Aggression management Trophy

  • Aggression management


    Stomp a Lapicrab 5 times

    Lapicrabs are creatures that are found in many Chapters and the earliest you'll find them is in Chapter 1: Auqui Pit (see Pit Master trophy_bronze.png for more info). If you miss them there, they're also in Chapter 2: Agneya Plateau and several other Chapters. They're small-medium stones that walk like crabs and you can interact with them to get energy, just like from all other creatures in the game. To get this trophy, simply walk up to whatever Lapicrab you see and stomp them (press square.png to interact with them) 5 times.

    Note: It's not confirmed whether you can do all 5 on one Lapicrab or if you need 5 different Lapicrabs so if you don't get it right away, don't worry, just keep stomping any Lapicrab you see and you'll eventually get this trophy. 

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