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    Auqui Pit complete

    How to unlock Pit Master

    Reach 100% in Chapter 1: Auqui Pit by collecting all of its Orbs and Cube Glyphs, discovering all creatures, filling the Energy Obelisk, meditating on the stone Platform and completing all puzzles. Make sure you always check the region map before leaving to make sure it says 100%. Remember, you can collect everything in whatever order you please so you don't need to follow the list below in that exact order.

    For a video guide instead, see my OMNO 100% Walkthroughs Playlist or our Video Walkthrough Supplement.

    Auqui Pit has a total of 10 Collectibles to find:

    Meditation Platform: From the entrance, go straight ahead a ways and a bit to the right.
    Energy Obelisk (collect enough energy from fauna and flora until you can fill the obelisk, then interact with it).

    ORBS: [TOTAL: 3]
    - Orb 1: Immediately to the left of the entrance, the Orb is on top of a ledge. Climb the large vine/branch to reach the ledge. 
    - Orb 2: By the Toordles will be a mechanism stone (a rock with a glowing incomplete/open circle icon on its face) that you'll need to activate by interacting with it (square.png).
    - Orb 3: On the right-hand side of the map, just before the 3-Orb Obelisk, this Orb is sitting on a small ledge at the edge of the water.

    - Creature 1: Lumibees: Small blue flying creatures that you can find straight ahead of the entrance, hovering by the Energy Obelisk.
    - Creature 2: Toordles: Turtle-like animals wading around the middle, by the Mediation Platform.
    - Creature 3: Lapicrabs: You can find a couple hanging around the 3-Orb Obelisk, which is to the top-right of the area.

    CUBES: [TOTAL: 2]
    - Cube 1: On a grassy stone ledge immediately next to the Mediation Platform.
    - Cube 2: Immediately to the left of the final 3-Orb Obelisk, to the right of the Toordles, the Cube is just sitting on the ground by the edge of the water.

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