A lady's hat Trophy in Nubla

  • A lady's hat


    Hans Baldung Grien. Portrait of a Woman- 1530 (?).

    How to unlock A lady's hat

    This is the second of the 10 collectibles. Remember to pick it up using , regardless of whether you already have something in your inventory. It looks like a lady's hat (see the trophy tile).

    Midway through Chapter 1, you'll be in a room and tasked with finding a helmet for a character in a painting. Now you can actually skip the vast majority of this section by just teleporting through the wall to get the helmet, however if you do this, you'll miss the trophy. When you are going down to the bottom left of the map, you'll see a window. Jump at it to make the lady's hat appear. See the video (3:47) for precise location:

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