Back from Beyond Trophy

  • Back from Beyond


    Bring a Nun back to life.

    Once you have the Resurrection miracle (found in mission 8) return to the hub at your leisure. When you are there touch the bible icon in the top left corner to bring up the miracle menu, then touch the miracle to equip it. You will know its equipped if there is a green check mark in the corner of the icon.

    Return to any mission and when one or more of your characters dies in battle touch the bible icon which is now in the bottom left corner to bring up the miracle options. The game will freeze while you do this and a square shows up in the middle of the screen. Draw the corresponding shape under the miracle you wish to perform in the square that appeared. If you drew it properly the line you left behind will turn into the icon of the miracle you chose. In this case you have to draw a wide "U" starting from the left side.

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