Hard Carry Trophy in Paladins: Champions of the Realm

  • Hard Carry


    Kill more than 20 enemy champions in a single Siege match.

    How to unlock Hard Carry

    This trophy can be made significantly easier by completing it in a bot training match.

    This requires you to get 21 slays not eliminations. 'Slaying' an enemy implies that you get the last hit before they die. 'Eliminating' an enemy won't count for this trophy. You must see 'slayed' appear after the death of the hero. There is no way to track this in-game. However, once you reach the specified amount of slays it will pop within the match.

    A lot of the difficulty from this trophy comes down to luck and how long a game lasts. 4 rounds is a very short period of time to get 20 slays in this game. It's important to make the match last as long as possible whilst also focusing on finishing off enemies and focusing fire on those that are low on health points.

    Find a champion that you feel comfortable with. Whilst testing the trophy 3 main characters stand out as the easiest to earn this with. As with previous trophies, these champions are Tyra, Skye and Viktor.

    Tyra - She plays as a typical FPS hero. If you're familiar with FPS games then you'll find both her and Viktor easy to adjust to. Tyra's fire bomb is crucial to getting the slays as it provides fire damage whilst you're actively firing at the enemy as well. Not only that but her ultimate is a rapid fire skill that does insane amounts of damage and does not use any ammo.

    Viktor - As with Tyra, Viktor plays much like a traditional FPS character. He has a high rate of fire, does a lot of damage and has a sprint ability to run out of overwhelming situations. He also has standard grenades which can help provide a little more damage before heading straight into a firefight.

    Skye - Skye is a very, very overpowered character in terms of earning this trophy. She can stealth into a position behind the enemy flank, kill the enemies and again stealth out. All without taking any damage at all.

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  • Got this near the beginning of the Beta. So not sure if they fixed or what Says kill, but might mean Elimination which would be considered as an Assit, or actual kill. As a Support, etc, and you attack everybody and they wipe them you'd have a 5 kill streak, and 5 elims.
  • Any idea if this counts in PVE
  • I need help with this trophy, Add me on psn if you jeed help to, PSN: carloplasbravo

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