Forgotten valise Trophy in Nubla

  • Forgotten valise


    Edward Hopper. Hotel Room. 1931.

    How to unlock Forgotten valise

    This is the eighth of the 10 collectibles. Remember to pick it up using , regardless of whether you already have something in your inventory. It looks like a suitcase (see the trophy tile).

    Once you've picked up the glove (the previous collectible), and then placed the first piece of the lock puzzle up above it, the door back to the far left will open. In here is a simple puzzle where you need to move the hat to get a key, which opens the window and floods the room. Once you float up, you can find the suitcase on the drawers to the right, before getting the piece of the lock on the shelf to the left. See the video (1:31) for precise location:

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