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    Yeccaph Mesa complete

    Reach 100% in Chapter 8: Yeccaph Mesa by collecting all of its Orbs and Cube Glyphs, discovering all creatures, filling the Energy Obelisk, meditating on the stone Platform and completing all puzzles. Make sure you always check the region map before leaving to make sure it says 100%. Remember, you can collect everything in whatever order you please so you don't need to follow the list below in that exact order. 

    You'll get the Float (Hold r2.png) ability just before you enter this region, which allows you to glide as you fall and it will be the main skill you'll use to solve the puzzles here. 

    For a video guide instead, see my OMNO 100% Walkthroughs Playlist or our Video Walkthrough Supplement.

    Yeccaph Mesa has a total of 12 Collectibles to find: 

    Meditation Platform: Straight ahead of you upon entering the area.
    Energy Obelisk (collect enough energy from fauna and flora until you can fill the obelisk, then interact with it).

    ORBS: [TOTAL: 4]
    - Orb 1: To the north-east of the Meditation Platform, this Orb is sitting atop a tall but thin mountain. Go behind the mountain to activate the mechanism stone, turning on the air vents. Boost up using Dash (r1.png) and your new Float skill (r2.png) to turn around the mountain and reach the Orb.
    - Orb 2: Activate the mechanism stone, turning on a teleport. Teleport to it then use Float to reach the Orb.
    - Orb 3: Right in front of you after Orb 2, you'll see this one sitting on a high platform. Walk up the side of the mountain to jump and Float across.
    - Orb 4: This one is way off in the distance by itself. To reach it, you'll first need to find the Activation Stone, which is in the center-right at the very end. Use the new teleport, then climb up the broken wall on the side until you're as high as possible, then Float (r2.png) down to the Orb across the chasm.

    - Creature 1: Astendeons
    : As soon as you enter the area and the title comes up, immediately to your left are a couple of red and purple Astendeons, which look like reeds with white energy Cubes on them. Hit r1.png to bump them in the air. Face the rock and do so repeatedly, keeping it in the air for 10 seconds and you'll quickly get Ground is lava trophy_silver.png (see the trophy for a video guide).
    - Creature 2: Petouris: These are flying squirrels and you can find one immediately in front of you when you enter, it's sitting on a small stone. Interact with it and it'll glide away.
    - Creature 3: Bloonties: A fat oddish/poring/blob-like creature that wears a blue cap and you can find a bunch of them just a short way ahead of the Meditation Platform, just by Cube 2.

    CUBES: [TOTAL: 3]
    - Cube 1: Straight ahead from the entrance, just sitting on a stone by a Petouris. You can't miss it on your way to the Mediation Platform.
    - Cube 2: A few feet straight ahead from the Meditation Platform, by a group of Bloonties.
    - Cube 3: After everything else is done, head to the final puzzle obelisk. Immediately to the left of it, this Cube is up on a ledge. Climb around the mountain to reach a higher ledge and jump off and float down to the Cube.

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