MEGALORD Trophy in Not A Hero




    How to unlock MEGALORD

    To earn this trophy, finish all 21 missions having completed the 3 optional challenges in all of them.
    Please note that you need to complete all challenges in the same run.

    Giving advice for every single mission would be quite tedious and probably of relative use. Luckily, Superbuu3 has uploaded a video playlist of the 21 missions with their 3 challenges completed in this thread. You can also check the playlist on YouTube.

    These videos are incredibly useful and I strongly recommend you to watch them. Other than that, don't hesitate to experiment with the different characters if you feel stuck, and remember that you can always finish a mission then come back later with another character you have unlocked to make the challenges easier. For reference, I've used Steve from the start until I got Mike after Day 8, then I've used him on all other missions except 11-12 (where Steve got some love again) and 20-21 in which Kimmy's katana proved extremely useful.

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