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    Unkh-Tuur Desert complete

    Reach 100% in Chapter 7: Unkh-Tuur Desert by collecting all of its Orbs and Cube Glyphs, discovering all creatures, filling the Energy Obelisk, meditating on the stone Platform and completing all puzzles. Make sure you always check the region map before leaving to make sure it says 100%. Remember, you can collect everything in whatever order you please so you don't need to follow the list below in that exact order.

    For a video guide instead, see my OMNO 100% Walkthroughs Playlist or our Video Walkthrough Supplement.

    Unkh-Tuur Desert has a total of 12 Collectibles to find: 

    Meditation Platform: Just a few feet straight ahead from the entrance to the area.
    Energy Obelisk (collect enough energy from fauna and flora until you can fill the obelisk, then interact with it.)

    ORBS: [TOTAL: 5]
    - Orb 1: To the left of the entrance is a bunch of vines with thorns. Walk up the large thorny vine to reach the activation stone, which will uncoil the thorny vines just below it that surround this Orb. 
    - Orb 2: Inside a set of bones/animal skeleton in the middle of the area.
    - Orb 3: Further in you'll see a stone archway. The mechanism stone is located before the archway, activate it to be able to take a light to a stone courtyard right in front of the archway, allowing you to jump over to this Orb on a high platform.
    - Orb 4: At the very top-right corner of the map is the Orb high up. On the opposite end is the mechanism stone you'll need to activate, which will activate a series of teleportation lights you'll need to chain quickly to reach the final one before the time ends.
    - Orb 5: At the very far end of the area is a puzzle where you'll need to activate it using an activation pillar and teleport back and forth to bring the light to the center console, turning on the middle teleportation light to access the Orb.

    - Creature 1: Tajeeras: As soon as you enter the area, walk straight ahead to find one Tajeera just before the Meditation Platform, which looks like a cross between an anteater and a giraffe.
    - Creature 2: Molakus: Right in front of the Meditation Platform, in the grass, will be a Molaku, which looks like a cross between a mudkip, a seahorse and a worm.

    CUBES: [TOTAL: 3]
    - Cube 1: Straight ahead from the Meditation Platform, the first Cube will be on a rock in the middle of some palm trees.
    - Cube 2: Directly to the left from Cube 1, this Cube is easy to get to, just walk around the rock it's on to climb up.
    - Cube 3: On a flat stone in the far top-left area of the region, by an inactive teleportation obelisk.

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