Bounty Hunter Trophy in Paladins: Champions of the Realm

  • Bounty Hunter


    Kill an enemy player who is on a 15 killstreak or higher.

    How to unlock Bounty Hunter

    This trophy can be made simple by letting a single bot kill you and your team in the bot training mode. Once a single bot has a 15 killstreak, proceed to kill them. Boosting this with 5 others will be the best way to unlock it via the method above.

    This trophy is more than likely going to be one of your last trophies, if not the very last one you need. Getting an enemy player to have a 15 kill streak requires you to purposely feed the enemy champions kills. As getting a 15 kill 'slay' streak is very rare.

    What makes this trophy even harder is there is no on-screen prompt for the enemy killstreak and you have to rely on the in-game sound cues. There is another issue though, because sometimes the in-game sound cues won't trigger unless you are near a hero. This in turn means you have to either take a chance on killing an enemy streaking or hope that you are close enough for the game to trigger the cue. Alternatively, this can be boosted with a group of 10 people, searching for each other via public lobbies in 2 groups of 5.

    A good tactic that will be easier to setup is to play as a group of 5. Create a party chat via the XMB (the PS4's Dashboard) and create an in-game party. All 5 of you will queue for a siege match. The best mode to earn this trophy in is Payload. Once into a game capture the first objective as quickly as possible. Once the payload has been captured chose an enemy hero to feed kills to.

    Heroes that are not a viable idea to feed to are tank characters like Torvald and Fernando. This is because they will kill you before you kill them making the trophy even more difficult. After allowing the enemy hero to get streaks you'll start hearing the announcer call out streaks.

    The cues are:

    Killing Spree - 3 slays
    Ramage - 5 slays
    Unstoppable - 7 slays
    Savage - 9 slays
    Immortal - 11 slays
    Godlike - 13 slays
    Annihilating - 15 slays

    Once you hear the cue or think they have reached the level of slays required you all hunt down that hero. Once the hero has fallen the trophy will pop for the person who then played that hero. Rinse and repeat as required.

    Bring up the scoreboard in-game using the , it will also show you the hero's killstreak, indicated by the fire symbol and number within it. It doesn't signify slay streaks but it does give you a general idea if the sound cues have not triggered.

    Boosting thread is located here: LINK

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  • This trophy is broken atm. Ive killed one player on a 16 kill streak and one on a 18. And yes if any one is asking there players not ai.
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  • Yea this trophy didn't pop for me when I killed someone on a 16 killsreak I'll boost if anyone wants
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  • enemy killer must have slayed kills 15 not just 15 kills
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  • To get this trophy you will need to kill an enemy with a 15 slay/kill streak not an elimination streak. The only way to know an enemy has a 15 mill stream is by hearing the commentator say 'Annihilating'. You can boost this trophy by getting a group of 5 (full party), go on training and choose onsluaght. This way you will have bots as enemies instead of players. Keep going in the middle and allow the bots to kill you and your team until you see a bot with 15 next to their picture. Then aim for that champion and kill him/her. The trophy will pop moments later. Rinse and repeat until your whole team has the trophy.
  • Killstreak* got auto correct on mobile
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