• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 38 (24, 8, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15-20 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3-5 Playthroughs per level
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: No difficulty
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?:No



The newest instalment in the LEGO vita series is here which is based off the popular LEGO Ninjago Series. LEGO Ninjago Nindroids turns away from what LEGO Chima did and instead has a large number of very short levels combined with a very small HUB and a large number of challenges to complete. Overall the game is fairly easy and you should have little to no problems with anything throughout the game, especially for an experienced LEGO player.

*Please Note that Trophies do not unlock until either you leave the HUB or finish a level.*

Step 1: Play through Story Mode while completing Challenges

The game has 31 story levels so you’re going to want to get through all of them so you can move on to Free Play. While playing through Story Mode you should try to complete as many challenges as possible to avoid having to replay levels more than necessary later on. Also try to gather as many of the stud multiplier red bricks as possible so you can start collecting larger amounts of studs. Also try to complete as many of the combat trophies as possible as you will likely not complete many of the time attacks during this playthrough.

Step 2: Challenges

Now we can start completing the rest of the game's 310 challenges. Luckily you can unlock around 50% or more of the challenges by completing story mode but you will still have to play each level 3+ times to complete the remaining challenges per level. Unfortunately in Free Play you are only allowed to choose one character to play as and the rest will be random so you could get lucky and play a level once or you will have to replay a level 3-4 times choosing different starting characters. Do your best to combine as many of the challenges as possible to avoid unnecessary replays. At the end of this step you should have everything but the Dojo challenges done.

Step 3: Dojo Challenges

The Dojo challenges are located in the Dojo in the bottom right corner of the HUB area. Overall the Dojo challenges are very easy and shouldn’t give you any trouble. I was able to complete the Easy and Medium in one try and I had to replay the Hard challenge once. Refer to their respective trophies for more information about each challenge with tips to complete them.

Step 4: Cleanup

By this time you should have completed everything that the game requires but in case you missed a combat trophy or haven’t played a level with each of the red bricks, then now is the time to do it. At the end of this step you should have your shiny new platinum. Congratulations!!!

Character Powers:

Gold Legos: Any gold character ex: Lloyd Gold Ninja
Silver Legos: Spaceman or General Cryptor
Green Gas: Any Serpentine character or Invincibility Red Brick
Electricity Barriers: Any Skeleton character
Small Characters: Min-droid or Snike
Red Wall Boxes: Nya
Giant Cracked Walls: Any Cole Variation
Force Powers: Sensei Wu or Sensei Garmadon
Dance: Dareth, Rattla
Civilian: Postman
Ranged Attack: Any Zane Variation or the Postman
Ice Ability(Puts out Fire): Any Zane Variation
Fire Ability(Melts Ice): Any Kai Variation
Electric Ability(Charges Items): Any Jay Variation

[PST Would Like to Thank Dougiefresh613 for this Roadmap]

LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids Trophy Guide

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38 trophies ( 24  1  )

  • Collect every trophy

    Once you have collected every other trophy you will have your shiny new Platinum. Congratulations!!!

  • 100% the game

    To complete the game to 100% you must do the following:
    1) Complete all 31 Story Levels (Black Belt).
    2) Complete all 310 Challenges (A new challenger).
    3) Purchase and unlock all 59 characters (Like pebbles in a pond).
    4) Purchase all 15 Red bricks (Full House).
    5) Complete the Easy, Medium, and Hard Dojo Challenges (1st Dan).

    See the trophies mentioned for more details on each.

  • Complete all the main story levels

    There are a total of 31 main story missions to complete, once you have completed them all this trophy is yours.

  • Complete Power Play

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

  • Complete all the challenges in the game

    Each level has ten challenges that you must complete. When starting to complete the challenges I recommend doing the Time Attacks separate as it can be hard to do them at the same time as other challenges. Also a good way to eliminate challenges more efficiently is to combine the time attacks with challenges like, complete the level with a civilian, this way you don't have to play the level an extra time. If you are having trouble with any of the Take no Damage or less than X number of hearts, or the Time Attacks, be sure to use the Invincibility Red Brick as it can help significantly and it does not disable challenges.

    A full challenge list can be found here: LEGO Ninjago Nindroids ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap

    For a text guide of all the collectibles in the game please refer to this thread: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/f...ble-guide.html

  • Complete all Multi-Part Challenges

    Each level has one multi challenge that you must complete, a multi challenge is a challenge that is made up of three different challenges that must all be completed. See the A New Challenger Trophy for more information.

  • Collect 100,000,000 studs

    This may seem like a large task but using the X2, x4, x6, x8, and x10 Red Bricks you should get this as you are trying to complete the challenges. Note that you must have 100,000,000 studs on you at one time, not a total of all the studs you have collected and spent.

  • Collect 1,000,000 Studs

    You should get this way before finishing the story levels, once you obtain the x2 and x4 bricks make sure you buy and use them.

  • Collect 100,000 Studs

    If you’re breaking everything you see you should get this between levels 4 and 5. This is not a total of studs you collected but the number of studs you have on you at the time, so you must have 100,000 studs in the bank for the trophy to unlock.

  • Collect all minikits

    There are a total of 31 minikits to collect, one per level. For their locations see the A New Challenger Trophy.

  • Collect and purchase all the red bricks

    There are 15 red bricks to be collected and purchased, the levels they can be found in and their cost can be found below.
    1) A Clean Escape: Extra Heart – 100,000 studs
    2) NinjaCopter!: x2 Red Brick – 100,000 studs
    3) Mad Machines: Big Heads – 100,000 studs
    4) OverBorg: x4 Red Brick – 300,000 studs
    5) KaiFighter!: Minikit Finder – 200,000 studs
    6) Stop, Thief!: Red Brick Finder – 200,000 studs
    7) Surrounded: x6 Red Brick – 800,000 studs
    8) Sneaking In: Health Regeneration – 200,000 studs
    9) Meet Min-droid: Party Time – 100,000 studs
    10) Powered Up: Block Breaker – 200,000 studs
    11) The Golden Cycle: x8 Red Brick – 4,000,000 studs
    12) Return to Sender!: Fast Build – 500,000 studs
    13) Regenerated: Today’s Special – 300,000 studs
    14) System Override: x10 Red Brick – 10,000,000 studs
    15) Samurai X: Invincibility – 12,000,000 studs

    For their locations see the A New Challenger Trophy.

  • Unlock and purchase all the characters in the game

    There are 59 characters that you will have to either purchase or unlock. The non trophy specific characters are listed below with the rest in their respective trophies.

    Sensei Garmadon – 125,000 studs
    Lord Garmadon – 10,000,000 studs
    P.I.X.A.L. Good – 50,000 studs
    Sensei Wu – 125,000 studs
    Nindroid Warrior – 35,000 studs
    Robot – 250,000 studs
    Spaceman – 350,000 studs
    The Postman – 350,000 studs
    Savage Male A Blue – 15,000 studs
    Savage Male B – 35,000 studs
    Savage Female – 25,000 studs
    Cowboy – 25,000 studs
    Mummy – 125,000 studs
    Nya – 50,000 studs
    Mr. Noodles – 50,000 studs
    Dareth – 2,500,000 studs
    Elf – 35,000 studs
    Vampire – 125,000 studs
    Spartan Warrior – 250,000 studs
    General Cryptor – 10,000,000 studs
    Caveman – 15,000 studs
    Min-droid – 5,000,000 studs
    Pharoah – 50,000 studs
    Zombie – 350,000 studs
    Evil Wu – 25,000,000 studs
    Rufus – 125,000 studs
    Nya Samurai X – 5,000,000 studs
    Disguised Garmadon – 2,500,000 studs

  • Unlock all Kai variations

    There are 5 versions of Kai that you will have to unlock or purchase, they are as follows:

    Kai – Story Related, will unlock automatically.
    Kai Teacher – Story Related, will unlock automatically.
    Kai DX – 50,000 studs
    Kai ZX – 500,000 studs
    Kai Gold – 30,000,000 studs

  • Unlock all Jay variations

    There are four versions of Jay that you must unlock, they are as follows:

    Jay – Story Related, will unlock automatically.
    Jay ZX – 500,000 studs
    Jay Teacher – 25,000 studs
    Jay Gold – 30,000,000 studs

  • Unlock all Zane variations

    There are 6 versions of Zane that you must unlock, they are as follows:

    Zane – Story Related, will unlock automatically.
    Zane DX – 50,000 studs
    Zane ZX – 500,000 studs
    Zane Teacher – 25,000 studs
    Zane Gold – 30,000,000 studs
    Zane Borg – 25,000,000 studs

  • Unlock all Cole variations

    There are 5 versions of Cole that you must unlock, they are as follows:

    Cole – Story Related, will unlock automatically.
    Cole Teacher – 25,000 studs
    Cole ZX – 500,000 studs
    Cole Gold – 30,000,000 studs
    Cole DX – 50,000 studs

  • Unlock all Lloyd variations

    There are only 2 versions of Lloyd that you must unlock, they are as follows:

    Lloyd – 20,000,000 studs
    Lloyd Gold Ninja – 60,000,000 studs

  • Unlock all Skeletons

    There are 5 different skeletons that you must unlock, they are as follows:

    Kruncha – 35,000 studs
    Frakjaw – 50,000 studs
    Whplash – 350,000 studs
    Chopov – 35,000 studs
    Krazi – 250,000 studs

  • Unlock all Snakes

    There are 4 different snakes that you must unlock, they are as follows:

    Rattla – 50,000 studs
    Snike – 25,000 studs
    Spitta 125,000 studs
    Snappa – 250,000 studs

  • Use every red brick at least once to complete a level

    There is a total of 15 red bricks, but you can only use 3 per level so after unlocking them all, just switch three out for some you haven’t used yet and you will have it done in less than 5 levels. A very short level is Escape the Overlord, each playthrough will take you between 30-40 seconds allowing you to grind this trophy out at the end of the game in a few short minutes.

  • Defeat 500 Nindroids

    This will more than likely unlock naturally while going through all the challenges as you will have to replay each level multiple times.

  • Defeat 50 Nindroids holding shields

    You will start to encounter the shield enemies after a few levels, you will recognize them because they will be holding blue shields. This should come naturally just by playing through the story levels. If for some reason you don’t, play through the dojo challenge missions and it will unlock in no time.

  • Defeat 25 Nindroids that shoots lasers

    You will start to encounter the laser enemies a few levels into the game, you will recognize them because they will be shooting red lasers from their eyes. This should come naturally just by playing through the story levels. If for some reason you don’t, play through the dojo challenge missions and it will unlock in no time.

  • Defeat 100 enemies using special moves

    To use a special move you must first have the blue bar on the top left somewhat filled up, the more its filled up the longer the special move will last. When you want to activate it hit and it will activate.

  • Defeat 25 enemies using grab attacks

    You will learn to grab enemies as you play through the story, to defeat them with grab attacks press and then tap repeatedly to defeat them. You will encounter a lot more than 25 enemies so you should unlock this fairly quickly.

  • Defeat 10 enemies using jump slam attack

    You will encounter 10 enemies fairly early on in the game, if you jump slam every enemy you see you will get this during level 3.

  • Defeat 10 enemies with LEGO fire

    The easiest way to do this is to grab an enemy and just throw them into the fire, you will have plenty of opportunities to do this throughout the 31 levels.

  • Defeat 20 Mechs by jumping on their backs

    Mechs can be found in the HUB usually at the end of streets, simply go behind them and hit to jump on their backs, then mash to defeat them. There are also plenty of Mechs in Story levels starting with Level 6, there are 5 that you can defeat this way in that level alone so this should come fairly easily.

  • Stomp on 50 objects using mechs

    There are a few levels during the story where you control a Mech, when you do simply walk into 50 objects or enemies and the trophy will unlock. Not every object can be destroyed but most are, you may have to replay a level once or twice but the mech levels are fairly short so it shouldn’t take long to grind any remaining kills you may need.

  • Complete Easy difficulty in the Dojo

    The Dojo is located in the bottom right corner of the HUB, after you enter you will only have the one opponent to start off with. His challenge is incredibly easy, all you have to do is defeat 50 enemies. The best strategy for this is to get all the enemies together and use your jump slam attack. Note that you only get one life to complete the challenge and you cannot use any Red Bricks.

  • Complete Medium difficulty in the Dojo

    The Medium Difficulty challenge is to defeat 100 enemies. The jump slam is still very effective but for the bomb throwing guys just get up close to them and hit them and use their bombs to clear out large groups. The last enemy is a mech so just get up behind him and jump on his back and he will go down quick. Note that you only get one life to complete the challenge and you cannot use any Red Bricks.

  • Complete Hard difficulty in the Dojo

    The final difficulty in the Dojo, you will have 150 enemies to kill and they will be in larger groups. The jump slam is still a good strategy here but you should focus on the laser enemies and the bomb throwers. Also try to use the lasers and bombs to your advantage and use them to try and clear out large groups quickly. You will also have three mechs that you will have to destroy so jump on their backs as soon as possible and get them out of the way. Note that you only get one life to complete the challenge and you cannot use any Red Bricks.

  • Complete the hacking minigame 10 times

    You’re introduced to the hacking mini game in the very first level. This will unlock naturally while replaying levels to unlock challenges.

  • Smash 500 objects

    This will come naturally throughout the game. There are plenty of things to smash throughout each level and in the HUB, some levels even have challenges that require you to break x number of objects. Just keep smashing things and this will unlock very easily.

  • Smash 25 fire hydrants

    Fire hydrants can be found on the streets of the HUB right next to the curb. There are 8 located in the HUB each time you enter it and they will respawn if you enter a building and exit it so you can get this early on in the game if you wish to. There are also fire hydrants in some levels starting with Level 6. The trophy will not unlock until you either finish a level you are in or enter a building to leave the HUB.

  • Build 50 build-its

    Build-its are just any time you have to build LEGO’s as part of the story objectives. This will unlock naturally as you are trying to complete all the challenges.

  • Unlock the Hub

    Story Related and cannot be missed. You will unlock the HUB upon completion of the sixth level OverBorg.


Secret trophies

  • Build the Golden Dragon in the Hub

    To build the Golden Dragon you must first collect all 310 gold bricks, then head to the dragon circle in the HUB in front of the Level Select shop to build it

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