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    Pulyang Heights complete

    Reach 100% in Chapter 9: Pulyang Heights by collecting all of its Orbs and Cube Glyphs, discovering all creatures, filling the Energy Obelisk, meditating on the stone Platform and completing all puzzles. Make sure you always check the region map before leaving to make sure it says 100%. Remember, you can collect everything in whatever order you please so you don't need to follow the list below in that exact order.

    For a video guide instead, see my OMNO 100% Walkthroughs Playlist or our Video Walkthrough Supplement.

    Pulyang Heights has a total of 10 Collectibles to find: 

    Meditation Platform
    Energy Obelisk (collect enough energy from fauna and flora until you can fill the obelisk, then interact with it).

    ORBS: [TOTAL: 3]
    - Orb 1: Across from the Energy Obelisk, this Orb is on top of a high ledge. Right under it is a strange stone formation with a Lumotaris. Climb up the rock and then use the Lumotaris to boost up high enough to float to that high ledge, then just walk forward to the Orb.
    - Orb 2: If you open your map (triangle.png), this is the far Orb by its self. Go to the far right edge of the map and across the cliff is a floating platform with a teleport. Jump over, activate the mechanism and chain teleport then float through the gate, then teleport, float etc. until you've done all 3 gates and you reach the Orb. 
    - Orb 3: On the opposite far edge of the map from Orb 2, the far left edge, find the Checkpoint stone on a ledge and look down. There will be a line of Lumotarises that you'll need to chain jumping-floating to reach the floating platform the Orb is on. 

    - Creature 1: Bluvaris: As soon as you walk in the area, immediately to your right are a couple pink balloons. Jump at one to discover them.
    - Creature 2: Lumotaris: In the same area as the Bluvaris, you'll see a group of small flying creatures circling a bright light. Jump at one to discover them, then they'll boost you into the air and you'll need to use them to reach some collectibles in the area. 

    CUBES: [TOTAL: 3]
    - Cube 1: Right as you walk in, a few feet in front of you is this Cube, just on the ground, easy to grab. 
    - Cube 2: Just behind the Meditation Platform on the bottom left of the map, this Cube is up on a tall mountain ledge. To reach it, you need to activate the mechanism stone hidden in the brush below, turning on the air vent. Boost up then dash into the Lumotaris creature to boost up even higher, then float back to the Cube.
    - Cube 3: The very far, right-hand corner of the map, the Cube is sitting on a stone surrounded by trees. It's just to the right of a small staircase that leads to nowhere/off the edge.

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