• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal opinion; Platinum Difficulty Rating Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 49 (40, 5, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 100+ hours (Personal estimate; Estimated Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 plus NG+ up to day 5/18.
  • Number of missable trophies: 36, every non-story based trophy is missable.
  • Glitched trophies: 1, Craftworker.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No; you can play on Safe difficulty if you want.
  • Do trophies stack?: This game has four platinum trophies, one for each of the English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions. Although, PS4 and PS3 have shared trophy lists for each, and unlike other Atlus games, the American and European lists are shared this time.

Welcome to Persona 5, a Japanese RPG in which you balance regular high school life with raiding the cognitive Palaces of peoples’ hearts. In doing so, you will engage in a number of activities on your way to the platinum trophy, including hanging out with friends and developing your social statistics, as well as fighting shadows and capturing them as Personas.

To start off, the trophy list itself contains minor spoilers. If you’re 100% against encountering spoilers, simply follow the roadmap and ignore the trophy list. The roadmap’s path, specifically the spreadsheet, covers every trophy except for three in the first playthrough.

Assuming everything else is completed in the first playthrough, your second will be a partial playthrough to farm money, create your remaining Personas and compleye the secret boss fight. For this, refer extensively to this guide’s supplement, which contains in-depth methods of exploiting money, defeating the boss, and how to make a ridiculously powerful Persona. You can view the supplemental guide here:


Alternatively, you may choose to ignore the roadmap’s path and forge your own journey. In which case, the trophy guide accommodates for this by providing individual methods for obtaining each trophy on your own. Also to assist with this, Anubit3Blad3 has constructed a rather convenient checklist to ensure you've got everything associated with a trophy. Good luck, inmate:

P5 Stuff v1.0 - Google Docs

Step 1: Complete the game on any difficulty, following the walkthrough supplement guide
YokA_sun, with the incredible contribution of finn527, have created a detailed guide to complete most of the trophies in one playthrough, which can be seen here: Walkthrough spreadsheet.

Follow this guide on your path to the platinum trophy and you should earn most of the trophies there are to earn. One trophy of particular note is A New Journey, which requires you to see the true ending. Study that trophy below for a description of what to do for that ending with minimal spoilers.

Also, it may benefit you to use the Persona 5 Google Checklist, created by Anubit3Blad3, which allows you to track your progress. You can find it here.

Also, there are 16 save slots, which you can use to your advantage. Make saves in different slots frequently as if something goes wrong, you can reload a save to fix the problem. Also, you can use these to save-scum and reload your game after you have finished a trophy. If you are following the walkthrough spreadsheet, however, the latter won’t be necessary.

You can play on any difficulty, though some are uncomfortable with playing on the lowest, ‘Safe’, as they feel it makes the game too easy. Also, if you choose to play on Safe difficulty, you will not be able to change the difficulty in the middle of a playthrough, or for New Game Pluses that use that save file. Easy is our recommendation for new players. If you find it too easy, feel free to bump it up to Normal or Hard.

Toward the end of the game, you should capture all Treasure Demons, use the money exploit found in the supplement guide, as well as create the best Persona, Yoshitsune with recommended skills (also in the supplement guide. Also, pay attention to Passionate Listener, as, while some players unlock it easily, others have a bit of difficulty.

One more suggestion is to “Register” the Personas you contribute to the compendium in the Velvet Room. In doing so, you essentially save whatever their stats and moves are for when you buy them from the compendium. As you will need to rank up to Confidant Strength MAX for the next playthrough, register the Personas required for it so you can save a lot of time in the next playthrough.

During this step, you’ll earn:

Soul of Rebellion
Castle of Lust Falls
Phantom Thieves Formed
Museum of Vanity Closes
Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt
Pyramid of Wrath Collapses
Spaceport of Greed Destroyed
Casino of Jealousy Shut Down
Cruiser of Pride Sinks
The True Trickster
A New Journey
Merciless Executioner
Execution Leading to Rebirth
Passionate Listener
The Ultimate Strike
Perfect Combination
Precise Insight
A Phantom Thief’s Duty
My Best Partner
Soul of Rebellion
Mask of an Honor Student
A True Confidant
Great Phantom Thieves Convene
Power That Connects
I Am Thou
Countless Masks
The Sneaking One
A Unique Rebel
Drink Fanatic
True Talent
Nominating the Twins
Atop Countless Sacrifices
A Sublime Experiment
Through One’s Sentence
Competent Negotiator
Skilled Gunman
Beginner Phantom Thieves
A Perfect Job
My Backyard
Guardian of the Pond
Aggressive Searcher
Under-the-Table Goods
Golden Finger
The City’s Hard Hitter

Step 2: Cruise through a second playthrough in NG+, on safety in order to progress more quickly.

Start a game in New Game Plus using the clear save you finished the last playthrough with. In this playthrough, charge through the game quickly, getting to the optional fight for Beyond Rehabilitation. Create the NG+ exclusive Persona (One Who Rebels Against a God) on 5/18, which will be the last Persona you need for Mask Collector.

For this section of the roadmap, all of these trophies are covered in depth in YokA_sun and BeforeJam’s supplementary trophy guide. It can be found here, and will be extensively referred to throughout the New Game Plus trophies:


Assuming you have done all of this, and cleaned up any remaining trophies you may have missed, you should then have achieved your true rehabilitation.

Beyond Rehabilitation
Mask Collector
One Who Rebels Against a God
Legendary Phantom Thief

First and foremost, we’d very much like to thank YokA_sun for his absolutely tremendous, generous contributions to both the main trophy guide and roadmap, and particularly the supplemental guide. His work effort was exhaustive and extremely diligent in his data collection and extensive researching measures. This guide wouldn’t even be close to a possibility without his contribution. Also, for his walkthrough spreadsheet, of which the first playthrough of the guide is based on. In can be seen here, and will be extensively referred to throughout this trophy guide and roadmap in order to ensure the smoothest path for you to complete the platinum trophy.
To finn527 in co-creating the excellent spreadsheet guide.
To chinhodado on GitHub for their fusion calculator, to be used for Mask Collector. It can be seen here.
To Anubit3Blad3, for his Google Docs checklist for tracking progress. It can be found here.
To xNinjaOfChaos on GameFAQs, for his carefully formatted tables, which will be featured throughout the guide.

[PST Would Like To Thank BeforeJam for this Roadmap]

Persona 5 Trophy Guide

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49 trophies ( 40  11  )

  • Earn all trophies.

    You will earn this trophy when you have achieved a true rehabilitation. Excellent work, inmate.

  • Form the Phantom Thieves.

    Story related. This trophy will unlock as part of story progress and is unmissable. You will earn it in the scenes following the first Palace, when you and your new friends are pigging out in a restaurant buffet. In this scene, you will be appointed the leader of the Phantom Thieves, and you will select a name for then. The trophy will unlock as soon as you do.

  • Perform 50 Persona fusions.


    Persona fusions are an ability given very early into the game. All types of Guillotine executions count toward this, no matter the number of Personas used. Other executions do not count toward this.

    You’ll be doing plenty of these on the quest to the platinum trophy. There are over 190 Personas to make, and you’ll get this naturally if you’re going for Mask Collector.

  • Perform a Guillotine execution.

    The Guillotine execution is your most basic form of Persona fusion. You earn this on your first visit to the Velvet Room once you gain access to Palaces.

    In order to fuse, you need two Personas of different arcana, gained through either purchasing them in the compendium, through DLC or by negotiating with shadows.

    This trophy can be obtained as of 4/18, where you will be forced to fuse two Personas. After this, you can perform Guillotine executions at any time.

  • Hear 250 of Futaba's navigation lines.


    Anyone that played Persona 4 Golden, yes, this is back with a vengeance.

    A navigation line is when Futaba speaks during battle and sometimes on the overworld, with a text box and her face in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll get Futaba as your navigator about halfway through the game. This is what they look like:

    You need to rack up 250 unique lines for this trophy, so for example, Futaba saying “Not Bad, Mona!” more than once per battle, across battles, during a playthrough, will only ever count as one line. This means a lot of repetition in lines, and makes the trophy very RNG-based.

    Thankfully, the trophy is much, much easier to earn this time. Futaba has a much wider range of lines than Rise did, and with more party members and more status ailments, it’s much more common for this trophy to be activated through normal gameplay. You won’t have to worry about being over-leveled compared to enemies and missing lines either; there are fewer lines associated with this this time.

    A few important things to keep in mind for this trophy:

    • Lines definitely, 100%, do not carry over to NG+ playthroughs. The counter for this trophy resets with each playthrough.
    • Overworld lines do count this time.
    • You can use the move Stagnant Air, which increases ailment susceptibility for everyone in the battle, including teammates.
    • Makoto lines and lines do not count for this. Any other lines where Futaba speaks, but the subtitle doesn't appear in the top right corner, do not count.

    We recommend hunting for this trophy when Goro Akechi joins the party, due to story circumstances later. The spreadsheet has you to farm lines on 10/30. This is also after the point in the spreadsheet when the ability to switch out characters during battle at any time is gained, making it ideal.

    Our recommendation for tracking your progress would be to log every line you encounter in battle on an Excel document, so that when you type in a line you already have, Excel will auto-fill it and you will know not to count that line.

    There are ten ailments this time around and there are more enemies that inflict ailments. As such, make an effort to grind these.

    These enemies produce ailments, with their locations:

    • Incubus, Evil Touch (Fear): The Path of Qimranut, The Path of Aiyatsubus
    • Succubus, Marin Karin (Brainwash): The Path of Qimranut, The Path of Aiyatsubus
    • Sandman, Dormina (Sleep): The Path of Kaitul
    • Yaksini, Wage War (Rage): The Path of Chemdah (rarely), The Path of Kaitul
    • Lamia, Ominous Words (Despair): The Path of Kaitul
    • Black Ooze, Famine’s Scream (Hunger): Spaceport Palace, The Path of Akzeriyyuth
    • Kaiwan, Makajam (Forget): Spaceport Palace, The Path of Akzeriyyuth
    • Narcissus, Nocturnal Flash (Dizziness): Cruiser Palace, The Path of Sheriruth

    A list of currently-known lines is as follows, under a spoiler tag owing to the list’s large size:

    Entering battle:
    When you begin a battle in equal standing:
    - 1 each for against one, two, three, four and five enemies higher level than you
    - 1 each for against one, two, three, four and five enemies lower level than you
    - 3 for against enemies that are strong (burning red in mementos) of any amount
    When you begin a battle with an advantage (sneak attacked):
    - 3 for any amount of enemies of any level
    When you begin a battle with a disadvantage (attacked from behind):
    - 3 for any amount of enemies of any level
    When you begin a battle against a treasure gem:
    - 1 for a treasure gem of any level
    When you begin a battle, and Futaba gives you a free Hold-Up (requires Hermit Confidant 4):
    - 3 at least when Futaba gives you a free Hold-Up
    When you begin a battle, and Futaba scans an enemy for treasure (requires Hermit Confidant 7):
    - 1 when Futaba scans an enemy for treasure

    21 lines

    Exiting battle:
    When you win a battle:
    - 3 for anyone winning a battle: 3
    When attempting to escape from battle:
    - 2 for escaping: 2
    - 1 for escaping a battle you’ve been ambushed in (requires Star Confidant 5): 1
    - 1 for failing to escape: 1
    - 1 for Futaba taking a high amount of turns to find an escape route: 1
    - 1 for trying to escape again even though Futaba is already doing so: 1
    When enemies are low on health:
    - 1 for an enemy that is low on health and about to run away: 1
    - 1 for an enemy that has just run away: 1

    12 lines

    During battle, generic:
    - 2 for when two or more party members are below half: 2
    - 2 for when two or more party members are below a quarter: 2
    Rush mode:
    - 2 for entering rush mode: 2
    Baton pass:
    - 2 for first baton pass: 2
    - 2 for second baton pass (one of which is rare): 2
    - 2 for third baton pass (one of which is rare): 2
    Weakness scan (R1):
    - 3 for weakness known, or all affinities revealed with no weaknesses: 3
    - 3 for weakness unknown: 3
    - 1 for weakness known, but current party member can’t hit it: 1
    - 1 for weakness known, but current party member can’t hit it, and you can baton pass to someone who can hit it: 1
    Battle has lasted a long time:
    - 1 for each of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 enemies left: 5
    - 2 for negotiating for more money/items successfully: 2
    - 2 for negotiating for more money/items and failing: 2
    - 2 for attempting to negotiate with a boss or miniboss: 2
    - 3 for acquiring random items stolen from enemy using physical attack (Magician Confidant 5): 3

    47 Lines

    During battle, for each party member:
    During battle, attacking/defending:
    - 1 for each party member downing one, two, three and four enemies: 4*8 = 32
    - 1 for each party member killing one, two, three and four enemies: 4*8 = 32
    - 1 for each party member hitting weaknesses for already downed enemies: 1*8 = 8
    - 1 for each party member dodging an attack: 1*8 = 8
    - 1 for each party member missing an attack: 1*8 = 8
    - 1 for each party member for being downed: 1*8 = 8
    - 1 for each party member for getting back up after downed: 1*8 = 8
    - 1 for each party member for having less than half health: 1*8 = 8
    - 1 for each party member for having less than a quarter health: 1*8 = 8
    - 1 for each party member for being killed (minus protag): (1*8)-1 =7
    During battle, ailments:
    - 1 for each party member being afflicted with each physical ailment: burned, shocked, frozen. Note: Ann, Ryuji and Yusuke can’t be burned, shocked or frozen respectively: (3*8)-3 = 21
    - 1 for each party member being afflicted with each mental ailment: rage, hunger, despair, fear, brainwash, silence, sleep: 7*8 = 56
    - 1 for each party member running away after being afflicted with fear: 1*8 = 8
    - 1 for each party member healing the enemy after being brainwashed (very rare) 1*8=8
    - 1 for each party member being debuffed in attack, defense and agility: 3*8 = 24

    205 lines.

    - 8 for exploring Mementos; find rest area or end area: 8
    - 2 for finding a chest in Palace: 2
    - 2 for finding a safe zone in a Palace: 2
    - 1 for attempting to open a locked door in a Palace: 1
    - 1 for being spotted by a shadow in either a Palace or Mementos: 1
    - 1 for being spotted by a shadow and raising the alert percentage in a Palace: 1
    - 1 for spotting a treasure gem: 1

    16 lines

    Bosses and Minibosses: (Missable!)
    Optional boss fights:
    - 2 when fighting the Reaper: 2
    - 5 after beginning the secret boss fight in New Game Plus: 5
    Note: Futaba will say one of two sets of lines at the start of the battle. To get all five lines, you have to fail the boss fight and start over. Failing this fight is not a game over, instead you'll get a cutscene, be thrown back to mementos and be reduced to 1 health.
    Palace bosses:
    - 1 for each boss that you can to send team members to use tactics: 2
    - 8 during the boss battle in the Pyramid Palace: 8
    - 4 during the boss battle in Casino Palace: 4
    - 3 during the boss battle in Cruiser Palace: 3
    Final boss:
    - 3 after beginning the final boss battle, at the bottom of Mementos: 3
    - 5 during the final boss battle, for each of that boss’s unique status ailments: Lust, Vanity, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath: 5
    - 1 for when one teammate buffs or heals another, and a third teammate with Envy does friendly fire damage in reaction to that: 1
    - 1 for the final boss battle using its Pride move: 1
    - 1 for the final boss battle being attacked while its Pride move is effective: 1
    Note: The final boss's Avarice move is just a standard hunger status ailment, and does not have its own line. Also, Sloth is the only sin without its own move.

    35 lines

    Total breakdown: 21 + 12 + 47 + 205 + 16 + 16 + 35 = at least 352 lines. This is a conservative estimate, there are likely a lot more that aren’t listed here. The estimate total is as good as 400, with many of the above listed lines having rare alternate versions that only come across once or twice per playthrough.

    Passionate Listener Video Guide:

  • Deal over 999 damage in a single attack.


    To earn this trophy, use a strong attack that is powered by a baton pass, and that an enemy is weak to. This ensures a high damage output. You can also use moves that reduce the overall defense of the enemies.

    Characters with Magic stats, particularly Ann and Haru, are great for this trophy. At higher levels, Ann’s Persona Carmen can learn the move Concentrate which more than doubles her attack power the next turn. You can use Concentrate to power Ann, and use a move such as Debilitate to lower the enemy defense. Then, unleash Ann’s strongest fire attack, Blazing Hell, on an enemy that is weak to fire. You’ll surely do over a 1000 points of damage.

    Make sure to try this in the lower levels of Mementos where the enemies are sure to be weak, and to help even further, reduce the difficulty of the game to Safety to do massive damage. Do make a save beforehand as once you lower your difficulty to Safety, you can’t change the difficulty anymore.

    Another character that is great is Ryuji. He will learn Charge at higher levels. Charge for his first turn, and then unleash his strongest physical attack. God Hand is a good move to use for this trophy.

    Last, in order to give direct commands to teammates, you’ll want to change their tactics in the party menu, so they receive direct commands from you.

    The Ultimate Strike Video Guide:

  • Perform 50 All-out Attacks.


    An All-out Attack becomes an option when you down all enemies on the field via criticals and weaknesses during a battle, and Joker cannot be down or inflicted with a status ailment.

    All out attacks can be performed by stunning all enemies on the field, via exploiting their weaknesses or hitting them with a critical hit. You will then enter a Hold-Up scenario, where you can either negotiate, or perform an All-out Attack using to deals massive damage. Engage in the latter to meet the requirements of this trophy.

    Like other trophies, you will be seeing plenty of these throughout the game. So while it technically is missable, you would have to actively be avoiding using enemies’ weaknesses in order to miss this. In the opinion of this guide’s writers, we would be amazed if you managed to miss it.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you exploit 100 weaknesses.

    Perfect Combination Video Guide:

  • Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times.


    Most enemies in the game have weaknesses that can be exploited to turn the tide of the battle. There are 9 different damage types in the game; Physical, Gun, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Ice, Psy, Nuke, Bless, and Curse. Another type of damage, Almighty, does not correspond to any affinities and therefore will not do any more or less than normal damage.

    When fighting enemies for the first time, try out different types of attacks till you find the one that they are weak to. Once you damage an enemy with a type of move, that information is saved in the game. The next time you fight them, press to analyze the enemy and view its strengths and weaknesses. If you previously hit and exploited the enemy’s weakness, that damage type will be listed as a weakness.

    Again, like other trophies of its ilk, you will be seeing plenty of these throughout the game. So while it technically is missable, you would have to actively be avoiding using enemies’ weaknesses in order to miss this. The trophy will unlock as soon as you exploit 100 weaknesses.

  • Obtain a Treasure Demon.


    Treasure Demons are a special kind of Persona found mostly in Mementos. You can also find them hiding in breakable objects in Palaces. Every Mementos floor has a chance of having one in it. They cannot be used in battle, but the moves they carry are very useful for fusion.

    Treasure Demons are highly resistant to most attacks, but some earlier ones feature one or maybe two weaknesses. The Treasure Demons, their weaknesses and locations are below:

    • Regent, Emperor lv.10: Weak to Psy and Nuclear - Museum Palace, The Path of Chemdah
    • Queen’s Necklace, Empress lv.15: Weak to Gun - Bank Palace, The Path of Kaitul
    • Stone of Scone, Fortune lv.20: Weak to Curse - Pyramid Palace, The Path of Akzeriyyuth
    • Koh-i-Noor, Priestess lv.25: No weaknesses - Space Station Palace, The Path of Adyeshach
    • Orlov, Strength lv.30: No weaknesses - Casino Palace, The Path of Sheriruth areas 1-5
    • Emperor’s Amulet, Hanged Man lv.35: No weaknesses, The Path of Sheriruth areas 7-13
    • Hope Diamond, Death lv.40: No weaknesses, The Path of Sheriruth areas 12-13
    • Crystal Skull, Fool lv.50: No weaknesses, The Path of Sheriruth area 13

    Note that the last three of these, Emperor’s Amulet, Hope Diamond and Crystal Skull, cannot be found in Mementos until the Ship Palace is completed (Cruiser of Pride Sinks)

    Here is video on all 8 Treasure Demons, showing strengths, weaknesses and locations:

    Locate one of the first three, which exist in the upper Paths of Mementos, and down them using their weaknesses. After that, negotiate with the demon to get it on your side, taking it like a normal Persona.

    For the Treasure Demons that have no weaknesses, you can make a Persona that has a high luck stat and uses Lucky Punch or Miracle Punch (Your party member, Morgana’s Persona has Lucky Punch, and gets Miracle Punch by levelling up), which is a move that has a high critical rate. An example is Obariyon, Fool arcana lv.8, which has Lucky Punch and can be refined with the same exploit as Mandrake in the supplementary guide.

    Additionally, for a quicker method, Tower Confidant Rank 1 gives you access to the Down Shot, which downs any non-boss enemy, including Treasure Demons, at the expense of all of your bullets. Because of that, you must find a way to replenish your ammo before doing another one. Also, increasing the ranks on the Tower Confidant lowers the amount of bullets required for a Down Shot, so maxing out that confidant will greatly assist in getting Treasure Demons.

    Here is a video on using Down Shots to acquire Treasure Demons easily:

    Also, you can use Treasure Traps, a tool that you can make in your spare time, to lure more Treasure Demons into an area. In using these, Treasure Demons will commonly appear after battles with regular enemies.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you get your first Treasure Demon.

    A Phantom Thief’s Duty Video Guide:

  • Enter a special relationship with someone.


    A special relationship is, essentially, making one of the female Confidants your girlfriend. There are eight characters you can date. Most will let you date them during Rank 9 of their Confidant scenes, but a couple require earlier involvement. The dateable Confidants and any extra requirements are listed below:

    • Makoto Nijima, Priestess Arcana
    • Haru Okumura, Empress Arcana
    • Ann Takamaki, Lovers Arcana
    • Futaba Sakura, Hermit Arcana
    • Chihaya Mifune, Fortune Arcana: During the Rank 6 interaction, choose “You’re Just Chihaya to me”. During the Rank 8 interaction, you have to choose “Hell yeah I am”.
    • Tae Takemi, Death Arcana - During the Rank 7 interaction, choose either “We all do sometimes” or “I’m glad you did”.
    • Sadayo Kawakami, Temperance Arcana
    • Hifumi Togo, Star Arcana
    • Ichiko Ohya, Devil Arcana: During the Rank 7 interaction, choose “You’re charming as you are”.

    In choosing to date any girl, you will be entering a special relationship. The trophy will unlock as soon as you do.

  • Obtain the Persona Arsene.

    Story related. This is the first trophy you will earn in the game. Near the start, after discovering the Castle Palace, you will awaken to the new power of your Persona. You will also awaken to the trophy immediately after.

  • Complete the Persona Compendium.


    There are a total of 191 Personas in Persona 5, excluding the team member Personas and DLC. By the end of the first playthrough, you have access to all but one Persona. The last Persona, Satanael, is only available in New Game Plus. See One Who Rebels Against a God for more info on that Persona and its recipe.

    Also, Treasure Demons, which can't be fused and must be captured through negotiation, are required for the compendium. See A Phantom Thief's Duty for tips on capturing them.

    The recommendation for the remaining 99% of Personas by the writers of this guide is to negotiate and capture as many field Personas as possible, then on 12/24 when heading for the True Ending, fuse as many as you can. Of great help to this will be Chinhodado’s fusion calculator on GitHub, which can be seen here:


    The costs on this calculator are estimated based on the base level of the Persona, so small variances are normal. Also, that calculator assumes that the reader has the DLC Personas. If you do not, no need to worry, the DLC Personas are not required at all, they just make some fusions cheaper. Also, you can turn off which DLC Personas you don't own in the settings menu of that page.

    Normally you will have to be at least the level of Persona that you are trying to create. Strength Confidant Rank 10, however, gives you the ability to fuse personas of a higher level, at the cost of some yen. This cost can get pretty significant, so use it only in cases of the late game where personas are of a very, very high level, in the 90s. You will likely need millions of yen to perform all of the fusions regardless, so refer to the supplemental guide’s method on grinding for money easily:

    Persona 5 - Supplemental Guide

    Lastly, the highest level Persona of each Arcana can only be created once that social link is maxed. So in order to create all Personas, you must also get all of your Confidants maxed at least once per playthrough on that save file.

    The trophy will unlock once you fuse or capture your last Persona.

    Mask Collector Video Guide:

  • Rank first place on your exams.


    There are two midterm exams, during May and October, and two final exams, during July and December.

    In order to rank first place on your exams, you will need to have your Knowledge social stat be either 4 (for midterms) or MAX (for finals). Also, you must get every question correct on the exam if it’s the very final test in December. YokA_sun has confirmed that previous exams do not take into account the answer you write.

    Each question will have been asked of you in a lesson earlier in the year. Failing to remember that, one can also consult this guide, courtesy of xNinjaOfChaos from GameFaqs:

    Once you complete the exam by choosing the correct answers, the trophy will unlock a couple of days after the exam, when the marks get posted in the front bulletin board to be viewed automatically.

  • Max out one Confidant.

    See Great Phantom Thieves Convene.

  • Max out all Confidants.


    Confidants are the social links of past games, characters whom you form intense bonds with. Confidants directly benefit your efforts as a Phantom Thief and strengthen your Persona fusions. There are twenty Confidants in the game, and it takes a great deal of planning to be able to maximize your Confidant rank with every one of them. The Confidants are as follows:

    • Fool: Igor – Ranked up automatically
    • Magician: Morgana – Ranked up automatically
    • Priestess: Makoto Niijima – Ranked up socially
    • Empress: Hara Okumura – Ranked up socially
    • Emperor: Yusuke Kitagawa – Ranked up socially
    • Hierophant: Sojiro Sakura – Ranked up socially
    • Lovers: Ann Takamaki – Ranked up socially
    • Chariot: Ryuji Sakamoto – Ranked up socially
    • Justice: Goro Akechi – Ranked up automatically
    • Hermit: Futaba Sakura – Ranked up socially
    • Fortune: Chihaya Mifune – Ranked up socially
    • Strength: Caroline and Justine – Ranked up through fusion tasks
    • Hanged Man: Munehisa Iwai – Ranked up socially
    • Temperance: Sadayo Kawakami – Ranked up socially
    • Devil: Ichiko Ohya – Ranked up socially
    • Tower: Shinya Oda – Ranked up socially
    • Star: Hifumi Togo – Ranked up socially
    • Moon: Yuuki Mishima – Ranked up socially
    • Sun: Toranosuke Yoshida – Ranked up socially
    • Judgment: Sae Niijima – Ranked up automatically

    Some of the Confidants contain brutally high stat requirements, so focusing on maximizing those should be a priority in the early game, so that you can complete Confidants with relative ease later in the game.

    The Fortune Confidant, at Rank 7, gives you the Fortune Read ability. This will allow you to strengthen a bond without spending time, ensuring that days aren’t wasted on hanging out with a Confidant without ranking up.

    It would also benefit you to maximize the Temperance Confidant as soon as possible. Rank 10 of that social link gives an ability, Special Massage, which allows you to spend your nights after visiting a Palace and Mementos on social activities, instead of having to go to bed immediately.

    Also, if you’re attempting the trophy without the spreadsheet, be sure to always have a Persona of the appropriate arcana equipped; if you have a Persona of the same arcana as the Confidant you’re hanging out with, your relationship with them will develop faster. This of course doesn’t apply to the automatic links.

    As always, following the spreadsheet will most definitely yield the best results, as all Confidants and stat requirements are accounted for.

    As for the Strength Confidant, as can be seen above, you will need to rank up that Confidant in a different manner; specifically fusing Personas with a certain moves. The list for this is found in the supplementary guide:

    Persona 5 - Supplemental Guide

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you complete your last Confidant for that playthrough, which will invariably be in the true ending, as the Fool Confidant automatically maximizes there.

  • Perform a Baton Pass 3 times in a single turn.


    A few conditions must be met in order to complete this trophy. Baton Passes are unlocked through either Confidant Rank 1 or 2 for each of your teammates, so you must be at that level for at least three teammates.

    A Baton Pass is available when a character exploits an enemy’s weakness. They can pass the turn to the next player. Consecutive Baton Passes are available so long as there are enemies left on the field to down. To unlock this trophy, find a group of three or more enemies with weaknesses that your party can exploit. Use a single-target spell (spells without the prefix Ma-) to down an enemy, then pass the baton to the next character when prompted.

    Because of the diverse range of affinities and skills in your party, I recommend finding a group of enemies that are weak to physical or gun attacks instead of spells. The shadows in the Museum Palace work for this. There is a large exhibition room that gets trapped by fences in a cutscene. A red (strong) shadow appears close to a chest in the room, which always spawns five enemies that are weak to gunshot.

    If exploiting a gunfire weakness, do not use Haru, or to a lesser extent Ann as they have splash damage guns instead of single-target.

    Once you down one, pass the baton onto the next, and repeat that until the fourth person comes around. Be sure to only attack the enemies that are not down, as you will not be able to pass the baton if your character just damages an enemy that is already down. This is why at least three enemies are necessary. If you are only fighting three enemies, when the third goes down, press to cancel the negotiation so you can baton pass to the final character.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you Baton Pass three times consecutively for the first time.

    The Power That Connects Video Guide:

  • Obtain a Persona through negotiation.

    See Countless Masks

  • Obtain 30 Personas through negotiation.


    A negotiation is an option when having downed all shadows on the field through either hitting weaknesses or getting a critical hit. When you have done so, press to negotiate, then choose the appropriate responses to the attitude that the shadow has, seen below:

    • Serious attitude: Likes irritable responses
    • Playful attitude: Likes upbeat responses
    • Kind attitude: Likes timid responses
    • Ambiguous attitude: Likes gloomy responses

    Each enemy’s attitude can be viewed before attacking them with . Successful negotiations require at least the second response to be ‘liked’. If they are indifferent to your second response, they will give you an item and flee. If they greatly dislike your second response, the battle will continue.

    Also, when fighting Treasure Demons, they automatically will join you when you enter negotiation phase. This also counts for the trophy as a full negotiation, without any questions needing to be answered.

    The Personas do not have to be unique; you can obtain Personas you have previously obtained or fused. If you are currently holding the Persona you are negotiating with, however, you will automatically fail the negotiation, and the enemy will leave.

    Finally, Toranosuke Yoshida’s Sun Arcana Confidant contains abilities that make negotiations easier or skippable entirely.

    If you somehow do not get this normally, you will most definitely get it on the quest for Personas to complete the compendium with. The trophy will unlock as soon as you obtain 30 Personas through negotiation.

    Countless Masks Video Guide:

  • Ambush the enemy 50 times.


    Ambushing an enemy is performed by staying hidden in cover, or remaining behind an enemy, then pressing when prompted to ambush. You learn this very early on in the game. As it is in your best interests to continue ambushing to keep a Palace’s alert percentage low, it’s more or less required to have this trophy by the end of the third palace. Just keep playing normally and as the game has taught you, and you will get this with no problems.

  • Defeat the Reaper.


    The Reaper is a shadow that appears if you linger for too long in Mementos. It will always appear if you stay for five minutes on the same floor in Mementos. You will then have to hunt it down for a boss fight, locating it on the map with . It is a very strong shadow that can one hit kill parties if you’re particularly unprepared.

    Below is a chart of all the moves the Reaper is capable of, courtesy of xNinjaOfChaosx on GameFaqs:

    The Reaper is capable of handling any threat and has an answer to every team member you have in your party. It’s a tough one.

    It’s easy to just revive and whittle the boss’s health down on Safe difficulty, but for an even easier method that works for those not playing on Safe, you can choose one of the flu days (not to be confused with the pollen days earlier in the year). The earliest of these is on 11/13. Select any floor of Mementos that isn’t a safe floor or end floor, and stay there for five minutes. After the Reaper appears, trigger the fight.

    The reaper has a high chance on flu days to be inflicted with despair at the start of the battle. If not, escape using , and try again.

    Once you encounter a Reaper that inflicted with despair, simply wait for three turns by pressing , to guard for every character. The Reaper won’t attack anyway, but guarding is the quickest way to pass turns. The Reaper will then commit suicide, and the trophy is yours. You can repeat this for farming purposes.

    Days when Flu is in effect:

    • 11/13
    • 11/14
    • 11/15
    • 12/8
    • 12/9

    A Unique Rebel Video Guide:

  • Buy every kind of drink from vending machines.


    There are a total of 26 drinks, which you can buy from vending machines across the map. The vending machines are located in Yongen-Jaya, Shibuya, Aoyama-Itchome, Shinjuku and Akihabara. The vending machines are marked on the map, viewable with .

    Also, make sure you’re checking all vending machines, including those that are side by side. Groups of two or three vending machines sell different drinks per vending machine, so you must position yourself so that you can press on each individual vending machine. Also, groups of vending machines are only represented by one map icon, so as said earlier, check carefully.

    Note that the last drink is available from Akihabara from 10/10 onwards, which is thus the earliest you can unlock this trophy. Otherwise, you can do it on any day; it doesn't spend any time going around to all of the locations and buying the drinks at once. Also note that some of these drinks drop from enemies in dungeons; this does not count towards this trophy, you must buy them. Nobody has to drink any; simply buying them is enough. The trophy will unlock as soon as you do.

    The following is a list of drinks:

    Drink Fanatic Video Guide:

  • Max out all social stats.


    There are five social stats, Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness and Charm. They all require a different amount of points to unlock, and each has associated activities with earning those points:

    • Knowledge; Answer questions in class correctly, study at diner or LeBlanc.
    • Guts: Take the Big Bang Challenge at Big Bang Burger.
    • Proficiency: Make tools in your room, spend time at the batting cages.
    • Kindness: Feed your plant nutrients, of which Shinjuku Nutrients give more Kindness points. Also, work for the flower shop in underground mall in Shibuya.
    • Charm: Spent time at the bathhouse at night, particularly on Mondays and Thursdays

    Each stat also has associated books, video games and DVDs, which will be your main source of stat boosts when you have free time and no other activities to do. For the latter two of those, you will need the Retro Games Console and Old CRT TV from the secondhand shop in Yongen-Jaya.

    Additionally, spending time with Confidants that are appropriate for each stat, for example the highly intelligent Hifumi Togo for Knowledge, or the friendly father Sojiro Sakura for Kindness, will help develop that stat.

    Following the spreadsheet should result in maxed social stats across the board in the one playthrough. So, as we mentioned in the roadmap, follow that. The trophy will unlock when you max out the last stat.

  • Perform a Group Guillotine execution.


    Similar to a Guillotine execution, a Group Guillotine execution has you fusing Personas. The difference being that these fusions are fixed; the Personas in these fusions cannot be fused any other way. The Group Guillotine is available to you alongside the standard Dyad Guillotine, as of Strength Confidant Rank 1, which is attainable as of 5/18. You will be doing plenty of these for the Strength Confidant, and they are required for Mask Collector. The trophy will unlock the first time you perform a Group Guillotine execution.

    Nominating the Twins Video Guide:

  • Perform a Gallows execution.


    Gallows executions are available from the Velvet Room from 06/21 onwards. The function of this execution is to essentially consume one Persona to add EXP points to another, without fusing them. When the aforementioned date arrives, venture to the Velvet Room and perform a Gallows execution. The trophy will unlock once you do.

    Atop Countless Sacrifices Video Guide:

  • Perform an Electric Chair execution.


    Electric Chair executions are available from the Velvet Room from 08/01 onwards. The function of this execution is to transform the Persona into a predetermined item. When the aforementioned date arrives, venture to the Velvet Room and perform an Electric Chair execution. The trophy will unlock once you do.

    A Sublime Experiment Video Guide:

  • Learn a new Persona skill through Lockdown.


    Lockdowns are available from the Velvet Room once you progress the Strength Confidant level to Rank 3. The function of this is to detain a Persona for a while, so that it may learn special skills not found through leveling up. Once you are at Strength Confidant 3, venture to the Velvet Room and perform a Lockdown. You must wait several in-game days for the skill to be learned, so do this when you’re in a section of the game with a lot of free time.

    After several days, return to the Velvet Room and take your Persona out of Lockdown, and it should learn a skill. Also, Caroline will contact you when you have a Persona in Lockdown that is at risk of being lost due to being there too long. This is a good indicator that it has learned a skill.

    The trophy will unlock once you take the Persona out of lockdown and it has learned a skill.

    Through One’s Sentence Video Guide:

  • Successfully rescue a hostage from an enemy's threat.


    When one of your allies is down, at very low health, and is about to be attacked by an enemy, the enemy may approach you with a negotiation – but this time, it’s the other way around. During this, you will have to negotiate to free your friend – now a hostage – and get them back into the fight.

    Here, you use the same negotiation responses used in Countless Masks above to successfully prevent them from getting offed. Alternatively, Persona 5 features a system where you can get online assistance in rescuing the hostage without having to negotiate. You will have to be connected to the internet, of course, in order to do this. In any case, once you do, you will unlock the trophy.

    If you’re particularly paranoid, some players are having issues earning this on their own. In that case, you can get this easily in the Castle Palace, shortly after the Center Hall 2F safe room. Here, you can encounter groups of two or three Silky, or Kelpie, who have ice skills that Ann is weak to, and wind skills that Ryuji is weak to, respectively. Have Morgana at low HP, spamming useless skills and items, and everyone else guard. You may have to try several times, so hop back to the safe room to respawn the enemies if you need to.

    It's recommended that you do this very early on, the Castle Palace is ideal. As the game goes on and your characters become higher in level, this trophy becomes more difficult to get.

    Competent Negotiator Video Guide:

  • Defeat 3 or more enemies at once with a single round of bullets.


    You can easily earn this trophy once Haru joins the party. She has a grenade launcher that does high damage to all enemies on the field, but only carries one grenade, with a second in reserve by default. So, find at least three enemies and get them all to low health. After that, press on Haru’s turn to fire her grenade launcher at them. The trophy will unlock if they all die at once from a single grenade.

    The following is a video example of this trophy being performed with Ann.

    Skilled Gunman Video Guide:

  • Complete 5 requests.

    See A Perfect Job

  • Complete all requests.


    There are a total of 26 requests in the game. Most are given through text messages from Mishima by default. Note that you absolutely can miss a request if you ignore and don't read a message by Mishima, so read every one he gives you throughout the game.

    Most are identified and can be completed in Mementos automatically, and others require some investigation (just follow what the request says to do in the request menu, which is found by pressing ).

    A handful of others are also given through Confidants:

    • The Money-grubbing Uncle – Heirophant
    • Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket – Hermit
    • Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse – Fortune
    • Debunking the Psychic – Fortune
    • Shady Deal in the Shadows – Hanged Man
    • Bad Medicine – Death
    • A Teacher Maid to Suffer – Temperance
    • Fighting for Truth in Journalism – Devil
    • A Mother’s Aggression – Tower
    • Upstaging the Stage Mother – Star

    Additionally, the following are requests that require you to ID the target in the real world, before beating their boss in Mementos.

    • We Aren't Just Your Slaves (work at Crossroads twice)
    • Who's Been Assaulting People!? (work at Flower Shop twice)
    • Calling for Justice for Cats (work at Convenience Store twice)
    • One Who Bullies Bullies (speak to some NPCs outside Aoyama-Itchome gate)

    A full list of requests can be found in the supplemental guide:

    Persona 5 - Supplemental Guide

    If you’re following the spreadsheet, you will get this during your first playthrough. The trophy will unlock once you complete the last request.

    A Perfect Job Video Guide:

  • Unlock all hangout spots.


    In order to earn this trophy, you need to unlock all 25 fast travel points on the map. On the map, which can be accessed by pressing , anywhere you see white bubbles along a pathway, those are map points that haven’t been unlocked yet.

    The majority of the locations are unlocked by going through the story. Many others are unlocked by progressing Confidant Ranks, and rest can be unlocked by reading location books, all of which are identified by only containing one ‘chapter’.

    Unlocked automatically in the story:

    • Akasaka Mitsuke
    • Nagatacho
    • Suidobashi
    • Yongen-Jaya
    • Shinjuku
    • Miura Beach
    • Ginza
    • Aoyama-Itchome
    • Shibuya
    • Roppongi

    Unlocked by progressing Confidant Ranks:

    • Akihabara – Hermit Rank 2 or Tower Confidant prerequisite
    • Ogikubo – Chariot Rank 2
    • Tsukishima – Chariot Rank 7
    • Ueno – Emperor Rank 4
    • Kanda – Star Confidant prerequisite

    Unlocked by reading books:

    • Ikebukuro – Museum of Stars
    • Meiji Shrine – Tokyo Shrines
    • Jinbocho – Musty Pages
    • Ichigaya – Fishpond Spotter
    • China Town – Chinese Sweets
    • Asakusa – Shitamachi Reborn
    • Harajuku – Vague
    • Maihama – Theme Park Escort
    • Seaside Park – Nightlife Hotspots
    • Inokashira Park – Weekend Parks

    Note: Some of the locations gained through reading books are also gained automatically in the story or through social links; reading the books just gets them earlier. Also, reading the books after the location has already been found will not spend time. Because of this, the spreadsheet will cover the above locations in the way that saves the most time, so the above list is different to how you get the location if following the spreadsheet. As such, the above list is more meant for those not following the spreadsheet by choice. If you’re using the spreadsheet, follow that instead.

    The trophy will unlock once all locations have been unlocked.

    My Backyard Trophy Video Guide:

  • Catch the Guardian of the fishing pond.


    To earn this trophy, you will have to catch the toughest fish at the fishing spot in Ichigaya, the “Ichigaya Guardian”.

    First, you need to purchase the Fishpond Spotter book at the bookstore in Central Street of Shibuya. Reading this book, or accepting Ryuji’s invitation to hang out at the fishing spot, will unlock the Ichigaya map location. In travelling here, you will be taught the fishing controls, and be given a few free items to start with.

    You’ll then want to fish and practice several times before you take on the Guardian. To fish, use the right bait necessary for the different sizes of fish, and toss the line into the water close to the fish you want to catch. After a fish bites your bait, you want to move the cursor towards the red region, and tap the X button. I found tapping to be more efficient than holding .

    Fish at this location using a few free medium baits. You will need to earn at least 400 points to buy the Top-class Boilie, which is the only requirement for the Guardian. A recommended upgrade, though it isn’t necessary, is the rod that costs 2 000 points. You will likely have the money left over from when you were getting points fishing with medium baits, so buy it if you can.

    It is advisable to buy and read the Essence of Fishing book at the bookstore in the Red light district of Shinjuku, after fishing at least once to get the book to appear in the store. Reading the book gives you the ability to use Third Eye by pressing to see which fish is the guardian. The Ichigaya Guardian is a large and unusually long fish, highlighted in gold in Third Eye vision.

    With the Third Eye ability you can see which fish also can give double points when you catch it, as it will sparkle. This helps with gathering a ton of fishing points so you can buy the Miracle Rod, if you absolutely need it.

    To spawn the guardian you need to catch 5-6 fish consecutively before it randomly spawns. At this point make sure to use Third Eye to confirm it. It’s a long fish that only goes after the Top Class Boilie. The guardian does spawn more frequently in the rain, so plan you fishing days wisely.

    Now trying to reel in the guardian is really tough, it’s advisable to lure the guardian closer to you, before letting it go for the bite. It’ll make your life a lot easier as you’ll only need to tap a few times. Luring it close is the most effective way of getting the Guardian to bite down on your bait. After throwing your bait, pull it back once it notices and attempts to follow it. Pulling it back won’t use up any bait or the number of times you’re able to fish.

    Be extra careful with the Top Class Boilie, as it attracts all types of fish. Keep that in mind before tossing it into a crowd of fish. Also if the guardian manages to escape, it’s gone for that fishing day, so you will have to come back later and try it again. Or alternatively, if you are keen to not waste days, make a save before coming to the fishing spot. If the guardian escapes, reload the save.

    Once you catch the guardian, the trophy will unlock.

    Guardian of the Pond Video Guide:

  • Obtain 150 items from searchable objects in Palaces.


    Searchable objects in palaces are easily identifiable destructible objects. They’re usually ceramic pots, boxes, pieces of art, anything really that sits on its own in the corners of each room. You can identify them once you unlock Third Eye.

    You can destroy these objects using . The trophy will unlock as soon as you break your 150th item.

  • Customize a gun.


    To earn this trophy, you need to customize one of the model guns that you or your teammates use.

    First, you need to establish the Hanged Man Confidant, Munehisa Iwai. He is the owner of the Airsoft shop in Central Street of Shibuya. He is introduced through the Story shortly after entering the Castle Palace, though you won’t be able to begin the Confidant until you have finished that Palace and have level 3 in your Guts stat.

    Once you have established the link with him, you can select the Customize option when shopping at his place. Choose a gun to customize and upgrade it to unlock the trophy. It doesn’t matter which gun is upgraded, any gun for any character will do.

    Under-the-Table Goods Video Guide:

  • Create all types of infiltration tools.


    This trophy is glitched, in that some have reported that using Kawakami to make items for you, even though she doesn’t count for this trophy’s progress, will cause random items to bugged and make the trophy be very finicky to unlock. In this case, do not use Kawakami to make items until this trophy is unlocked.

    There are 15 types of infiltration tools that you can create. You are first introduced to making tools during early story progression; you will be asked to make some lockpicks first. As the story progresses, you will gain access to additional types of tools, with all of them becoming unlocked on 7/25. They are as follows, along with their required materials:


    • Vanish Ball: Thick Parchment x1, Plant Balm x1
    • Spotlight: Thick Parchment x2, Cork Bark x2, Silk Yarn x1
    • Limelight: Condenser Lens x4, Aluminum Sheet x2, Tanned Leather x4
    • Megido Bomb: Tanned Leather x4, Red Phosphorus x3, Liquid Mercury x2
    • Element Set: Tin Clasp x3, Plant Balm x3, Cork Bark x3
    • Forces Set: Silk Yarn x3, Iron Sand x3, Condenser Lens x3


    • Lockpick: Silk Yarn x1, Tin Clasp x1
    • Eternal Lockpick: Aluminum Sheet x20, Liquid Mercury x10
    • Stealthanol: Plant Balm x2
    • Convertizer: Plant Balm x2, Cork Bark x2


    • Goho-M: Silk Yarn x1, Plant Balm x1
    • Smokescreen: Thick Parchment x2, Plant Balm x2
    • Hypno Mist: Silk Yarn x3, Plant Balm x1, Iron Sand x3
    • Reserve Ammo: Iron Sand x10, Aluminum Sheet x10, Red Phosphorus x10
    • Treasure Trap: Silk Yarn x2, Plant Balm x3, Cork Bark x1

    Due to not being able to return to LeBlanc during the day without forcing the day to progress to the evening, you can only craft at night and non-school days, with exception of Sundays or days you start off in your room.

    Crafting all these infiltration tools will require many crafting materials. As of November, all crafting materials are available from all stores, which is when the spreadsheet asks you to complete this trophy. As of November in-game, these are the materials available from shops:

    Secondhand Shop, Yongen-Jaya:

    • Silk Yarn
    • Tin Clasps
    • Aluminum Sheet
    • Tanned Leather

    Akihabara Electronics, Akihabara:

    • Iron Sand
    • Condenser Lens

    Other materials can be obtained by defeating shadows in Palaces and Mementos, or by breaking objects in Palaces. The best way to farm materials is to run around from floor to floor in Mementos while grabbing silver cubes. They contain random items that can either be consumables or crafting materials, and are highly efficient as no battles are involved. As you head deeper into Mementos, rarer crafting materials spawn more frequently.

    For many, the hardest material to obtain is Liquid Mercury, which only starts appearing in Mementos frequently after beating the Cruiser Palace. Anubis enemies on the 10th and 11th floor of the Path of Akzeriyyuth, or in the Pyramid Palace, are the best options. Another enemy that drops Liquid Mercury is Ganesha, the elephant enemy found in the Casino Palace.

    The other item of issue may be Red Phosphorus. You can find it on the ground in Mementos in The Path of Adyeshach, and from drops by the enemy Scathach in the same area.

    Note that getting Kawakami to make the tools for you will not unlock the trophy. Due to the aforementioned glitch, it’s recommended you avoid her services entirely to make infiltration tools until you unlock this trophy.

    Once all 15 infiltration tools are crafted, the trophy will unlock.

    Craftworker Video Guide:

  • Read all books.


    There are 34 books to read. Most are bought, others borrowed from the library, plus three earned from requests completed in mementos. Not all bookstores will have their full inventory at the beginning of the game; more are added when certain dates are passed or requirements are met. After the following paragraphs, a full list of books and their locations will be given.

    There are a few pieces of advice to give you if you are not following the Spreadsheet. Note that 11/17 is the last day to get a book from the Shujin Academy Library due to story happenings until 12/22. Also, read all the books in Jinbocho as soon as possible, as the last one is called Speed Reading, and as the title suggests, it’ll double the amount you read in one sitting. Finally, as stated in My Backyard, reading the books associated with a location, after the location has already been found, will not spend time. Because of this, save the location books for last as that will save time.

    As always with these trophies, these books are covered in the spreadsheet, so continue to follow that if you are following the roadmap. The list of books, with page amounts, is as follows:

    Café Leblanc, Yongen-Jaya: Free, at the beginning of the game when cleaning the attic (scripted).

    • Yoncha Wanderer: 1p

    Shujin Academy School Library, Aoyama-Itchome: Books here are borrowed and read one at a time, you cannot borrow another until you return the previous one.

    • The Great Thief: 2p
    • Pirate Legend: 2p
    • Zorro, The Outlaw: 2p
    • The Alluring Dancer: 2p
    • The Gallant Rouge: 2p
    • The Illusory Popess: 2p
    • Cry of Cthulu: 2p
    • Woman in the Dark: 2p

    Bookstore, Central Street, Shibuya: Purchased with no restrictions.

    • Tidying the Heart: 2p
    • Buchiko’s Story: 2p
    • Playing the Game: 2p
    • Medjed Menace: 2p
    • Weekend Parks: 1p – Location Book
    • Vauge: 1p – Location Book
    • Wise Men’s Words: 2p
    • Nightlife Hotspots: 2p
    • Ghost Encounters: 2p
    • Fishpond Spotter: 1p – Location Book
    • Tokyo Shrines: 1p – Location Book
    • Museum of Stars: 1p – Location Book
    • Musty Pages: 1p – Location Book

    Bookstore, Red Light District, Shinjuku: You must complete the associated activity at least once for these books to appear:

    • Flowerpedia: 1p – Work at the Shibuya Flower Shop
    • Batting Science: 1p – Spend time at the batting cages in Yongen-Jaya
    • Essence of Fishing: 1p – Fish at the fishing pond once
    • Cinema Treasures: 1p – Watch a movie once in any location
    • Game Secrets: 1p – Play video games once in your room.

    Bookstore, Jinbocho: Books here are bought and read one at a time, you cannot buy another until you finish the previous one.

    • Master Swordsman: 3p
    • Call me Chief: 3p
    • Reckless Casanova: 3p
    • Speed Reading: 1p

    Mementos Requests: These books are earned from the corresponding Mementos requests:

    • Theme Park Escort: 1p – Location Book – “Complete We Aren’t Just Your Slaves”
    • Chinese Sweets: 1p – Location Book – “Part-time Job, Full-time Hell”
    • Shitamachi Reborn: 1p – Location Book – “Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya?”

    Bookworm Video Guide:

  • Complete all video games.


    In the second hand shop in Yongen-Jaya, you will be able to purchase the Old CRT TV and, during the summer time, a Retro Games Total. There are only six video games total, each with up to three levels each, meaning they must be completed over three nights or days. Two are sold by the second hand shop in in Yongen-Jaya, with the remaining four being in Akihabara:

    Secondhand Shop, Yongen-Jaya

    • Star Forneus – Comes with the Retro Games Console
    • Gambla Goemon

    Retro Games Shop, Akihabara:

    • Punch Ouch
    • Train of Life
    • Golfer Sarutahiko
    • Power Intuition

    Unlike other activities, the video games are not passive, and require your involvement beyond just selecting the game to play. Star Forneus requires simple button mashing. Punch Ouch and Power Intuition require fighting game-like moves, shown on-screen. Golfer Sarutahiko requires you to press a button within the correct timing. Finally, Gambla Goemon and Train of Life are simply down to luck, completely dependent on RNG.

    Reading the book Game Secrets, sold in Shinjuku after playing a video game for the first time, is strongly, strongly suggested. For the RNG based games, be sure to save your game and reload it if you fail so that you do not waste days unnecessarily.

    As always, the spreadsheet covers all of the games. The trophy will unlock as soon as you play all of the games to their completion.

    Golden Finger Video Guide:

  • Hit a home run at the batting cages.


    Hitting a home run involves timing your hits and positioning the bat correctly, in order to hit a target on the back wall of the batting cages in Yongen-Jaya.

    First, you’ll need to read the book Batting Science, purchased in Shinjuku after you go to the batting cages for the first time. The reason this book is necessary is because reading it allows you to use Third Eye while batting with , allowing you to slow down time.

    While at the batting cages, aim your bat using so that the indicator for where the ball is going to land is about two thirds covered by the top half of the bat. This will hit it up toward the large target in the center-left of the cages.

    When the ball is thrown, hold and hit it when the ball turns blue. Not immediately, as that will be a touch early, but just a hair later. Pretend like you have a bad reaction time. We highly recommend doing this trophy on the lowest difficulty ball speed. Also, save your game beforehand so that you don’t waste days without a home run. Each day you get five chances to do it.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you hit a home run.

    The City’s Hard Hitter Video Guide:


Secret trophies

  • Complete the Castle Palace.

    Story related. The Castle Palace is the first dungeon of the game. The deadline for the palace is listed as May 2nd, but you must reach the treasure a few days earlier in order to have enough time to send the calling card and complete the boss.

    The trophy will unlock in the scenes shortly following the dungeon's deadline.

  • Complete the Museum Palace.

    Story related. The Museum Palace is the second dungeon of the game. The deadline for the palace is listed as June 5th, but you must reach the treasure a few days earlier in order to have enough time to send the calling card and complete the boss. Additionally, there is a wall in this dungeon, which must be bypassed in the real world via some mandatory story scenes.

    The trophy will unlock in the scenes shortly following the dungeon's deadline.

  • Complete the Bank Palace.

    Story related. The Bank Palace is the third dungeon of the game. The deadline for the palace is listed as July 9th, but you must reach the treasure a few days earlier in order to have enough time to send the calling card and complete the boss.

    Also, the Bank Palace features key items corresponding to four passwords, which can be a bit of a pain if you have bad memory, so for the sake of convenience, here they are:

    • 0102
    • 0931
    • 2319
    • 1841

    The trophy will unlock in the scenes shortly following the dungeon's deadline.

  • Complete the Pyramid Palace.

    Story related. The Pyramid Palace is the fourth dungeon of the game. The deadline for the palace is listed as August 21st, but you must reach the treasure a few days earlier in order to have enough time to send the calling card and complete the boss.

    The trophy will unlock in the scenes shortly following the dungeon's deadline.

  • Complete the Spaceport Palace.

    Story related. The Spaceport Palace is the fifth dungeon of the game. The deadline for the palace is listed as October 11th, but you must reach the treasure a few days earlier in order to have enough time to send the calling card and complete the boss.

    The trophy will unlock in the scenes shortly following the dungeon's deadline.

  • Complete the Casino Palace.

    Story related. This is earned after you finish the Casino Palace, the sixth dungeon of the game. Note that the deadline is listed November 20, but the actual hard limit to enter this dungeon is November 16 due to a wall and some mandatory story stuff. If you complete the dungeon’s requirements past November 16, you’ll miss a certain event and have to start the week earlier.

    This trophy will take a little longer to unlock, after quite a lot of story scenes have been completed following the dungeon’s completion.

  • Complete the Cruiser Palace.

    Story related. The Cruiser Palace is the seventh dungeon of the game. The deadline for the palace is listed as December 18th, but you must reach the treasure a few days earlier in order to have enough time to send the calling card and complete the boss.

    The trophy will unlock in the scenes shortly following the dungeon's deadline.

  • Complete Mementos.


    Mementos is Persona 5’s procedurally generated dungeon, similar to Tartarus from Persona 3. For this trophy, you will have to reach the very depths of Mementos.

    As mentioned below in A New Journey, All floors of Mementos become available to the player following the Cruiser Palace and in the final sections of the game, after the events that transpire in December.

    This means you must complete mementos on December 24, wherein the final dungeon takes place. From here, there are specific steps you must take in order to reach the true ending and earn this trophy, so see A New Journey for more information.

    As for the rest of Mementos, there are eight areas:

    • Path of Qimranut: Consists of 2 floors.
    • Path of Aiyatsbus: Consists of 7 floors.
    • Path of Chemdah: Consists of 8 floors.
    • Path of Kaitul: Consists of 10 floors.
    • Path of Akzeriyyuth: Consists of 12 floors.
    • Path of Adyeshach: Consists of 13 floors.
    • Path of Sheriruth: Consists of 14 floors.
    • Path of Iweleth: Consists of only 1 floor.

    For a total of 67 floors, thankfully not quite the behemoth that Tartarus was.

    Once you reach the bottom of Sheriruth, you’re ready for the true ending of the game, which will unlock this trophy in the scenes that follow.

  • See the ending.


    The true ending will earn you this trophy. The bad ending can be obtained on November 19th, with the good ending and true ending being earned on December 24. As the true ending is relevant for the above trophy, The True Trickster, we will now discuss how to get that ending.

    Unlike Persona 4, the true ending path is a lot simpler in Persona 5, and can largely be explained without spoiling. Simply put, keep playing until you complete the Casino Palace (Casino of Jealousy Shut Down).

    With minimal spoilers, after the Casino Palace, do the following story options:

    On November 19, do not accept the deal.
    Progress as far as you can in Mementos.
    On December 24, do not accept the deal.
    Complete your fate on December 24.

    For a more in-depth explanation, here you go:

    On November 19, Sae Nijima will offer you a deal to sell out your friends. Do not do this. If you do, you will reach the Bad Ending.

    On December 24, you’ll be forced to enter Mementos. Here you will reach the bottom, the lone floor of The Path of Iweleth.

    Passing through the door from this path, you will enter a new dungeon, with a number of floor puzzles and regularly-scattered enemies.

    You will soon receive an offer from Igor. Again, do not accept it. If you do, you will reach the Good Ending, but not the True Ending. Instead, refuse, and complete the final dungeon. This will unlock both this trophy and The True Trickster.

    The last requirement is to complete mementos (See The True Trickster). The bottom of The Path of Sheriruth is the furthest you will be able to progress before December 24.

    After the True Ending’s requirements have been met, you will see a bunch of story scenes before the credits roll. Here, the trophy will unlock.

  • Defeat the twins.


    Caroline and Justine are the optional bosses of the Velvet Room for this game. They are the secret boss, that you can only fight in New Game Plus. This may also be the last trophy you earn. You can fight them as soon as Mementos is unlocked in New Game Plus, where Caroline will appear beside the Velvet Room door and propose a duel.

    You will likely not be highly leveled enough to fight them using traditional means. The twins have high HP (8000) and can inflict almost all of the elemental attacks in the game. Their attacks follow a pattern, you have a limit of forty-five turns to beat them, and you must deal a certain amount of damage every five turns. Failing this, and you will have to start over due to an All-out Attack. On top of that, one twin will heal the other if one of them is downed by the time the other one’s turn is up. This means you’ll have to basically beat them at the same time.

    As you may be able to tell, the fight is rather tough. As a result, the supplementary guide contains an excellent method involving Yoshitsune. The method and fusion are too big to list here, so refer to the supplementary guide, here:

    Persona 5 - Supplemental Guide

    The trophy will unlock once you defeat the twins.


    Satanael should be the last Persona you fuse, being the only one exclusive to New Game Plus. In order to obtain it, you must perform a Group Guillotine fusion, meaning it must be at least 5/18. Satanael is made using the following Personas:

    • Arsene – Fool Lv.1
    • Anzu – Hierophant Lv.25
    • Ishtar – Lovers Lv.85
    • Satan – Judgment Lv.92
    • Lucifer – Star Lv.93
    • Michael – Judgment Lv.87

    Because of this, you may as well follow the instructions set in the roadmap to register your Personas, so that you can simply buy them and rank up the Strength arcana to MAX. This way, you can fuse Satanael even if you’re below his level, which you probably are since he’s level 95.

    It will cost you about 700,000 yen to buy the Personas needed to fuse Satanael, plus another 800,000 or so for the fusion using the Strength Rank 10 skill. Because of the high cost of all of these, it is recommended you have a large sum of money ready. If not, be ready to farm Personas dropping money. The supplemental guide contains an exploit using Pulinpa, so refer to that:

    Persona 5 - Supplemental Guide

    This is assuming you have the Personas ready from the first playthrough, as stated in the Roadmap. If not, then you will either have to grind levels with the Reaper in order to fuse the necessary Personas, or use the above suggested Strength arcana skill. If you choose to do the latter, each fusion will cost several hundred thousand yen, which accumulates extremely quickly. If you have none of the Personas ready by the time you reach New Game Plus, you will have to spend about 15,000,000 yen, which requires two bosses to grind as the maximum you can hold is 9,999,999.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you create Satanael.

    One Who Rebels Against a God Video Guide:

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