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  • A Unique Rebel


    Defeat the Reaper.


    The Reaper is a shadow that appears if you linger for too long in Mementos. It will always appear if you stay for five minutes on the same floor in Mementos. You will then have to hunt it down for a boss fight, locating it on the map with . It is a very strong shadow that can one hit kill parties if you’re particularly unprepared.

    Below is a chart of all the moves the Reaper is capable of, courtesy of xNinjaOfChaosx on GameFaqs:

    The Reaper is capable of handling any threat and has an answer to every team member you have in your party. It’s a tough one.

    It’s easy to just revive and whittle the boss’s health down on Safe difficulty, but for an even easier method that works for those not playing on Safe, you can choose one of the flu days (not to be confused with the pollen days earlier in the year). The earliest of these is on 11/13. Select any floor of Mementos that isn’t a safe floor or end floor, and stay there for five minutes. After the Reaper appears, trigger the fight.

    The reaper has a high chance on flu days to be inflicted with despair at the start of the battle. If not, escape using , and try again.

    Once you encounter a Reaper that inflicted with despair, simply wait for three turns by pressing , to guard for every character. The Reaper won’t attack anyway, but guarding is the quickest way to pass turns. The Reaper will then commit suicide, and the trophy is yours. You can repeat this for farming purposes.

    Days when Flu is in effect:

    • 11/13
    • 11/14
    • 11/15
    • 12/8
    • 12/9

    A Unique Rebel Video Guide:

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  • Reaper appears in Momentos when you wait around on one floor for too long. Like P4, you will hear the chains rattle and someone will make a comment about a strange feeling. You can easily take out Reaper during Flu Season. He has a small chance of spawning with the status Despair during this time of the year. When he does, simply block and after a few turns he will kill himself. This can take several tries, so simply save at a rest area, go to a floor above or below and wait for him to come. If he wrecks you, reset and try again. Also a good farming method if you want to cheese some levels. He gives 72k exp.
  • Yeah. I agree with above! Wait until flu season. Pointless any other time. Make sure when you hear his chains you ambush him first because it’s easier to escape straight away if he doesn’t have the flu. You can then try again straight away as it’s a new reaper suddenly following you. Repeat as much as you want. I suggest changing floors after him succumbing today flu on one though. I tried farming on just one floor doesn’t work. He collapses after two rounds with flu. You get the trophy, and loads of XP. Mine are all up to 88 after just 5 flu reapers.

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