You're Probably Cheating Trophy

  • You're Probably Cheating


    Land 50 critical hits.

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  • Has anyone having problems with this trophy popping! I got 200 kills already and got another 100 kills, I'm sure of it. Still not unlocking, help!
  • Been playing battle mode and nothing, maybe trophy can be obtained only through story mode. Going to try that. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, thx.
  • I have played through the Story Mode 4 times, aiming ‘upwards’ and trying the RE style aim-fire- re-aim -fire- techniques and hear the ‘crit’ noise. But no trophy so far. I am hoping that the trophy is not totally glitched; but as of now it reads “Ultra Rare 0.0%” for PS4/5.
  • It must be for now, I tried everything. Nobody on Xbox seems to have an issue, that I know of.
  • I tried erasing my save data and playing a new game. Played story mode on normal (all 4 chapters) three times. Counted 75 critical hits, no trophy.

    Too bad it’s glitched, I think this is the best game in the series.
  • I did the same but did Battlemode after backing up save and nothing. Hopefully they will patch soon!
  • I have the same problem. I email the developers I’d suggest you do the same so he fixes the bug. He think that you might have to do it in a single play through if ever you want to try that and come back to us.
  • Unfortunately I have tried that in one sitting twice, nothing unlocked 4 me. I did this in Battlemode which should make no difference, trophy did not pop.

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