• Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (Estimated difficulty thread)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 21 (6, 6, 8, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 60-100hrs+ (Luck and boosting dependant) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Various public or bot training matches
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (all can be done in any Public or Bot match)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to Paladins; a "hero first person shooter" that bears many similarities to the widely successful FPS Overwatch. Paladins was developed by the same people involved with other highly rated games such as the free to play MOBA Smite. Paladins itself is also a free-to-play game where heroes can be bought via microtransactions or in-game currency.

The trophy list is considerably easier than that of Overwatch. It is also significantly easier to pick up from the start as well, leaving for an overall enjoyable experience regardless of skill level.

The game plays very much like a traditional FPS, however heroes are stacked with various abilities & talents that range from support to damage and all the way stealth. Using these abilities & talents correctly will completely change your playstyle and in most instances can change a game in your favour completely.

New players start with 8 champions unlocked by default for free: Cassie, Drogoz, Fernando, Kinessa, Pip, Skye, Tyra and Viktor. These characters will be listed below and have a note next to them stating if they are a free or paid for character.

These positions are:

Damage dealers: As the position states these characters are the main source of damage for any team. Some are made for straight up attack whereas others are made for sitting back and dealing damage from a short range that is both safe and less harmful to the health bar.

Heroes in this category are:

Bomb King - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions.
Cassie - Free for all players
Drogoz - Free for all players
Kinessa - Free for all players
Sha Lin - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Tyra - Free for all players
Viktor Free for all players

Frontline: These are the tank like heroes. Capable of taking a lot of damage and average amounts back. They are as per the title always found at the front line, holding down objectives and stopping the enemy team from progressing easily or as quick as they otherwise would due to their sheer amount of health and shield points.

Barik - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Fernando - Free for all players
Inada - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Makoa - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Rukus - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Torvald - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Inara - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions

Support: Support hero's are a crossover class. They are best played on the front line, just behind the tank characters. Supports play a major role in objective capturing and team survival. If played correctly they can be just as powerful as DPS (damage per second) heroes.

Grohk - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Grover - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Mal'Damba - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Pip - Free for all players
Ying - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions

Flank: Flank characters are the stealth heroes. Flanking is a technique where you travel around the main point of attack and into the enemies territory. Flankers normally have a stealth ability & a quick escape ability. The only downside to this class is the health points of the heroes are fairly low and can die extremely quickly if surrounded. It's best to use this class once you've learned the maps efficient enough to get in and out quickly.

Androxus - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Buck - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Evie - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Maeve - Must be bought via in-game currency or microtransactions
Skye - Free for all players

Extra Notes

Important update: As of a recent update, Paladins now allows all trophies to be earned within bot matches. This can make most trophies considerably easier than they were. Trophy information is all still valid against bots or in a public online lobby.

Server Preferences: Whilst there are many servers featured in the game split into regions, any player from any location can play in any region. The two most populated servers are Europe & North America. Connection issues will arise from time to time but they are perfectly fine for anyone to play on, no matter your current location. The default server is set in North America anyway, therefore it's a safe bet that this is the most populated place if you're having trouble finding a game.

Paladins features 8 heroes when you first start the game. You can see these listed above. Whilst they fulfil their positions perfectly, the characters you unlock via in-game currency/real money are noticeably more powerful than the starters. Therefore it's suggested that when you reach enough gold coins to buy a new hero or purchase crystals from the store.

Whilst the game is completely free to play, it does feature various forms of microtransactions. These can speed up the platinum time considerably. See Master Collector for more information. These range from cosmetics all the way to an unlock all character pack. The currency needed to buy these is labelled as crystals and you will need to purchase them using REAL money from the PSN store. The golden coins are earned for playing games & completing quests specified on the menu under "quests". These can be used to unlock characters which are 5,000 gold coins each.

Each time you use a character its rank will increase via xp. This is called "mastery" this is a separate levelling system to your actual profile level. Each profile and mastery rank will give you a free crate which can be opened from the menu screen. These crates include emotes, poses and cards which are used to customise your character loadout.


Due to the nature of the game, trophies can be earned in any order with exception of the ones that require a little grinding. The way you approach the game is up to you, it's suggested however that you complete at least the tutorial to get a grasp on the game.

[PST Would Like To Thank HallawMickey for this Roadmap]

Paladins: Champions of the Realm Trophy Guide

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21 trophies ( 6  )

  • Unlock all trophies in Paladins.

    The final trophy on everyone's agenda, the Platinum. You've helped the heroes take back what they rightfully deserve. Congratulations!

  • Get 4 Champions at Mastery 5.

    Mastery is another way to describe a character's level. This is separate to the actual profile level. To get a hero's mastery level up and progressing, you must be actively using them during matches. The amount of XP received varies between each match and how well you perform.

    To earn the most xp for the character playing them in their role position is crucial. As an example, you choose the flanking character, Skye. To earn the most experience you must be flanking to the enemy spawn and getting kills from behind, using her per the class descriptions. A full list of classes and their heroes is described above in the Roadmap. Each bot match will net you around 30,000 XP.

    The trophy should pop upon completion of the match your last champion has levelled up to Mastery 5.

  • Unlock 60 Talents.

    Talents are the paladins equivalent of customising your loadout. These were previously named cards. Talents can be very useful especially when tailored to your personal playstyle. Each character has 3 of them.

    Unlocking talents happens as follows:

    All characters have 1 unlocked by default. Upon reaching level 2, another is unlocked. Then reaching level 8 will unlock the last one, however to use all 3 you will need to be at level 8 or higher. The default unlocked talent doesn't count towards the trophy.

    This means you will now have to get 30 characters to at least level 8 or alternatively get 15 characters to level 8 and the remaining 30 to at least level 2, which is a huge grind. Especially if you haven't unlocked all the characters from buying the unlock pass, You must grind for gold in matches to buy and use locked characters. This is also on top of levelling each character adding to the grind.

  • Win a Siege match where the enemy team scored no points.

    Siege is the main game mode in Paladins. If you've ever played games such as the likes of Overwatch or Team Fortress 2 then you'll be familiar with this mode. It bears similarities to "Payload" within both of those games. However, there are 2 distinguishing features.

    1) Before a payload spawns, a team must first capture a single objective based directly in the centre of the map from both spawns. Upon capturing this objective the payload in question will then spawn. The more people you can push onto the point, the quicker it will capture. Once the payload does spawn in, the more people surrounding it the quicker it will travel and the more likely you are to hold the position.

    2) The mode is split up into 4 sub-rounds. To unlock this trophy you must win all 4 sub-rounds and in turn the game. These sub rounds consist of capturing the point, pushing the payload to the enemy spawn. Rinse and repeat. You must win all 4 sub rounds to unlock this trophy.

    Whilst it's highly likely you can get this during normal play, it's a good idea to play with a group of 5. Playing with a group of 5, using voice chat and making call outs will highly improve your chances at completing this early on.

    A character that is great for point capturing and defending is Torvald. His standard health tops in at 3,950 with a shield up it adds 6,000 which overall makes 9,950 health points, making him a huge tank and very hard to kill and remove from the point.

    Upon winning all 4 sub-rounds and in turn the game, the trophy will pop on the post game stats screen.

  • Deal damage to every enemy champion in Siege before any of them damaged you.

    One of the trickiest trophies in the game and one with a variety of ways to approach it.

    The first and safest way to go about hitting every champion in a siege without getting damaged is to use Kinessa. Kinessa is a sniper type character, this will allow you to sit back in a safe position and snipe towards objectives. This however brings with it two issues.

    Kinessa is a sitting duck for flanking characters. Possibly the hardest part of this trophy is getting the damage into a flank hero without them hitting you or noticing you.

    Using Viktor and Tyra are also a good way to go about it. They can both deal damage at range even if it's very little. This will allow you to sit back and fire at a safe distance but they also have one advantage; grenades. Most team compositions are focused on pushing the objective to win the game. Sit back at the start of the round and wait for the enemy team to push the objective, aim Viktor or Tyra's grenade at the centre objective point whilst in a safe position and run away. The grenade will do damage to many heroes simultaneously, leaving you enough time to run back and pick off the remaining 2 or so heroes at your own pace.

    This trophy must be done at the start of a game or the start of a new round. It can not be done after you have died and respawned.

  • Land 5 headshots in a row without missing.

    5 headshots in a row will seem daunting at first glance, there is a quicker and easier way to get this rather than sitting back with Kinessa and using her sniper weapon. Viktor has the ability to aim down sights with his weapon, this is an extremely useful ability alongside his sprinting skill. This makes him a very good pick for this particular trophy.

    At the start of a round, sprint and head around the sides of the map and towards the objective. Get as up close and personal to the enemy hero as safe and aim for the head. Continuously fire Viktor's rounds into the head of the enemy and after 5 consecutive headshots, the trophy will pop.

    Headshots are indicated by gold sights, pictured below:

  • Be the only player alive in a match.

    To earn this trophy, every single player in the round (all 5 enemies and 4 of your team) must be eliminated and on the death cooldown timer. Originally the best way to unlock this was to build up your ultimate ability as Skye, the flanking character. Once your ultimate was charged, allow the enemy team to swarm the capture objective and kill your team or put them to low health. Stealth into the objective point and drop Skye's ultimate the bomb, it should then hit or damage / slay the enemy team in turn unlocking the trophy. Obviously, this was very hard and highly situational.

    The alternative way is to play with 5 friends/boosting partners and co-ordinate a setup to unlock this. Playing with a team will allow the setup to be much easier. This setup is for the Onslaught mode.

    All players spawn in at the start of the match, yourself and the team should then proceed to kill all of the enemy team until all player's Ultimates are charged. Upon completing this, your team should then proceed to let the players/bots get ahead by at least 50 points. (This causes the spawn time to increase to 10 seconds). After the completion of all of the above - proceed to stand outside of your spawn with all team members.

    By being at spawn, the bots should filter towards you and your team-mates. Once the enemy is in sight or at least close, let the team members unleash their Ultimates, hopefully killing all the enemy team.

    This part is where you will make or break the chances - getting team members to be dead along with the enemies, is a small window. This is why the spawn timer increase is essential. Maps with environmental hazards close to spawn point are also crucial.

    Here are the easiest map setups with environmental hazards close to spawn -

    • Magistrates Archive
      Magistrates Port

    This is harder than it sounds and will take many attempts to pull off even with a good setup. The sole reason for the difficulty for this is even when co-ordinated the right setup is hard to pull off and is still slightly luck based. If done correctly you'll have between 2-4 attempts per match.

    The boosting thread is located here: LINK

  • Kill a player with an environmental hazard.

    Whilst this trophy states "environmental hazard" what it actually means is hit a player outside of the game map boundaries. Map edgings in the game are few and far between but there is a very quick way to get this, again using a character that been used for previous trophies, Torvald.

    Torvald has an extremely powerful ultimate ability that fires a single stream of energy which both knocks back and damages an enemy. If you see an open space along the outskirts of the map and an enemy then use the ability and fire towards an enemy. This will then, in turn, send them flying away both at a height and a fair distance out of the map boundaries earning you the trophy.

    The best map to complete this on is Fish Market. This is because the map is almost entirely open and a lot of champions seem to play the flank right by the boundaries giving you plenty of chances to unlock it.

  • Kill an enemy player while you are at or below 50 Health.

    This trophy should come naturally whilst playing throughout the game. It's really tricky to be able to get a kill whilst at 50 health as that stacks up to about 2-3% of an average character health. With most characters that means certain death.

    The best way to earn this is with Skye. Run into the flank or an objective point with Skye whilst actively shooting the champions on the point. Whilst low on health drop your smoke bomb, this will turn you invisible, hopefully you'll be at critical health and be able to kill the champion. It is very situational but will happen a lot more than you realise.

    You could also use Tyra or Viktor with the grenade abilities. Fire into a point whilst standing out into the open. When you reach a moderately low amount of HP throw your fire bomb ability (Tyra) or Viktor's standard grenade and hopefully earn a kill.

    You'll also earn this if you get From the Grave , because 0 health is less than 50!

  • Get 10 Double Kills.

    This is self explanatory, simply get 10 double kills. Progress can be tracked via the profile menu on the splash screen as you log in. High DPS (Damage Per Second) characters like Viktor, Tyra, Skye and Drogoz are good for this. The kills must be gotten within 3-4 seconds of each other, otherwise they just count as single kills.

  • Survived more than 50 battles with less than 10% health.

    Whilst the trophy states to survive 'battles', this can be achieved by dealing damage to yourself sitting just outside spawn and letting your health regenerate. You'll be at around 25 'battles' survived once you have finished the rest of the trophies. Just sit outside your spawn using Drogoz and aim directly at the floor until you get yourself under 10% health. Once under 10% health stop firing at the floor and let yourself revive health. Simply rinse and repeat until you receive the trophy.

    Your progress can be tracked under the Awards tab in the profile screen.

  • Kill more than 20 enemy champions in a single Siege match.

    This trophy can be made significantly easier by completing it in a bot training match.

    This requires you to get 21 slays not eliminations. 'Slaying' an enemy implies that you get the last hit before they die. 'Eliminating' an enemy won't count for this trophy. You must see 'slayed' appear after the death of the hero. There is no way to track this in-game. However, once you reach the specified amount of slays it will pop within the match.

    A lot of the difficulty from this trophy comes down to luck and how long a game lasts. 4 rounds is a very short period of time to get 20 slays in this game. It's important to make the match last as long as possible whilst also focusing on finishing off enemies and focusing fire on those that are low on health points.

    Find a champion that you feel comfortable with. Whilst testing the trophy 3 main characters stand out as the easiest to earn this with. As with previous trophies, these champions are Tyra, Skye and Viktor.

    Tyra - She plays as a typical FPS hero. If you're familiar with FPS games then you'll find both her and Viktor easy to adjust to. Tyra's fire bomb is crucial to getting the slays as it provides fire damage whilst you're actively firing at the enemy as well. Not only that but her ultimate is a rapid fire skill that does insane amounts of damage and does not use any ammo.

    Viktor - As with Tyra, Viktor plays much like a traditional FPS character. He has a high rate of fire, does a lot of damage and has a sprint ability to run out of overwhelming situations. He also has standard grenades which can help provide a little more damage before heading straight into a firefight.

    Skye - Skye is a very, very overpowered character in terms of earning this trophy. She can stealth into a position behind the enemy flank, kill the enemies and again stealth out. All without taking any damage at all.

  • Get a killing blow after the Round has ended.

    This will come naturally whilst going for other trophies.

    Getting a killing blow after the round ends is fairly simple. As soon as you see the timer get low or the teams pushing a payload close into an objective, start firing. To unlock this trophy you must get a slay and not an elimination when the screen is fading grey and everything goes into slow motion.

  • Kill an enemy player who is on a 15 killstreak or higher.

    This trophy can be made simple by letting a single bot kill you and your team in the bot training mode. Once a single bot has a 15 killstreak, proceed to kill them. Boosting this with 5 others will be the best way to unlock it via the method above.

    This trophy is more than likely going to be one of your last trophies, if not the very last one you need. Getting an enemy player to have a 15 kill streak requires you to purposely feed the enemy champions kills. As getting a 15 kill 'slay' streak is very rare.

    What makes this trophy even harder is there is no on-screen prompt for the enemy killstreak and you have to rely on the in-game sound cues. There is another issue though, because sometimes the in-game sound cues won't trigger unless you are near a hero. This in turn means you have to either take a chance on killing an enemy streaking or hope that you are close enough for the game to trigger the cue. Alternatively, this can be boosted with a group of 10 people, searching for each other via public lobbies in 2 groups of 5.

    A good tactic that will be easier to setup is to play as a group of 5. Create a party chat via the XMB (the PS4's Dashboard) and create an in-game party. All 5 of you will queue for a siege match. The best mode to earn this trophy in is Payload. Once into a game capture the first objective as quickly as possible. Once the payload has been captured chose an enemy hero to feed kills to.

    Heroes that are not a viable idea to feed to are tank characters like Torvald and Fernando. This is because they will kill you before you kill them making the trophy even more difficult. After allowing the enemy hero to get streaks you'll start hearing the announcer call out streaks.

    The cues are:

    Killing Spree - 3 slays
    Ramage - 5 slays
    Unstoppable - 7 slays
    Savage - 9 slays
    Immortal - 11 slays
    Godlike - 13 slays
    Annihilating - 15 slays

    Once you hear the cue or think they have reached the level of slays required you all hunt down that hero. Once the hero has fallen the trophy will pop for the person who then played that hero. Rinse and repeat as required.

    Bring up the scoreboard in-game using the , it will also show you the hero's killstreak, indicated by the fire symbol and number within it. It doesn't signify slay streaks but it does give you a general idea if the sound cues have not triggered.

    Boosting thread is located here: LINK

  • Deal more than 100,000 damage during a match.

    Dealing 100,000 damage in a match will more than likely happen when going for the 20 or more slays trophy or whilst just playing a match.

    For tips on what characters to use and how to approach this, refer to Hard Carry.

  • Kill an enemy champion after they had already killed you.

    This will probably be one of the first trophies you will earn in-game. Killing an enemy after they had killed you tends to happen fairly regularly. Especially in regards to using ultimate abilities on point like Skye's bomb ability.

    The best characters for this are again anyone with a grenade ability so Tyra & Viktor. Running directly into a point that is occupied by enemies, firing a few shots and then throwing a grenade will damage an enemy that is moderately low on health in turn killing them. Hopefully whilst running into the point you will also get damaged by the champions capturing, leaving you low on health and hopefully causing death.

    The trophy will pop directly after you have fulfilled the requirements above in-game.

  • Die to an environmental hazard.

    You will have to go out of your way to earn this trophy. Simply find a map edge and fall to your death, the trophy will not pop if you have taken damage from an enemy whilst falling. The best map for this is Fish Market. Fish Market has a wide open dock like area where you can just drop off the edge of the map. Once you from the fall damage and return to spawn on the cooldown timer, the trophy will pop.

  • Kill an enemy player from over 300 units away.

    An obvious choice for this trophy would be Kinessa as she is a sniper based champion. However, you can get it with both Drogoz, Evie & Torvald's ultimate.

    For Kinessa, sit back scoped in and snipe at full charge from a range you see fit. Kinessa also comes with an ultimate ability where all shots that hit the upper half of the body are all headshots. Drogoz can do splash damage or direct damage at range and as long as he gets the slay from 300m it'll count of the trophy. Same with Evie, Do damage to a target at close range, use the escape ability "soar" (default button) to fly away quick and whilst falling use her AOE main weapon and kill the target.

    For Torvald, charge his ultimate ability and then find an enemy with moderate to low health, use his ultimate and it will knock back the enemy and hit them continuously. If you hit them long enough they will reach more than 300m and you'll unlock the trophy when you get the slay.

  • Kill a player in the air who is over 100 units above the ground.

    This trophy is beneficially glitched. Whilst the trophy states that you must kill an enemy who is 100 units above the ground, you can kill any airborne enemy regardless of the distance and the trophy will pop.

    If the trophy wasn't glitched beneficially, the character to watch out for is Drogoz. Drogoz has a flying ability which allows him to remain airborne for 7 seconds, this is the perfect time to shoot at him whilst he's hovering and as he starts to fall you should slay him which then in turn will unlock the trophy for you.

    As long as the enemy was 100 units above the ground and you killed them as they are falling, the trophy will still pop.

  • Played a match while in a party.

    Playing a match in a party requires another friend. To start a party, on the main menu press the button. You'll come to a "social" screen. Press to hover to party and invite a friend. Then queue up for a match and upon completion of the match in question, this trophy will unlock regardless of a win or loss.

  • Complete the Paladins Tutorial.

    This should be your very first trophy in the game. Whilst at the main menu, press play. You'll then see 5 options: Siege, Payload, Survival, PvE (Player vs Environment) & training. Select training, then basic training. During the training you shall be learning the basic game mechanics and playing as Viktor. Upon completion of said tutorial this trophy will unlock.

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