• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 12 (9, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 75+ hours, highly dependent on luck
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: here are no playthroughs, it is all stage select. That being said, you will have to 100% every level 20 times.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty selection available.
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

OMG HD Zombies! is a remake of a PSP classic. In it you are a soldier that finds themselves in the middle of a zombie ridden city. You are in no danger yourself, but you are trying to clear out as many zombies as possible with limited ammunition but there's a catch: The zombies explode when killed. There are lots of different zombies and some do different animations such as shooting or melting into acid but all of them are able to damage other zombies, creating chains of awesome explosions.

Step 1:
Play through and beat every level. You may need to get a Silver or Bronze award on a particular level to unlock the next one. Go through and unlock and beat every level. It doesn't really matter what you upgrade, but I personally wouldn't bother upgrading the zappers, mortars or bilious zombies until later in the game. During this stage you should achieve:

You Made It… Right?
Flawless Victory

You will also likely get several others, but don’t worry if you don’t.

Step 1.5:
Mop up. This step will likely not be necessary, but if you have missed any of the trophies not relating to prestige, now is the time to get them. By the end of this step you will have:

Feel The Rush
Barrel Of Laughs
Line 'Em Up
Frying Tonight

NOTE: This was put as Step 1.5 instead of 2.5 because for Feel The Rush, you must get the Platinum medal on your FIRST go in that level to get the trophy.

Step Two:
Now go through and get Platinum (100%) on every single level. This will take a lot of time and quite a bit of luck on some levels. Be sure to keep buying upgrades. You will have them all before the end of this stage, so the order isn’t incredibly important. By the end of it you will have:

Sweeter Than Gold
Happy Shopper
No Stone Unturned…

Step Three:
Now it's time to prestige then do it another 19 times. This will be the bulk of your gameplay and will take a long time. After this you will have:

Back In The Line
Bang!! And The Zombies Are Gone!

 [PS3T Would Like to Thank DKsDragon for this Roadmap]

OMG HD Zombies! Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 9  )

  • See Back In The Line for how to prestige. Prestige the game 20 times and this trophy will pop. This trophy will take quite a while as it is 80-90% of the game time.

  • Complete the game to 100% (all Platinum medals)

    Get 100% on every single level and this trophy will pop. This will likely take a lot of trial and error on some levels.

  • Get all upgrades in all categories

    Fully upgrade every zombie, your rifle and barrels. This will come through natural progression, you will achieve it a bit before getting 100% on every level.

  • Prestige the Game once

    Once you have achieved 100% on every single stage, you are able to prestige the game. Go into extras by clicking the ellipses in the top right, then click the skull and crossbones. It will ask you if you would like to lose all your progress and prestige. Select yes and this trophy will pop.

  • Kill 5 other Zombies by shooting a Taser Zombie

    Simply find a crowded level and shoot a Taser Zombie to start off. All you need to do is create a chain of 5 or more starting off with a Taser Zombie. This may take some trial and error, just restart the level if you need to.

  • Shoot a Cop Zombie and have their bullet kill five other Zombies

    To do this you will likely need to get Cop Zombies to their maximum potential. Once you have done that, simply find a crowded level and start off by shooting a Cop Zombie. If the trophy doesn’t pop, restart the level and try again.

  • Complete a level by only shooting Barrels

    The best levels to do this are in the upper right of the triangle, they have the most zombies and the ones that explode the most. If you fail at getting them all by just shooting barrels – and this will take some trial and error – then simply pause and restart the level. You will likely get this and Feel The Rush at the same time.

  • Finish the game getting the best ending

    Complete every single level once and this trophy will pop.

  • Finish the game with any ending

    Simply get to the far right side of the triangle. Any of the levels between 82 and 100 will give you an ending when you complete them. Complete one and this will pop.

  • Get a Platinum medal with a single bullet

    The best levels to do this are in the upper right of the triangle, they have the most zombies and the ones that explode the most. I highly suggest you shoot a barrel to start the chain, thereby getting Barrel of Laughs out of the way as well. Keep in mind, if you have already achieved Platinum on the level then you will not earn this trophy even if you clear it with a single bullet. If you fail at getting them all with one bullet – and this will take some trial and error – then simply pause and restart the level.

  • Get all Upgrades in a single category

    Simply upgrade one zombie, your rifle or barrels to their maximum potential and this will unlock. This will come through natural progression.

  • Get a Platinum medal

    To get a Platinum medal you must clear out an entire map with your limited ammunition. When you get 100% on a map, you will receive your first Platinum medal.

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