Wooden Cross Trophy

  • Wooden Cross


    Defeat 100 skeletons.

    Skeletons are the first enemies you will encounter in the game and come in various forms. To attack them, simply touch your character at her feet and drag your finger to the enemy you wish to attack. If the green line turns red you are on target and can let your finger go to let them start attacking. You should have this just before or after the first boss in the game. They appear throughout the entire game though, so there is ample opportunity to earn this.

    *This trophy may glitch on you and not pop despite killing well over 100 skeletons. You can start a new save file and kill another 100 skeletons quickly or delete and reinstall your game data. If you don't care about replaying the game after finishing it, you can also just play until the end and hope it pops up in the meanwhile.

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