Counter-Air Defense Trophy in Paladins: Champions of the Realm

  • Counter-Air Defense


    Kill a player in the air who is over 100 units above the ground.

    How to unlock Counter-Air Defense

    This trophy is beneficially glitched. Whilst the trophy states that you must kill an enemy who is 100 units above the ground, you can kill any airborne enemy regardless of the distance and the trophy will pop.

    If the trophy wasn't glitched beneficially, the character to watch out for is Drogoz. Drogoz has a flying ability which allows him to remain airborne for 7 seconds, this is the perfect time to shoot at him whilst he's hovering and as he starts to fall you should slay him which then in turn will unlock the trophy for you.

    As long as the enemy was 100 units above the ground and you killed them as they are falling, the trophy will still pop.

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