Lord of the Night Trophy in Nun Attack

  • Lord of the Night


    Defeat Count Viktor.

    How to unlock Lord of the Night

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    The third and most annoying boss up to this point. You will have your entire team this time, so use all the powers freely. Make sure they all have at least one gun at level 4 as well.

    This boss will attack mostly with bursts of lightning all over the screen. He also has the ability to heal himself, making this fight longer than the others. Like the previous boss fights it's a matter of shoot, heal and repeat.

    The most dangerous attack Viktor has though is a confusion spell that causes your team to attack each other instead of him. Your team can and will slaughter each other rather quickly if they don't have high health beforehand. To stop this you need to use your miracle power Purity which will remove all negative effects on your nuns.

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