Lock n' Load! Trophy in Nun Attack

  • Lock n' Load!


    Upgrade a Nun's weapon to its full potential.

    How to unlock Lock n' Load!

    Each character will start off with one gun and you can find 4 more for each as you progress through the game in the treasure chests. To earn this, however, you only need to fully upgrade one of any of your characters guns to its highest, which is level 4. The amount for each gun varies but all are close to 100,000.

    To upgrade a weapon, touch the nun icon from the top left corner of the games hub then touch guns to bring up that menu. Touch the character and gun you wish to have upgraded then in the bottom left corner of the screen you will see the amount of money needed to upgrade the weapon and an upwards arrow in a green box to its right. Touch this arrow to upgrade the weapon.

    Unless you want this trophy early, you shouldn't really need to upgrade any of the nun's first to third set of weapons past level 2. You're better off only upgrading your stronger weapons and saving that money for extra miracles later in the game.

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