765 Trophy in Noby Noby Boy

  • 765


    Report a length of exactly 765m to GIRL.

    How to unlock 765

    Hold right on the Left stick and press Start to bring up your real-time stats page with your length. Keep stretching and then shrinking to build up your unreported length. Now watch it very carefully and go very slow once you get around 750m. Once you see that it says 765 get out of that menu and press up on the Left stick and press Start to bring up the Girl menu. Report your length and the trophy will pop up.

    (Tip: If you are on a map with any kind of moving objects, i.e. cars, if they hit you while you are close to 765 they will cause you to stretch more and you have to start all over.)

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  • A) Stretch EXACTLY to 765m. (Unreported stretch) B) Push the L3 stick right and hit START to see the metres. C) When at 765m push the L3 stick up and hit START to report your metres to GIRL. DONE!
  • so 765

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