The Ascendant Trophy

  • The Ascendant


    Finish Omno with all areas completed

    Reach 100% in all 10 areas by collecting all Orbs, collectibles and secrets and by completing all puzzles within. Once you've done that, after you leave Chapter 10: Fluamao Cliffs, you'll have to complete a Dashing/Floating-through-Gates puzzle and climb up a mountain to a large stone monument, where you will watch the end of the story. Note that there is 1 final Cube Glyph that you'll easily see on the side of the path as you walk up to the monument building.  

    For a video guide instead, see my OMNO 100% Walkthroughs Playlist or our Video Walkthrough Supplement.

    When that's done, if you've 100%'d every previous Chapter, the trophy will pop as soon as you activate the mechanism stone to open the monument doors. If the trophy didn't pop there, it means you've missed at least 1 collectible somewhere, which you can go back and collect via Chapter Select.

    1. Personally, I prefer to go for the Mediation Platform as soon as I enter a new region, as it opens the map for you, showing you where the remaining Orbs are, plus they're usually quite close to the entrance and their location is already marked on the map as soon as you enter so they're easy to find quickly.

    2. If you're stuck on a platforming puzzle, look for your flying pet as it will usually be hovering on the next step. Sometimes this is enough to show you where to go.

    3. As soon as you have enough energy, I recommend using the Energy Obelisk as soon as possible, as it's easy to lose energy by falling, which you'll likely do plenty of, forcing you to go collect more.

    4. Even though simply approaching the creatures is usually enough to record them, it's still best to always interact with them with square.png just in case. Plus, it gives you energy. Make sure you see the notification that you discovered the creature before moving on.

    5. Remember, both the creatures and the Cube Glyphs do not show up on the region map so you'll need to keep track of them but they are included in the completion %. If you're not at 100% but there are no more lit icons on the map, that means you're probably missing one of these. You can always check your creatures list to see which ones you've discovered up to that point by pressing circle.png at any time. Unfortunately there is no way to check how many and/or which Cubes you've found.

    6. There are a number of creatures you discover in between regions that aren't counted towards that region's 100% but they are always story-related and guaranteed, unmissable discoveries so you don't need to worry about those for the trophies.

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