Ready to Rock! Trophy in Nun Attack

  • Ready to Rock!


    Gather your full squad.

    How to unlock Ready to Rock!

    Story Related but Glitched
    Your squad consists of 4 characters. When you start the game you will have access to just one character to play with. You will unlock the rest as you complete the first three missions on the first map. Rosy, Olga then Mandy to be specific. The character is unlocked after defeating the final portal at the end.

    *This trophy may glitch on you and for some reason the mission will be completed but your respective character for that mission will not unlock in your game. You can start a new save file and replay the first 3 levels or if that doesn't work, delete and reinstall your game data. The first 3 missions only take roughly 15 minutes to complete, so it isn't much time lost if this happens.

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  • It unlocked for me as I was heading to the fourth portal, a few minutes after I unlocked the fourth Nun. To be exact after I completed the banner en route to portal 4.

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