+ Estimated trophy difficulty: TBC
+ Offline: 36
+ Online: 1
+ Approximate time: TBC
+ Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: 1
+ Missable trophies: None (Mission Select)
+ Glitched trophies: None


Operation Flashpoint 2 is a first person shooter. Unlike other games in its genre you won’t be able to run out into the open whenever you feel like it. It is extremely close to being realistic where one bullet can kill. To master this game you will need to tread carefully and learn how to command your team to get the best out of them. There are 11 missions in the game and all are based in massive areas allowing you to move around freely (to some extent). There is a single player mode and an online co-op mode, the co-op mode allows you to complete
the game or ant single mission with up to 3 friends.

The trophies related to this game are a bit of a mixture. The story related trophies and other extra mission trophies are all quite easy to obtain so long as you know the best methods on how to get them.

The hardest trophy would be to complete the game on hardcore mode. This is very challenging and will easily leave you frustrated. In this mode the games HUD is removed and so are the checkpoints. You are left to complete each mission without dying if you want to continue any further.

Step 1: Completing The Game

So this step is a bit obvious, you have to complete the game in any difficulty you wish. If you are wanting to get a platinum in one playthrough then you will have to choose the ‘Hardcore’ difficulty setting, if you want to complete it in two playthroughs then I recommend you choose the ‘normal’ difficulty setting.

Normal is still quite challenging at times so always take your time and don’t rush. So if this is challenging imagine what the hardcore difficulty is like, there are a few tips at the bottom of the guide which may help you understand hardcore mode a bit more.

Step2: Getting Trophies Through Mission Select

You only need to read this step if you didn’t go for some of the ‘extra’ mission related trophies when completing the game. You can find all of these ‘extra’ mission trophies in the guide, they are noted with a little heading.

So once you have identified which trophies you need to go back for just load up what mission it’s on. Then all you have to do is follow the correct procedures for getting your trophies. I recommend using my guide here because it is very detailed and should help you greatly, the guidek is underneath this roadmap.

Step 3: Multiplayer Trophy

There is only one trophy in this game related to co-op mode. This is a very easy silver trophy & you can also boost for it which may make it easier for you. You have to enter an online co-op game with anyone you choose, to get the trophy you will need to apply a field dressing to one of the players who you are with.

You will learn out how to do this in single player mode, you can also check the ‘Florence Nightingale Award’ trophy for details on how to apply the dressing.

Here is the link to the boosting thread which can help you find players for this trophy:

Boosting Thread - https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising/24669-trophy-boosting-thread-co-op-buddys.html#post331751

Closing Notes:

I hope this roadmap helps you get your platinum in the quickest way possible. For further tips and advice on the trophies see the trophy guide below this roadmap.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Trophy Guide

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  • All Trophies Collected

  • Destroy Radar emplacement

    This trophy is story related and is obtained in mission 1.

    Just after you begin the first mission you will be told to follow some objective markers. Eventually you will come to a spot with a radar down a little hill. You will have to be careful here because there are a few enemies ready to shoot you on sight. Once you have taken care of the last enemy simply move down to the radar, you will have to destroy this to progress with the mission whilst earning yourself a trophy in the process.

    To destroy the radar you will have to equip your detonator from your inventory. To do this keep hold of circle to show your available equipment, move down to the detonator and let go of circle. Plant the explosive right next to the radar by pressing R2, now get clear because you don’t want to kill yourself as it explodes. Finally press R2 to blow up your explosive, this will destroy the radar and you will get your trophy.

  • Disable the SAM sites

    I spotted 3 SAM sites during this mission, however I think you only need to destroy the one that is your primary objective. I will list all 3 just in case.

    1) This can be found in the enemy camp when going for the ‘Ghost Ops’ trophy. It is right in the middle near a camouflage tent. Just plant a detonator and blow it up*.

    2) After the enemy camp. As you follow the objective markers you will come to a second set of trees, this is where you can obtain the ‘Clear Skies’ trophy. Just go through these trees and you should come to an opening, the SAM site is right in the middle. Plant a detonator and blow it up*.

    3) This one is your primary objective and you have to destroy it to continue with the mission. Plant another detonator and blow it up*.

    *To plant a detonator you first have to equip it from your inventory, do this by keeping hold of circle to show your available equipment and then scroll down to detonator, let go of circle to equip it. Plant the detonator by pressing R2, get about 50-100 metres clear and finally press R2 to detonate.

  • Successfully hold the beachhead

    This trophy is story related and can be obtained with the completion of mission 3.

    You will get this trophy after you have completed the final objective within mission 3. Your objective is to successfully defend the beach head, this may be hard for some of you and easy for others. There are plenty of enemies that will keep arriving in different locations of the beachhead. My tip for you would be to use as much cover as you can/want, there are plenty of buildings nearby so just use them.

    BIG TIP: Sometime before the last objective you were ordered to eliminate some enemy AT teams. After you have done this you can move to an objective marker, here you can decide to enter some ally vehicles that arrive. I recommend ordering your team into this vehicle and using it to help with defending the beach head.

    If you use this tank you have to make sure you have done the secondary mission of eliminating the enemy spotters, otherwise they will send airstrikes to your tanks location and blow you up everytime.

  • Capture the airfield

    This trophy is story related & will be obtained near the end of mission 4.

    You should be able to tell when you are at the airfield, it is a massive open area with a lot of enemies. Your main objective is to capture the control tower, capturing this will get you your trophy. To do this simply kill all enemies in sight, there are some in the control tower so you will have to either order your team to assault it or move closer together.

    I found a jeep nearby which should definitely help you do this. You can move a lot quicker in it and you can have a team-mate use the mounted gun.

  • Extract the downed air crew

    This trophy is story related and will be achieved at the end of mission 5.

    Shortly after rescuing the 2 crew members you will have one last objective, this is to lead them to the extraction point. Be careful because a group of about 4 enemies will show up as you start to move to extraction. Once you have dealt with them just follow the objective markers and complete the mission.

  • Get to the extraction chopper

    This trophy is story related. It is obtained at the end of mission 6.

    As soon as you leave the fuel depot you will have to make your way to the extraction point. This is a little bit tough because you will be on foot with a lot of enemies nearby, to make it a tiny bit more hard there will be an enemy gunship flying overhead.

    All I can say is run like hell! Get to each objective marker as quick as you can and avoid standing still for too long. However, you will need to be careful when you reach the extraction point, there will be some enemies waiting behind the broken walls. Just kill all of them, let the chopper land and then get in.

  • Secure the fuel depot

    This trophy is story related and can be obtained at the end of mission 7.

    To secure the fuel depot you basically have to kill every enemy in the area. Don’t forget to look on your compass/top bar for any red lines because these are the enemies. When the last enemy dies you should get your trophy.

  • Rescue the hostages

    This is story related and is obtained at the end of mission 8, it requires you to safely rescue all 4 POW’s at the end of the level. All I can say is be very cautious and take as much time as you need.

    See ‘Perfect Rescue’ for alot more info.

  • Eliminate the PLA mortar site

    This trophy is story related & is obtained at the end of mission 9.

    Eliminating the mortar site basically counts as you eliminating 4 spotter teams. Work your way through this mission until you get to a massive hill, you will definitely know when you are here. Now just work your way up the path eliminating any enemy soldiers you see. The spotter teams are marked as an objective on your compass so you know where they are.

    The main spotter teams are located at an old derelict monastery. I recommend you attack the enemies from the right here. There is much more cover for you to hide behind, just take it slow and you will be fine. The very last of the 4 spotter teams is located down a hill behind the monastery. Just to the right and across the field until you are within range to take the team out.

  • Reach the extraction point

    This trophy is story related & will be obtained at the end of mission 10.

    You will begin to go for this trophy after you have eliminated Han. If you got the ‘Two Birds, One Stone’ trophy you will begin this objective on top of a hill overlooking the radio station in the distance.

    All you have to do now is get back to the extraction point. This isn’t tough but can be extremely boring as you are most likely on foot & the extraction point is over 2 km away. Just stay a little to the left all the way back, this is because at one point a team mate will shout ‘Truck’, its located to the South West/West. If you look above the truck through the trees you will see some enemies coming forwards, if you stay on the left then they will not see you and you can pass undetected.

    Again at about 1.2 km a group of enemies will suddenly appear in some shrubs to the right. Just take care of them and you should be clear for the rest of the journey. As soon as you get to the extraction point you will get the trophy.

  • Assault the Naval base

    This trophy is story related & is obtainable at the end of mission 11.

    This requires you to assault the enemy navy base, it is the last objective within this level. After you land the helicopter from the purple smoke I recommend you follow all of the objective markers, this is because you will get some decent checkpoints which will save you restarting from a long way back.

    The last objective marker should bring you to the right of the navy base, this is a good point to start from because there are more buildings on this side & on the opposite side is a tank you can easily die from.

    Just go through the base killing everyone you see, always be careful and check the radar constantly, enemies always seem to appear when you don’t expect them.

    You also have 1 airstrike available to you, I recommend you use this to destroy the tank at the back of the base. As soon as everyone is killed you will get this trophy.

  • Find the PLA helicopter and fly it around Sklrinka Island in Dragon Rising

    This trophy can be obtained in mission one.

    For this trophy you have to search the island for a helicopter and fly it around. The helicopter controls are very tricky but here is a quick run through:

    1) First enter the helicopter as a pilot, click R3 to change the view to third person. This makes it a lot easier to master.
    2) To keep gain height you need to move the right analogue stick all the way up. You also need to use R3 to turn the helicopter.
    3) Keep level by pushing the left analogue stick down.

    The helicopter is located near the second SAM site, in a North West direction, it’s hidden out of the way down on the beach so can be easily missed. If you press select you can bring up a map, just scroll left and you should see a strip of the beach.

    To gain this trophy you will actually need to do a lap of the island, so just start from where you first take off and fly in one direction following the edge of the island. The trophy should pop up just as your about to finish your lap.

    IMPORTANT NOTE! It’s very important that you destroy both SAM site before going for this trophy. If they are not destroyed then they will just end up shooting the helicopter down.

    Here is a video to help you:



  • Eliminate the PLA Commander in Blinding the Dragon

    This trophy can be obtained during mission 2.

    A little while into the mission you will be given an objective, this objective is to destroy a vehicle known as ‘Sunburn’, this looks like a truck with missiles on top of it. Once you have destroyed this you will have to move about 200 metres across country to a little enemy camp, in this camp is the PLA Commander you have to kill.

    Be careful because there is an enemy gunship flying above that can kill you easily, use the trees and buildings as cover and you should be fine. There are also about 5 other enemies on the ground that will begin shooting at you as you get closer to the camp.

    If you need the exact location of the commander you will hear a team-mate shout ‘”enemy officer, East”. However the easiest way to get this trophy is to just kill all of the enemies you see.

  • Destroy the PLA APC at the top of the beach in United We Stand

    This can be obtained a couple of minutes after beginning level 3.

    Begin the mission by following objective markers to the left up into some nearby trees. Your current objective is to destroy all 3 enemy AT teams. I recommend eliminating the first one you come to, the enemy is in the trees behind a some smoke.

    You need to kill him because he is carrying a weapon called ‘Queen Bee’, this weapon is a deadly rocket launcher that you have to use to destroy the PLA APC. So pick up this weapon begin to go forward & left across the road. Be careful because there are a lot of enemies that will be shooting at you from a little shack on the right hand side.

    Try to take some cover behind some nearby rocks and look in a South East/East direction, you will be facing a road. The enemy APC will come down this road in a few seconds and you have to shoot it using the Queen Bee to get your trophy.

    Here is a video which will definitely help you:



  • Destroy the fleeing PLA transport in Eagle Offense

    This can be obtained within level 4 just after you achieve the ‘Scrap Metal’ trophy.

    So, straight after destroying the two tanks near the beginning of the level, turn & face in a southern direction. After about 10 - 20 seconds you should see an enemy helicopter appear in the distance, no need to run towards it as it is coming in your direction. As you may not have guessed, this is the helicopter you have to shoot down for this trophy.

    Reload your SMAW, turn around and move past the trees nearby. The helicopter will fly right above your head at some point which provides you with the perfect opportunity to shoot it.

    I may have spotted an alternative method though. I let the helicopter fly past me and it ended up crashing into the nearby field about 100 metres away. All I done then was aim my SMAW at it and fire a shot. The helicopter exploded and I got my trophy. I tried this twice and it worked both times & it is definitely easier.

    Here is a video to help, this is an alternative way to my method:



  • Destroy the PLA armored units around the village in Powder Trail

    This trophy is achieved right near the end of mission 5.

    Just play through the mission normally until you get a main objective which requires you to rescue 2 crew members. They are located in a little village.

    I found that you have to rescue these first and eliminate any enemies that suddenly appear before you can have a chance of going for this trophy.

    So after you have rescued the 2 crew members some enemies will appear very close behind some buildings in some shrubs and trees. Atleast one of theses enemies if not more carry a rocket launcher, you will need to obtain this in order to be able to destroy the two armoured units.

    The two units will appear a short while after killing the last enemy. One is on the road in the direction you first came into the village. The second if facing the village is in the top left right near some trees. Blow them up and the trophy is yours.

  • Destroy all the PLA fuel trucks in Hip Shot

    This is located in the middle of mission 6.

    One of your objectives will be to destroy a generator located in the middle of a fuel depot, a few metres away from the generator are the fuel trucks that you have to destroy. There are 5 fuel trucks in total and can all be destroyed using just 2 detonators, keep in mind that you have to use one detonator to destroy the generator. Just plant a detonator on one of the middle trucks so that when it blows up it should destroy the ones either side of it, this reduces the amount of detonators you use.

    Unfortunately after destroying these you will raise the alarm if you haven’t done so already.

  • Eliminate the remaining troops on the second line with one mortar barrage in Bleeding Edge

    This trophy is obtained during mission 7.

    The first set of enemies you come to are the troops on the first line, the second line is obviously after this. Head East following some objective markers and eventually you will reach the second line.

    There are two spotter teams around here, you do not have to use the mortar barrage on the first team you come to on the hill. After you have eliminated the East side spotter team you will have to eliminate another team located North West/North. If you move to the edge of the hill you can see this spotter team a long way down located in some trees, this is the team you need to kill with the mortar barrage.

    Hold triangle to open up the airstrike/artillery menu. Press left for artillery & then left for Howitzer, I recommend you now choose scattered because this has the biggest range which gives you more of a chance to kill the enemy, now choose fire for effect. You will get the trophy after you have killed this team.

  • All hostages must survive in Looking for Lois

    This trophy is obtained at the end of mission 8.

    There are 4 POW’s in total & to get this trophy you need to save all 4. To save them you need to run across country, clear the extraction point and then safely extract the POW’s.

    Here are the steps that I took to achieve this trophy:

    1) Follow the objective markers until you get to the fire fight with the POW’s on the left and the enemies on the right.
    2) After all enemies have been killed search their bodies to find a sniper rifle.
    3) DON’T follow the next set of objective markers, instead you should just run up & over the hill
    4) BE CAREFUL! About halfway through whilst running to the extraction point some enemies will randomly appear. If you die then you will have to go a long way back.
    5) When at the extraction point kill all of the enemies. Look at your radar for the locations of the enemies. I ordered my team to stay away from the LZ to make sure that the POW’s wouldn’t get shot.
    7) When you hear the conversation about the LZ being secure order your team back and wait for the helicopter.
    8) Order the POW’s into the helicopter and receive your trophy.


    - Use your sniper rifle to help clear the LZ. This helps you take out a lot of enemies from far away without putting yourself in danger.
    - NO HOSTAGES CAN DIE! If one does happen to die then you will have to reload the last checkpoint.

  • Ensure all Abrams reach the supporting fire position in Trumpet's Sound

    You can obtain this trophy in the middle of mission 9.

    The abrams you are required to protect are the 3 tanks that follow you from the beginning of the mission. Just so you know, the base refer to these tanks as Gridiron. So when the base says ‘Gridiron is now moving out’ this lets you know you better destroy what you need to before the tanks arrive.

    Start the mission and get into a nearby car. Follow the first few objective markers until you get to some shrubs and a bung of big logs piled on top of each other. From here you will be able to see 3 tanks in the distance, you will have to use a lot of artillery strikes to destroy these 3 tanks before Gridiron arrive. As you destroy the last move down the hill, at this point 2 or 3 AT teams will appear. To get rid of these I recommend you use the same method when destroying the tanks & unload a lot of artillery strikes on their positions.

    After you have successfully finished that stage you will have 1 more to go. Get into the car you had from the beginning of the mission or find another one. You now have to drive to the objective called ‘AT Threat’ located to the West, ignore all of the enemies as you make your way up the hill.

    At this point you are required to kill all enemies in sight, just take your time once more and remember to check your compass for the locations of the enemies. When they are all eliminated you should receive your trophy.

  • Eliminate Han and the radio station with one JDAM in Decapitation

    This is obtained midway through mission 10.

    In order to be able to get this trophy you need to keep track of Han’s movements using the binoculars, you also need to remain hidden at all times until Han reaches the radio station.

    Just follow all of the objective markers throughout this mission using the binoculars to look at Han as you reach each one. Eventually you will end up on top of a huge hill at a little shack, now when you look through the binoculars you will see Han running up the side of a hill about 400 metres away. Just keep an eye on Han until he reaches the radio station.

    When he is in there you will receive a radio message from base telling you to take out Han and the radio station at the same time. Open up your airstrike/artillery menu, choose airstrike and then choose JDAM, now just make sure you place it on the radio station. When it blows up and also kills Han you should get your trophy.

    NOTE: Sometimes you may get seen by the enemy, this is fine as long as you kill them as quickly as you can.

    You only need to reload a checkpoint if you see ‘Alarm Has Been Raised’ in yellow letters at the bottom of your screen.

  • Pilot an MH-60S safely to the designated landing zone in Dragon Fury

    This trophy is obtained during mission 11.

    In the middle of the mission you will get an objective which requires you to destroy 2 AAA vehicles. After you have destroyed these vehicles move to the next objective marker. At this point you should be able to hear a helicopter above you, in a few seconds this helicopter will land on the grass right near you, this is the helicopter you need to pilot to get your trophy.

    So instruct your team into the helicopter and then move round to the door where you can enter as a pilot. Take off and follow the next set of objective markers until you hear a team mate shout something about purple smoke, when you hear him say this look down and you should see the smoke. Simply land nearby and you will get your trophy.

  • Complete the campaign on any difficulty

    This trophy basically speaks for itself. There are 11 missions in total and 3 difficulty levels. You simply have to complete the 11 missions in campaign mode on ANY difficulty to achieve this trophy, here are the 11 missions just incase:

    1) Dragon Rising
    2) Blinding The Dragon
    3) United We Stand
    4) Eagle Offense
    5) Powder Trail
    6) Hip Shot
    7) Bleeding Edge
    8) Looking For Lois
    9) Trumpet's Sound
    10) Decapitation
    11) Dragon Fury

  • Complete the campaign on Hardcore difficulty

    Credit For These Tips Goes To II KaotiK Of Xbox360Achievements.org.

    This is exactly as written, complete the campaign on Hardcore difficulty. There was much discussion surrounding this, and I have summarised it below.

    - People say there is no Hard saves or Soft Saves, correct. You don't get to save during the game. You have to complete each and every mission without dying. When you die, you go back to the start of the level you're currently playing.

    - Once you complete that level you carry onto the next one, and so forth and so on.

    - Always be aware of your surroundings. From my experience, the enemy can shoot you from literally anywhere. Keep your squad spaced out to avoid grenades and lucky bursts that can see 2-3 of your squad killed.

    - Use your Squad well. Ordering them into stupid cover will get them killed, and they are actually a very good asset when used well, and you will need them.

    - Make use of suppressive fire. Using this can be critical to you winning fire fights, and advancing across and through the island. Use this in conjunction with a well place grenade and you can destroy enemy emplacements that you're having trouble passing.

    - Keep in cover at all times. The enemy is beyond funny accurate. A couple of times I popped my head out just to assess the situation, and I got hit with one bullet and died. It pays to get your squad to suppress the enemy while you either move into a more protected area to check the situation out, or while you move to engage them.

  • Call in your first air strike

    You can get this trophy on mission 4 shortly after capturing the airfield (where you get the Runaway Relief trophy).

    So, after capturing the airfield a few tanks will appear in the distant hills in a North East direction. Press and hold triangle to bring up the airstrike/artillery menu. Now press left for an airstrike and left again to choose small missile, finally press up to target the designator and confirm the airstrike position.

    The trophy should show a few seconds after calling in the airstrike.

  • Call in your first artillery barrage

    I got this a couple of minutes after getting the ‘Without Warning’ trophy on mission 1.

    I think it is story related but I’m not quite sure. Anyway, you have to call in an artillery strike on the enemy position. You don’t have to kill an enemy from it, you just have to call it in.

    *Following from without warning trophy* Turn left from the radar position and move down the hill a little bit. In the distance you will see multiple enemies, be careful though because they always see you and will begin shooting. I put my artillery strike on these enemies.

    I think there are on-screen instructions on how to do this, if there isn’t then this is what I remember doing:
    • Keep hold of triangle to bring up your artillery/airstrike menu
    • Use the right analogue stick to move the red circle which shows where you want to place the artillery strike.
    • Press Right to choose artillery
    • From here I believe you can choose what missile size you want.
    • I just pressed up about 3 times, this chose some random options and confirmed the location where I wanted the artillery strike to land.
    Just wait about 30 seconds and you should see the artillery strike hit the location down below, the trophy should pop up in between the strike or after it has finished.
  • Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT mine

    This trophy can be obtained in mission 1.

    Begin the mission and find one of your team mates called 'Winters', kill him and take his equipment. You have to kill Winters because his equipment contains the AT mines. Press select to open your map, find the road which is in white and move your cursor UP to the grid reference 210 X8Y0.

    You want to place the mines at this grid reference. This is because when you return back here at the end of the mission two trucks will drive over the mines and blow up.

    So just continue on with the mission doing each objective as you go. When you eventually get the objective to secure the LZ you should get your trophy within a few seconds.

  • Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT weapon

    This trophy is an objective based trophy that can be found near the beginning of level 4.

    Just follow the first few objective markers to the left hand side, soon enough you will get to some sandbags and a car that’s been blown up. Just over the hill in front of you will be two tanks one of which you will need to destroy.

    Switch weapons and equip your SMAW, go up the hill just enough to aim at one of the tanks, don’t go too far forward otherwise you could get shot and will most probably die. When you see the tank in your sights just fire a shot off, for some reason the first shot sometimes doesn’t blow the tank up, so just reload and try again.

  • Kill an enemy vehicle with an AA weapon

    This can be done within mission 2 almost straight after you have gone through the enemy camp where you can obtain the ‘Ghost Ops’ trophy.

    After the camp run to the right hand side following the objective markers as you go. There are enemies located in the second set of trees on the right hand side so be careful not to get shot.

    Equip your Night Ops gun & aim through the scope to see any enemies that are hidden in the darkness. Whilst doing this you will want to find an enemy that looks like he has a huge white stick on his back, this is in fact is a rocket launcher. Kill any enemies you see including this person and make your way to their location.

    You now want to find the body that had this rocket launcher. Once you have it you can use it to shoot down the enemy gunship that is flying above.

    Aim the rocket launcher with R2, you need a diamond to appear inside the little square to get an accurate shot on the gunship. Now just fire and blow it up.

  • Kill an enemy with a helicopter without using its weapons

    You can get this trophy on level 1 when going for the ‘Skirinka Island Tour’ trophy.

    All you are required to do is kill an enemy with the helicopter without using its weapons, this basically means you have to crash right into an enemy.

    So once you are in the helicopter you have to find an enemy, keep an eye out on your compass/top bar for the red lines which indicate where an enemy is located. When one shows simply fly towards the enemy and try to land right on top of him. You don’t have to survive the crash so the faster the better. It took me a few tries but once you have done it right you will get the trophy.

    IMPORTANT NOTE! You have to make sure the SAM sites are destroyed before going for this, otherwise they will shoot you midflight giving you no chance of getting the trophy.

  • Kill or incapacitate 25 enemies

    See the ‘Company Killer’ trophy for more details.
  • Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies

    See the ‘Company Killer’ trophy for more details.

  • Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies

    The trophy description basically says it all here. All you are required to do is kill 100 enemies throughout the whole game. You can easily get this trophy without concentrating on it, so just try to get through each mission and it will come eventually.

    All types of weapons can unlock this trophy, guns, explosives, vehicle kills, airstrikes/artillery strikes etc.

    You can locate an enemy by looking at your radar/compass which is located at the top of the screen. Enemies & enemy vehicles appear as red lines. As you shoot and injure an enemy you will see a white X, when you have killed that enemy you will see a red X.

    Just for your information on how long it may take, I got the 25 kill trophy on level 1 and the 50 kill trophy on level 2. I finally unlocked the 100 kill trophy on level 4. There are 11 missions in the whole game so you have plenty of time to achieve this.

  • Complete a mission without directly killing anyone yourself

    I got this trophy on mission 1.

    All you have to do is go through the level WITHOUT KILLING ANYONE. You can shoot the enemies to injure them or put them back into cover which gives your team mates even more of an advantage.

    I always told my team mates to move fast, assault, flank left or right & I always told them to fire at will.

    Just do this throughout the mission until the last objective has been cleared, then just get into helicopter at the extraction point and finish the level.

  • Apply a field dressing to an injured friend in Co-op

    Please note that this trophy can only be achieved in the online co-op mode. It doesn’t matter which level you are on.

    This is a very easy silver trophy to get. All you have to do is enter an online mission in co-op mode and apply a field dressing to a human player (another person playing with you).

    It may take a while for the person to get shot so there is an easier way for you to get this. Just shoot the player yourself and his health should go straight into orange, now just walk up to him and apply the dressing. You do not have to apply the whole dressing for the trophy to show, just enough to get ‘dressing wounds’ show up on the screen.

  • Apply the field dressing to other wounded soldiers 20 times

    To equip the dressing you need to keep hold of circle to open your inventory, go down to field dressing and then let go of circle. To apply the dressing simply walk up to the team mate you want to apply it to then press & hold R2.

    A team mate has to be on orange health or less before you can apply a dressing to him. Simply do this 20 times throughout the whole campaign and you will get the trophy.

    Alternatively there is a more simple way. Equip your pistol and aim it at a team mate, shoot him until his health goes into red and he falls on the floor. Now just equip the dressing and heal him. Rinse and repeat.

    After about 5 times one of my team mates stayed permanently dead, therefore I recommend you shoot the medic. This is because he will heal himself fully afterwards and therefore doesn’t die.

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