All Powered Up Trophy in Pac-Man 256

  • All Powered Up


    Unlock every powerup

    How to unlock All Powered Up

    You will obtain this while working towards Maximum Power. There is a total of 21 power-ups in the game, and you must unlock them all in order to earn this trophy. At the end of each game, the amount of dots (this is not your score) that you ate will be totaled and depending on how many you ate "Pac-Man" will move closer to unlocking the next power-up. Each power-up requires that you eat a certain amount of dots to unlock it, and while they may start it out at 500 or 1,000 dots: by the time you get to the final seven you'll find yourself eating near 10,000 dots just to unlock one power-up. This is the second most time consuming part of earning the 100%, as it is reliant on how many dots you manage to eat per game. If you can average about 1,000 dots per game, then you'll find yourself getting a new power-up every hour or so.

    To make this process faster, aim to optimize the paths you take while playing. Try to only focus on going through routes that offer dots, when you eat a power pellet or have a power-up active don't go out of your way to eat ghosts: just use that as extra time to earn more dots without having to worry about ghosts.

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