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    Reach 100% in Chapter 5: Lake Ober by collecting all of its Orbs and Cube Glyphs, discovering all creatures, filling the Energy Obelisk, meditating on the stone Platform and completing all puzzles. Make sure you always check the region map before leaving to make sure it says 100%. Remember, you can collect everything in whatever order you please so you don't need to follow the list below in that exact order.

    For a video guide instead, see my OMNO 100% Walkthroughs Playlist or our Video Walkthrough Supplement.

    Lake Ober has a total of 14 Collectibles to find: 

    Meditation Platform: To the north-east.
    Energy Obelisk (collect enough energy from fauna and flora until you can fill the obelisk, then interact with it).

    ORBS: [TOTAL: 4]
    - Orb 1: Far south-western section with a group of large Jellyfish. Jump on top of them to reach the Orb.
    - Orb 2: A little ways ahead of the final puzzle area, all the way to the far left wall is a small puzzle with 3 stones, each with a pattern. You have to find the correct pattern to raise the platform to the Orb. See this picture: LINK.
    - Orb 3: All the way to the far north of the area is an Orb just sitting on a ledge, no puzzle necessary.
    - Orb 4: To get this Orb, you have to surf through all 5 circular gates in the area but they have to be in order. When you go through the very first one (by the Jellyfish), it will light up and will show you where the next gate is etc. Once you've gone through all 5, it will take you to the Orb and will raise a platform so you can access it. The Orb is at the far north-eastern corner of the map, on a platform high up in the sky.

    - Creature 1: Scipuins: Walk straight from the entrance and you'll find a group of 3 red weasel/ferret-like animals that will surf with you (See Likeminded trophy_silver.png — you need to surf for 30 seconds with at least 1 Scipuin).
    - Creature 2: Medujalls: You'll immediately notice a group of large Jellyfish in the far south-western area. You'll need them for Orb 1.
    - Creature 3: Uctulus: Flying octopus-like creatures, you'll find them directly to the north-west of the Medujalls jellyfish.
    - Creature 4: Frembolus: When you approach Orb 3 (the far northern one), a short cutscene will occur showing the Frembolus (a massive flying Giant Squid-like creature) flying overhead.
    - Creature 5: Stalixis: Strange, three-legged deer-like creatures that are found to the far east side of the area by the trees.

    CUBES: [TOTAL: 3]
    - Cube 1: Immediately to the right as you walk in, on a little snowy ledge.
    - Cube 2: In the same place as the Uctulus octopuses, stick to the wall of the mountain to climb up so you can jump across to the platform with this Cube.
    - Cube 3: Just on the ground in the middle of the area to the north, north-east.

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