Poor Workplace Etiquette Trophy

  • Poor Workplace Etiquette


    Go the extra mile in ruining the break room (and Joe's reputation).

    During the "Silent but Deadly" chapter, you will find yourself in the break room where you need to set off the smoke detector. You only need to do it with one of the three items to progress the story, but if you do it with all three, you will get the trophy. The three items are

    1. The stove - Place food on a burner and turn on the burner. If you see it start smoking (assuming it's not your tentacle burning), you've done it correctly
    2. The portable counter top grill - Open it up and place food on it. Again, watch out for your tentacle, that doesn't count.
    3. The microwave - Open it up and put food in there and then close the door.

    Once you've done these three things, you will earn the trophy.

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