Multiplied Mayhem Trophy in Pac-Man 256

  • Multiplied Mayhem


    Earn a x16 Ghost Multiplier from a Power Pellet in singleplayer

    How to unlock Multiplied Mayhem

    Another trophy that is luck dependent, you must eat 16 ghosts in a row without the "Power Pellet" power-up deactivating, if you happen across another one after you've already eaten one then you're fine, you just can't let it end if you want the streak to keep going. It's almost impossible to get this with only one Power Pellet, so you have to move around and see if there are any Power Pellets or "square dots" near you. Eating multiple ghosts in quick succession also gives you a generous time increase. My general suggestion is to avoid going out of your way to eat faraway ghosts, and only eat ghosts that are close to you. If you're having difficulty getting this trophy, below is a video displaying how I managed to receive it:

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