Ground is lava Trophy

  • Ground is lava


    Keep an Astendeon airborne for 10 seconds

    The earliest you can do this is in Chapter 8: Yeccaph Mesa (see Mesa Master trophy_gold.png for more information) but if you missed it, Astendeons can also be found in both Chapters 9 and 10 as well. Astendeons are small red, purple and/or green plants that spin in the air when Dashed (r1.png) on. You'll need to use your Dashes to keep one in the air for 10 seconds without it ever touching the ground.

    Easy cheese method: If you're having trouble with it or just want to get it out of the way quickly, there is a way to easily cheese this trophy. Find an Astendeon that is right near a rock. Facing the rock, trigger it using your Dash and because of the rock, you won't move forward so you can just continually spam R1 Dashes until the trophy pops. There are two directly in front of a rock as soon as you enter Chapter 8, immediately to your left. See my video below to see where and how to cheese it:

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