Deflector Trophy in Nun Attack

  • Deflector


    Deflect 100 projectiles.

    How to unlock Deflector

    The projectiles mentioned are the ones that are fired from the offensive portals. The blue and purple portals are the main portals that shoot projectiles you can deflect and are used to destroy both the firing portal and others on the mission map.

    To deflect a projectile, touch the screen just behind it and quickly swipe all the way towards the portal you wish to attack. Most portals will take 2-3 hits to destroy but you only need to deflect the projectiles for them to count towards the trophy, in case you miss.

    The green, red and ghostly portals can't be deflected. They have to be tapped and as a result it's very hard to destroy their portals because you have to tap it pretty much on top of the portal, which isn't much time. You are better off deflecting the purple and blue ones towards the others to destroy them first. If you are having trouble defeating one of the green, red or ghostly portals you can use the Rain of Divine Flames on the mission map as it will destroy all the portals on your current section of map.

    This will most likely be earned as you work on the World Peace trophy.

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