The Curse Is Lifted Trophy in Nun Attack

  • The Curse Is Lifted


    Defeat Ripfang the Savage,

    How to unlock The Curse Is Lifted

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    The second boss you will encounter in the game. I recommend being level 9-10 with at least 2 of your characters. Keep Mandy with you for her healing power and again, have a stock of Resurrection or Restoration powers just in case you take too much damage. This time you should have a new miracle, Rain of Divine Flames, that will help do damage.

    Fire at Ripfang while he assaults you and when he moves to the corner and stops, he will turn into a whirlwind and spin around the outer edges of the screen. Keep your team in the middle of the screen to avoid getting hit. He will occasionally move diagonal across the screen but the damage is small, don’t worry about it.

    While he is attacking is a good time to use Mandy's healing power. Your team will stay healed as he attacks you, then while he is in whirlwind form your charge will have time to finish refilling. Repeat this about 2-3 times and he will die.

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