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    In the first chapter (Denial), you'll make your way through a trainyard. There will come a point where you open a train door and find yourself outside in a snowy area, then back amongst the trains. Just after this, you'll come to a train station and, shortly after, a turnstile. There are two paths you can take at this part:

    Straight ahead (marked with a red arrow in the image above), there is a gap between the stacks of luggage that you can squeeze through. This path will get you Übermensch trophy_bronze.png. The path to the right (marked with a blue arrow in the image above) will take you through the turnstile and into the station. This will get you Untermensch trophy_bronze.png.

    For this trophy, take the path to the right and go through the turnstile. While inside the train station lobby, you'll need to find a ticket in a suitcase, then stamp it inside the office. This will allow you to unlock the gate leading to the elevator. Once the gate is opened, the trophy will unlock. 

    If you'd like to get both of these trophies in one playthrough, please see Übermensch trophy_bronze.png for how to do so. 

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