for earning all the Rainbow fragments.

By the end of this step, you will have earned: 

Please Tikiman, No More... trophy_gold.png
Somewhere Over The Rainbow trophy_gold.png

Step Four: Miscellaneous clean-up

Up until this point you will almost certainly have unlocked the other trophies, but if you're missing any of the following then it's time to target them:

The Extinguisher trophy_bronze.png 
Knock Out! trophy_bronze.png 
Fashion Leader trophy_silver.png 
Treasure Hunter trophy_gold.png 
Boom! trophy_gold.png 
Master Builder! trophy_gold.png 
Experienced Tiki trophy_gold.png 
Chibi Defense Force! trophy_gold.png 
Tax Collector trophy_gold.png 

After all of these you'll earn the platinum trophy: The Rainbow Connection trophy_platinum.png 

PixelJunk Monsters 2 Trophy Guide

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17 trophies ( 12  2  )

  • To you who mastered it all!

    Congratulations! You finished everything the game has to offer and get a cute trophy icon out of it.
  • You bought 20 different outfits. Now you're ready for the Tiki fashion show!

    After completing stages and reaching various in-game milestones, you'll unlock Ancient Tokens. You can use these to unlock shells and masks from the Totem in the main hub:


    Once you've purchased twenty shells or masks, the trophy will unlock. By the time you reach the end of the game, you will have more than enough Ancient Tokens for this trophy.
  • You have acquired 10 Rainbow Fragments. Keep up the good work!

    You will unlock this trophy naturally while progressing through the game. You earn one fragment per perfect stage completed at each difficulty level.
  • You collected coins and gems from trees 50 times. Where do you want to look next?

    Certain trees in each stage drop coins and gems when you run through them with Tikiman. The same trees drop items in each stage, so you can quickly learn which trees to trigger when you play. You will almost certainly unlock this trophy as you play naturally, but you can earn it whenever by replaying any stage you want while collecting the gems and coins from the trees.

  • You defeated 100 monsters with fruits. Beware of explosions!

    You can purchase fruits with varying effects from the Totem during stages. The fruit to buy here is the Bomby Fruit:


    Fruits are purchased with Gems that you collect in each level. The best levels to attempts this are ones with slow-moving, dense waves of ground enemies. Make sure to play on 'Fun' difficulty so enemies have less health. Coco Valley Stage 3 is where I grinded my kills. Once you've bought the fruit Tikiman will be holding it. Press circle.png to place it on the ground, press cross.png to throw it in front of you.

    As with Knock Out! trophy_bronze.png you don't need to deal all damage with the fruit, just the final blow.
  • You built 500 towers! You're quite the craftsman!

    All towers built in every level contribute towards this trophy, for which you'll need 500 of said towers. Play the game and build lots of towers, and you'll unlock the trophy.
  • You upgraded towers 500 times! Your skill has improved!

    Towers can be upgraded in three ways:

    - They can upgrade automatically when they kill enemies.
    - You can go into the menu when standing over a tower and spend gems collected from that level to upgrade them.
    - You can stand over the tower with Tikiman and he'll start doing a little dance, which upgrades the tower.

    A yellow circle appears next to each tower when it upgrades through kills or Tiki-dancing, so you can see how long it will take to reach the next level. Each tower has five upgrade levels, with each level taking longer to reach or costing more gems.

    After reaching 500 upgrade levels, you'll unlock this trophy.
  • You defeated 5000 monsters! Nothing can stop you!

    All monsters defeated in every level contribute towards this trophy. Play the game and defeat lots of monsters, you'll unlock the trophy.
  • You have collected 100,000 coins! How much do you have left in your wallet?

    You can earn coins in three ways:

    - Killing monsters
    - Spawning them from trees as in Treasure Hunter trophy_gold.png 
    - Gaining interest from unspent coins at the end of waves. At the end of each wave you're given 5% of your unspent coins back in interest. This makes saving coins and not buying towers purely because you can a useful strategy, especially on higher difficulties.

    Once you've collected 100,000 coins, you will unlock the trophy.
  • Wow! You cleared all stages in "Fun"!! It's amazing that you did all of that alone.

    Fun is the first and easiest difficulty stage. Progressing through the game will unlock new stages. You will earn this trophy while going for Somewhere Over The Rainbow trophy_gold.png .
  • Wow! You cleared all stages in "Tricky"!! Now monsters fear you.

    Tricky is the second difficulty stage, unlocked on each stage after finishing it on Fun. You will earn this trophy while going for Somewhere Over The Rainbow trophy_gold.png .
  • Oh! You cleared all stages in "Mayhem"!! You're the best!!

    Mayhem is the hardest difficulty, unlocked on each stage after you've earned at least one rainbow fragment on each stage. You will earn this trophy while going for Somewhere Over The Rainbow trophy_gold.png .
  • You have obtained all the rainbows! This moment shall be preserved in history books.

    This is the hardest and most time consuming trophy in the game. You'll unlock this once you have finished every level without letting any monsters reach the Tikihut. Here are some tips to help you with the game:
    • Learn the stages. You won't always get the stage perfect first time. Once you play a stage a few times - even if you don't even reach the end - you'll learn what to expect from each wave, and which towers to build.
    • Don't spend lots of coins right away. Let them build up as much as you can in the early stages. 5% might now seem a lot, but the extra coins you get at the end of each stage can quickly add up. Having a few strong towers is often more effective than having lots of lower-leveled ones. Don't forget to collect as many bonus coins from trees as you can too on each stage you play.
    • Don't worry too much about the special towers you unlock as you play through the game. Cannons, Arrows and Anti-Air are enough to get through most stages on all difficulty, with Laser and Shock towers becoming useful on later stages.
    • Make sure you build your towers in the right places. You can see the range of a tower when you stand over it - make sure you cover as much of the path as possible so you can attack the monsters as much as possible.
    • Spend all your spare time upgrading towers. Get Tikiman to shake his thing. Getting a tower to level 3 really doesn't take long, and it makes a big difference.
    If you get stuck on a particular level you can always consult youtube - I.Eat.Games has a handy playlist of all the game's levels: Pixeljunk Monsters 2 Walkthrough/Guides - YouTube

Secret trophies

  • You mastered the Ice Tower! It doesn't hurt to be prepared does it?

    To earn this trophy you have to build an Ice Tower which blasts a flaming monster when it comes in range, putting out the fire. The Ice Tower is unlocked after you've completed each stage of the first area, Pockulu Forest. Flaming monsters are found in several stages on higher difficulties. The trophy can be earned on any flaming monster, but remember that the Ice Tower only works on ground enemies. 
  • You defeated an enemy with a Shell Attack. No need for towers now, right?

    In addition to using towers to defeat enemies, Tikiman can deal the final blow by attacking them directly. When near a ground enemy, press circle.png to jump over them then press cross.png to do a shell attack and deal some damage. Enemies can be weakened by towers, but as long as the final blow comes from Tikiman, the trophy will unlock.

    This trophy is best attempted on any stage with slow-moving ground enemies on Fun difficulty. 

DLC: Encore Pack

1 trophies

  • You cleared all stages at Encore Peak! The forces of the universe are now on Tikiman's side.

    This is for the first of the game's DLCs, in which there are three stages to complete. You can unlock the trophy by finishing the stages on Fun difficulty. Additionally, you don't have to save all the Chibis to unlock the trophy; just finishing the three stages is enough.

DLC: Danganronpa Pack

1 trophies

  • You cleared all stages where Monokuma appears! Tikis won’t give in to despair!

    This is for the second of the game's DLCs, in which there are three stages to complete. You can unlock the trophy by finishing the stages on Fun difficulty. Additionally, you don't have to save all the Chibis to unlock the trophy; just finishing the three stages is enough.

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