Champion of the Realm Trophy in Paladins: Champions of the Realm

  • Champion of the Realm


    Get 4 Champions at Mastery 5.

    How to unlock Champion of the Realm

    Mastery is another way to describe a character's level. This is separate to the actual profile level. To get a hero's mastery level up and progressing, you must be actively using them during matches. The amount of XP received varies between each match and how well you perform.

    To earn the most xp for the character playing them in their role position is crucial. As an example, you choose the flanking character, Skye. To earn the most experience you must be flanking to the enemy spawn and getting kills from behind, using her per the class descriptions. A full list of classes and their heroes is described above in the Roadmap. Each bot match will net you around 30,000 XP.

    The trophy should pop upon completion of the match your last champion has levelled up to Mastery 5.

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  • Will come over time. If you plan on playing Competitive - you'll need 12 heroes level 4. Takes about 10 (give or take) games to reach level 4. All depends on if you win or lose, or if you paid (or saved up) for a booster.
  • Is this trophy bugged? I have 5 characters to Master lvl 5 and still no trophy.
  • You need to unlock the locked characters and level them up to 5 for this trophy
  • To get this trophy simply get 6 characters to lvl 5 mastery (It is glitched, because the first two champions you master won't count toward the trophy)
  • i have 5 at 5-6 and it still says only 2 this needs to get worked on as well as this game being one sided most of the time. not very balanced.
  • Its not glitched anymore now it pops up as soon as youget your fourth champion to lvl 5. It is easier to just buy most of the levels with gold.

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