Game Over Trophy in Pac-Man 256

  • Game Over


    Fully upgrade every powerup

    How to unlock Game Over

    The biggest obstacle in your way to obtaining 100%, you must upgrade all 21 power-ups to their maximum level to obtain this trophy. To break this down, each power-up has eight levels that you must purchase in order to upgrade it to the next level, they are as follows:

    Level 1: 16 Coins
    Level 2: 32 Coins
    Level 3: 64 Coins
    Level 4: 128 Coins
    Level 5: 256 Coins
    Level 6: 512 Coins
    Level 7: 1,024 Coins
    Level 8: 2,048 Coins

    So in total, you will need 4,080 Coins to fully upgrade one power-up for Maximum Power, and 85,680 Coins to fully upgrade all 21 power-ups for this trophy. What makes this difficult is that there are only three ways to obtain coins in the game: picking up Coins (only worth 3 - 5 Coins) while playing the game, from completing missions, and from "gifts" that you will randomly receive after completing each game. Both missions and gifts have four set amounts that you will randomly receive: 128, 256, 512, or 1024 Coins. Receiving 1024 Coins from either of those ventures is a rarity, and going out of your way to obtain coins in game isn't really worth it. As there are no micro transactions, the only way to obtain these coins is to complete missions for the coins and receive gifts until you eventually have enough to upgrade everything.

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  • This is the last trophy I have to get... Looking forward to mindless grinding for hours on end...

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