The Enlightened Trophy

  • The Enlightened


    Master the light

    As always, earn all other trophies on the list to get the Platinum. Congratulations!

    VIDEO GUIDES: Here is a playlist containing all of my Video 100% Walkthrough Guides for each Chapter: OMNO 100% Walkthroughs Playlist. Alternatively, check out our OMNO Walkthrough Supplement.

    Because there aren't any actual names/terms in-game for these items, just for clarity's sake, see the list below for the meanings of all the most-used terms in this guide: 
    • Top and Bottom of the map: The entrance to an area is always the "bottom" (South) of the map, while the end is the "front or top" (North) section. 
    • Meditation Platform: A stone platform surrounded by statues that you Meditate on by interacting with it, which unlocks the map.
    • Energy Obelisk: The Obelisk that you collect energy cubes to fill up, giving you an Orb. 
    • Cube Glyphs: The Cube-shaped collectibles you find in each level. 
    • Final Puzzle 3-Orb Obelisk: The Obelisk that you are collecting 3 Orbs to unlock, which unlocks the final puzzle of the area so you can leave. 

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