World Peace Trophy in Nun Attack

  • World Peace


    Obtain a 3-bullet rating in 20 missions.

    How to unlock World Peace

    To obtain a 3-bullet rating in a mission you have to complete the final battle, all the sub-battles on the way and destroy all the offensive portals on the mission map as well. Use the in-game tutorials to learn how to destroy each type of offensive portal as they appear. If you need more help on how to destroy them, refer to Deflector for more tips.

    There are 40 missions in the game (10 per map) and you only need to get a gold rating in 20 to earn the trophy. If one mission is proving too hard you can move on to the next and try that one, if not you will have this at the end of the second map.

    *This trophy may glitch on you and not unlock after earning a 3-bullet rating in well over 20 missions. If this happens you will have to start a new save file and start again or if that doesn't work, delete and reinstall your game data.

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