Sniper Trophy in Paladins: Champions of the Realm

  • Sniper


    Kill an enemy player from over 300 units away.

    How to unlock Sniper

    An obvious choice for this trophy would be Kinessa as she is a sniper based champion. However, you can get it with both Drogoz, Evie & Torvald's ultimate.

    For Kinessa, sit back scoped in and snipe at full charge from a range you see fit. Kinessa also comes with an ultimate ability where all shots that hit the upper half of the body are all headshots. Drogoz can do splash damage or direct damage at range and as long as he gets the slay from 300m it'll count of the trophy. Same with Evie, Do damage to a target at close range, use the escape ability "soar" (default button) to fly away quick and whilst falling use her AOE main weapon and kill the target.

    For Torvald, charge his ultimate ability and then find an enemy with moderate to low health, use his ultimate and it will knock back the enemy and hit them continuously. If you hit them long enough they will reach more than 300m and you'll unlock the trophy when you get the slay.

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  • This can (most easily?) be done on the 'Frozen Guard' map playing 'Siege' with Kinessa. From close to your team's spawn, you have a good view towards the central capture point which is far enough. Here's a short video:
  • Just use Torvalds ult. Launches an enemy off the map.
  • Tried everyhting... not working for me :(
  • I got it with Seris using her Rend-Soul ability.
  • By far the easiest way to get this trophy. Pick torvald go to training onslaught when you get the map Foreman's Rise (its very common) once you have your ultimate go to the objective and hide under the catwalk looking towards the edge and just wait for an enemy to walk thru the door or down the ramp outside and just blast them off the map with your unltimate. Super easy
  • I got this just now using Khan. HIs Ult lets you pick up a character, and all you have to do is turn around and throw them out into the ocean. I literally didnt know i could get this trophy doing that, so it was a nice suprise.
  • got this pretty easy with Torvald. Training Onslaught, Foreman's Rise map. get your ult, hide under the ledge thing until enemies show up, and blast them off the map. but be sure to continue hitting at least one of them for the entire duration, cause the first time I basically got a team wipe but none of them went far enough.

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