War Decorations Trophy in Nun Attack

  • War Decorations


    Defeat Sergeant Baz.

    How to unlock War Decorations

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    This is the first boss you encounter in the game. I recommend being level 5 with your chosen team and having your guns upgraded as much as you can in the process of levelling to 5. Mandy's healing special power will be very helpful and save your Resurrection and Restoration miracle powers for this boss battle. If you have already used them or need to use them earlier, you can purchase more from the hub. See Miraculous on how to use/purchase miracles.

    His attacks are mostly physical and he will throw out either small explosives that you can evade or a blast of ice on the ground that will slow your character down or encase you in ice. Move out of the ice trail to return to normal speed or avoid the solidifying blasts. You will lose health rather fast in this battle, so make sure to have a few of your miracle powers to stay alive and safe.

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