Person-al Shopper Trophy

  • Person-al Shopper


    Help all of the shoppers fill their carts.

    This is also earned during the "Gervason's Grocery" level. You simply need to grab one grocery item and put it in all the shoppers carts. There are a couple that will path, so if you stand in front of them it will stop their movement allowing you time to place an item in the cart. You also need to do it with the cereal lady in the center aisle. Since her cart has items in it, grab something small. I found that placing a large item on top of everything didn't trigger the trophy right away.

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  • For some reason every time I see this trophy it reminds me of Al Bundy from Married With Children hahaha
  • HAHAHA that's hilarious, I love that episode! I never thought of that until you mentioned it, thanks for the memory refresher!
  • Also you can remove items from the lady in the cereal aisle and then put something in her cart and the trophy will pop if you are having trouble

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