Stay True to Yourself Trophy

  • Stay True to Yourself


    Sneak to the cafeteria without the use of a disguise.

    There's two sections to this in the "Silent but Deadly" chapter. The first section is at the beginning after you open the gift shop gate and then another one after exiting the Men's bathroom. The first section will require you to place a barrier between the two guys near the beginning so you can sneak to the bathroom without the guy on the left seeing you and the second section where you have to make your way to the cafeteria itself will require you to take the right path and sneak past the first couple guys.

    You can do that easily by first jumping over the balcony and walk past the first pathing guard when his back is turned. The next one has a nearby chain tied to a crate that you can pull the chain and move the box in front of the guy. You may want to mop up the water on the floor first. After that, just wait until the one near the stairs has his back turned and just make a run for it.

    Alternatively, if you play this on easy difficulty, you can just run past everyone without any worry of being spotted.

    Note Between the two sections that are part of the requirement for this trophy will be a break room where you will want to earn Poor Workplace Etiquette.

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