Questions Later Trophy in Paladins: Champions of the Realm

  • Questions Later


    Deal damage to every enemy champion in Siege before any of them damaged you.

    How to unlock Questions Later

    One of the trickiest trophies in the game and one with a variety of ways to approach it.

    The first and safest way to go about hitting every champion in a siege without getting damaged is to use Kinessa. Kinessa is a sniper type character, this will allow you to sit back in a safe position and snipe towards objectives. This however brings with it two issues.

    Kinessa is a sitting duck for flanking characters. Possibly the hardest part of this trophy is getting the damage into a flank hero without them hitting you or noticing you.

    Using Viktor and Tyra are also a good way to go about it. They can both deal damage at range even if it's very little. This will allow you to sit back and fire at a safe distance but they also have one advantage; grenades. Most team compositions are focused on pushing the objective to win the game. Sit back at the start of the round and wait for the enemy team to push the objective, aim Viktor or Tyra's grenade at the centre objective point whilst in a safe position and run away. The grenade will do damage to many heroes simultaneously, leaving you enough time to run back and pick off the remaining 2 or so heroes at your own pace.

    This trophy must be done at the start of a game or the start of a new round. It can not be done after you have died and respawned.

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  • does Kinessa slow mine count as damage
  • @ #1 I think so, aslong as you dont get hit. Anyway i did this with Viktor, just spray your bullets.
  • Can confirm kinessas mines work. On jaguar falls i threw 2 of them over the wall towards the objective, waited a few seconds and got it.
  • @#3 Really??? been trying for hours and nothing
  • easy way to get this trophy. go into seige training as Kinessa, and just throw the mines at the point and hide

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