• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 49 (38, 8, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 36 - 50 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Playthrough and Extra missions after loading your Clear Data file
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Difficulty Option
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Cheats: None

Yoru no Nai Kuni or Nights of Azure created by Gust is an Action RPG, that seems to grab ideas from a lot of different games. Originally released and published by Koei Tecmo for Japan on October 1st, 2015. The game is exactly the same on the PS4, Vita, and PS3 aside from the game loading times. There is also a North American and European Release of this game with subtitles and English menus. The game mainly focuses on summoning “Servans” or familiars who can help attack and support you during battle, on top of providing you with a large arsenal of items and several weapons and attacks to take down the enemies with.

The game takes place on the Island of Rusewall where you play as Arnice, who made a contract with the Blood Demon to help Saint Lilitius (Lilysse) save the land from eternal daytime. Along with a cast of several other characters and some silly cat, you will discover what happened while setting the land back to its original self. The game also displays English for the top menu, and the trophies and saves are all synced cross platform. They will be in English even if you play a Japanese version of the game. This guide will work for all versions of the game, some names may be slightly different but I have included pictures to help get rid of discrepancy.

A game install of 2711MB is required to play. See Version Notes to see info on updates.

Step 1: Playthrough the game while taking on quests whenever you are in the hotel.

Starting off the most important thing to know is this game only has 1 playthrough. You will play the game all the way through to the final boss. After clearing the game you will then load your clear data, and will complete extra scenarios and bosses before fighting the final boss again. Nothing is missable, so it's up to the player on how quickly they want to play through the game.

There will be periods of time where you are back in the hotel, this is the time to talk to all the different characters in the lobby to pick up the Main Quests. You can also pick up requests, purchase items with gold, start trades, and sometimes even sip some tea.

You can use an elevator at any time located opposite end from the exit. It can take you down to the Colosseum, up to your Suite Room, or to the Dream World where you can level up your character. You will sometimes be required to go to these areas to progress the story.

When you exit the lobby you will be taken to the stage select map. You will see an animated light circle around the area you need to go. There can also be small exclamation points indicating special character quests on these stages.

You will also encounter floating blueish/purplish orbs on your playthrough, they are located in the stages as well as in the hotel. They are not required for any trophy, and you can walk up to receive them at any time.

Because this game is in Japanese as well, I have created a small Mini-Walkthrough, broken up into chapters, with when you should be getting the trophies: Mini-Walkthrough.

Step 2: Load your clear game data.

Load your Clear Data save and proceed to finish the new extra scenarios and bosses. After that you can complete the final stage again.

Note: Do not delete your clear data save.

Step 3: Clear Colosseum missions.

You can technically do this at anytime, however some of them may require strong servans and equipment so it might be better to save this till after you clear the game a second time.

Step 4: Clean up.

Here is the time to finish any trophy you may still be missing, like miscellaneous actions or completing 300 quests.

[PST Would Like to Thank Miyagishin for this Roadmap]

Nights of Azure Trophy Guide

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49 trophies ( 38  18  )

  • Unlock all trophies.

  • Summon familiar for the first time.

    See Summon Master for more information.

  • Summon familiar for 100 times.

    See Summon Master for more information.

  • Summon familiar for 1,000 times.

    Whenever you press + , + , + , or + will summon a servan (familiar) that is set in the corresponding slot. You can only have 4 servans in a group, with a maximum of 4 groups. Every time you summon, even if the servan was destroyed or de-summoned a second ago, it counts toward the total. This trophy will come very naturally.

  • Director familiar for the first time.

    See Commander! for more information.

  • Directed familiar for 100 times.

    See Commander! for more information.

  • Director familiar for 1,000 times.

    Any time you press + , + , + , + , + , + , + , or + will count towards the total. This is included in bursting and summoning your servans. You should always be bursting constantly, and re-summoning to make the most of your servans. This trophy should come very naturally.

  • Done actualizing for the first time.

    See Actualize Master for more information.

  • Done actualizing 40 familiar.

    See Actualize Master for more information.

  • Done actualizing 80 familiar.

    Press when in the hotel or on the outside map, click on the first option and then the third option to go to Actualizing menu.

    You must have an actualizing item to summon a servan (familiar). You can only summon 10 types of the same servan.

    The cheapest one to summon is the white cat for 200 Blood. I recommend to use all your saved items and go for this trophy only after you have used your Blood Currency to reach Arnice's Max level.

    The trophy will unlock upon actualizing and naming the servan the 80th time.

  • Trade for the first time.

    See World Domination! for more information.

  • Manage 50% trade area.

    See World Domination! for more information.

  • Manage all trade area.

    You need to talk to Lloid and choose the third option, below buy and sell, once it's available.

    This should bring up a map, where you will select where you want your ship to go to and fetch a certain item for a certain cost. It will also give the amount of time in days for the ship to return.

    To achieve this trophy you only need to unlock 1 items from each area, not both, so basically every segment of the map will have turned yellow. Sometimes the ship will come back with a Snowflake instead of a listed item from the selected area, which in this case it won't count.

    A tip is to always save before talking with Lloyd when the ship returns, if you get a snowflake then reload and talk with him again. Repeat until it gives one of the desired items. This tip was one of the save exploits that orthmann discovered. Make sure to have a backup save before attempting this.

    To get a day to pass for the ship, you need to stay outside in active battle for at least 5 minutes and 10 seconds. This means if your dungeon counter starts at 15, you can force end the mission (clicking and then second option leave) or just finish the dungeon with at least that much time gone by, not before. Technically it does add up, so if you did five 1 minute missions in a row it should pass, but I noticed this does not always work. The safest bet is to make sure your missions outside are taking at least 5 minutes while you are going for this.

    I suggest working from center to right to bottom to left. In order to get the servan item as soon as possible. Managing trade areas adjacent reduces the amount of time it takes for ship to return.

    Once the last segment has turned yellow the trophy for this will unlock.

  • Done any request for the first time.

    See Handy Woman for more information.

  • Done 100 requests.

    See Handy Woman for more information.

  • Done 300 requests.

    You need to clear 300 requests which can accepted by taking to Simon or the Hotel Manager in the hotel. During some points of the game he is at the check in counter, other times he is at the bar.

    You do not need to turn requests in, you only need to accept and complete the quests. I suggest reading this part below more than any, as if you follow this it could take only an extra hour after everything else is wrapped up with the game.

    The image directly above includes the most important skills you need to level on page 3 press or to tab over. They are Equip Up, Group Up, Request Up, and Day Action Up, in that order.

    To make matters very easy, the very first thing you should level up is your request cap to 3. The second thing is to always make sure you accept them, even during the story. The last thing, make sure on the quest list page you accept the 'other' requests by pressing or , you can only accept one of these quests but they count toward this trophy.

    The grind trophy of the game. Luck is involved a great deal as to which requests you will actually be able to choose from. Some requests you might be able to choose from in the beginning are for areas you might not unlock during that chapter or enemies you have yet to encounter.

    There are 3 types of requests in the game:

    1. Eliminate this "number" of this "type" of monster. It does not need to be same color, only the type of monster. These also stack with one another. For example you could have three missions that all count towards same goal; eliminate 3 bomb enemy's, eliminate 5 bomb enemy's, eliminate 7 bomb and tree enemies. In this case destroying just 7 bomb enemies would complete all 3 requests.
    2. Find 'item' in this 'name' area. Items are always indicated with a note symbol that you can see through walls when loading an area.
    3. Reach this 'name' area. You only need to set foot in the area and the request is complete.

    The best way to go about this is memorize the tile types and background of every area you encounter in the game. The more you can memorize the more quickly you can evaluate which missions to pick up before setting out. Try and pick the monsters and maps that all link to each other in the shortest amount of time. For example; don't pick a mission that asks you to go to the circus, and then also destroy gargoyles. You would have to go back to the hotel between missions anyway and if you selected both, you wasted a chance for a better random request to appear.

    Upon completing the requests you can press and click "leave" the area, it will count towards your total and you can go right back to the hotel to pick up more. THERE IS NO PENALTY FOR THIS WHATSOEVER.

    You never need to go to a green door or conquer and area to end the run. For the extra requests you only need to play for 5 minutes at least. If there is a specific map that you think is a good location for farming an enemy quick, if there is an entrance/exit you can re-enter to re-load all the monsters. If you really don't like the request list the manager is offering you, enter a map and then leave to go back to hotel and the manager will have a brand new list.

    I have included below where monsters are, and places I used to farm the enemy types. You might find your own preferences to quickly complete the requests.

    Special Note: I had completed 100 requests just after beating last boss. My average time post game on requests was completing 2 every 30 seconds, plus give another 40 seconds before slow loading and picking up new requests before repeating the process. I tried to find many ways to manipulate the request list. Not just for maximum efficiency for trophy hunting but speed running as well, if anyone finds away to manipulate the luck or request list for this game please PM me. I think it would be a very awesome find. Because requests also give very rare items, you could essentially achieve 100% in under 2 hours or less if you were able to somehow exploit this.

  • Clear any task in Colosseum for the first time.

    See Colosseum Queen for more information.

  • Clear 50% tasks in Colosseum.

    See Colosseum Queen for more information.

  • Clear all tasks in Colosseum.

    The Colosseum is located on the bottom floor of the hotel.

    You need to clear every task listed in the Colosseum. It does not matter if you clear it with one star or three stars.

    Even if you clear the game you can go back and fight any Colosseum task at any time. You can choose to clear the tasks when they become available, if it takes too long then just come back later or choose to clear all the tasks during post-game.

    You will need to unlock the Just Guard Skill and the Second Group Slot Skill in order to unlock their corresponding task.

    The Colosseum can actually be the must difficult endeavor of the entire game as it requires a substantial understanding of the items and what to do in each tasks to clear it. Below is a list of each task in the Colosseum, when they are unlocked, their objective, and extra tips if needed.

    Unlocked from the start

    • #1: Clear enemies within 1 minute.
    • #2: Destroy tough enemy with only summons.
    • #3: Eliminate 100 enemies.
    • #4: Survive the round. I just went ham on the enemies and sent my summons into free mode + . (Snowflake item)
    • #5: You need to kill the enemies and with you summon out press + twice as quickly as you can.
    • #6: Eliminate the enemies as quickly as you can. (Snowflake item)
    • #7: Transform to complete, but get a long chain as possible before time runs out press and at the last second. This is also a great level to get chain 300+ enemies. (Actualizing item)
    • #8: Destroy some enemies as quick as you can. (Snowflake item)

    From Chapter 1 Part 3

    • #9: 500 Chain on this mission, eliminate the two boss enemies. (Actualize item)
    • #10: Just summon your servan + 6 times. Flip the servan page to de-summon. (Snowflake item) (Unlocks second group of servans)
    • #11: Just clear the mission with a lot of enemies defeated and with a big combo chain still going. (Snowflake item)
    • #12: Run up to the group, summon your servan and burst as quickly as you can destroying all of them at once. (Actualizing item)
    • #13: This mission is same as before except just summon both servans in the center of the group. (Actualizing item)
    • #14: Kill the boss as quickly as you can with your default team.
    • #15: Keep a long chain as possible, one of your servan is buffed to level 10 so use him at will.

    From Chapter 3

    • #16: Defeat the waves of tough enemies using your default team before the time expires.
    • #17: Target the boss and defeat him to finish the mission. (Snowflake item)
    • #18: Destroy all the enemies that are hiding in the boxes. This is a luck based mission, open the boxes and letting your summons destroy the enemies is the best tactic.
    • #19: Clear the way so you can destroy the 4 enemies as quickly as possible.
    • #20: Eradicate two super quick and tough enemies. They will try and run away from you, the best thing to do is bring summons like the spider, who can slow down you enemies with their burst AOE (Area of Effect), or the Bomb who will blow them on the ground. allowing you to pounce on them.
    • #21: This mission requires you to get a 10 chain to pass. I equipped Gladiator which gives her 5 second bonus to keep the chain, I used the summons to get a few hits in that I couldn't reach while I ran around and smacked the enemies and then rolled quickly.

      Without item bonuses this mission is almost impossible. Also sometimes bombs blowing up other bombs can ruin your run. Just go to menu and click second option to restart. Least favorite mission by far.
    • #22: Defeat a enemy with huge health, just use all you strongest characters, just batter him, use a servan like the wolf who will run around and kill all the heal fairies in the beginning.

    Available Chapter 4 Start

    • #23: Defeat all enemies that are not Big Bombs. My suggestion is to run left first to separate the monsters, use a group attack burst, press to flip the page and cancel the summon. Run all the way to the right (dodge roll by pressing to make sure the big bomb enemy does not go off) and middle, summon your servan but cancel it after you have destroyed the remaining. Then 2 bombs will come out, be in the middle and use either your super or an additional summon burst after pressing .
    • #24: Eliminate all enemies quickly, the barrier will go away the more enemies you destroy.
    • #25: Defeat Several doll enemies with a bomb set of servans. Blow up a bomb when a few are grouped up and then spam your attack.
    • #26: Defeat all the enemies. Run to the center, make sure you pick a summon servan set where everyone can use area attacks. I recommend to use the bust before they come out of the ground with everyone. (Actualizing item)
    • #27: Defeat two difficult enemies with custom servan set. Half way point of Colosseum Battles.
    • #28: Defeat a very tough enemy with only a custom servan set, you cannot attack him with Arnice.

    Available from start of Chapter 5

    • #29: Destroy the enemies to unlock and change the barrier. Mission is over when all enemies are eliminated.
    • #30: Achieve a 777 chain as quickly as possible. You can get chain tropes on this level as well.
    • #31: Defeat a giant enemy that can 1-Hit KO you. Just summon your strongest servans, while dodge rolling around the beast.
    • #32: Defeat the enemies using a custom servan set only. You cannot attack with Arnice.
    • #33: Defeat a certain amount of bomb enemies before time runs out. Do not attack the girl doll enemies or you will fail. Just be patient and try to get the bombs to explode each other.
    • #34: Clear all the enemies without getting hit by ground spike traps. I just stood still from the start and kept bursting with my servans.
    • #35: You need to press the second before you are about to be attacked. If you have trouble with the timing then attempt mashing. (Unlocks Just Guard Skill)

    From Chapter 6

    • #36: Kill the tough enemies in the center. Just summon your servans on him while staying far back enough to not set off the giant bombs.
    • #37: Defeat 3 super quick enemies. Exact same as the mission #20, you need a spider servan or someone that can slow them down.
    • #38: Defeat 3 enemies as quickly as possible,
    • #39: Eliminate 100 enemies as quickly as possible, within the time limit.

    From Chapter 7

    • #40: Defeat a tough enemy that can 1-Hit KO you without servans. Equip Glass swords and SP Gain items. You can use specials to avoid any damage during the special cutscene. Critical Hit Up items are very useful here and for other missions here on out.

    • #41: Eliminate all the small enemies. Some are hiding in the boxes.
    • #42: Defeat a tough enemy in 15 seconds. Equip all your high attack items (it actually tells you to in the description), use special or dodge his attack at the very start. If you don't you will get hit.
    • #43: Open and defeat all the monsters in the 4 chests. You can roll through the first set of spikes by immediately roll forward twice, then roll upper right once. Make sure your items are set correctly from the last one, the toy enemies in the chest will hit you when you open it.
    • #44: Destroy 3 enemies who do massive damage to you. I suggest staying out of way and focusing your servans on them one by one.

    Available from Extra Scenario Start - At this point clearing a mission unlocks the next mission

    • #45 : Survive for 1 minute without servans. Equip lots of defense and an item that ignores or reduces fire damage.

      Use your special to push the fairy enemies both to the same side (any), rollback and forth to dodge the magic bullets, which do 10 damage each.
    • #46: Defeat a set of enemies with a custom servan set. Equip SP Gain items to make this way easier.
    • #47: Defeat a giant monster who can 1-Hit KO you, while there are small creatures attacking you. You have no servans, so use Attack Up items, with SP Gauge increase moves, so you always have special to avoid damage from the monster's attacks. Don't even worry about the other enemies.
    • #48: Defeat 100 enemies. Let your servans attack, when your transform gauge is full use it and go opposite of where your servans are.
    • #49: An onslaught of 3 waves. First wave is the super quick creatures plus hiding creatures, so you will need spider and servans that can hit a big area. Second wave are the super powered up spirits, fight from a distance and watch out for poison. Third wave is the 1-Hit KO Gargoyle with some helpers.
    • #50: Clear a boss that receives assistance from very strong waves. The easiest option is to have 2 really strong sets of servan (she has a fire AOE that 1-Hit KO) towards the end, use super over and over with an major SP bonus set, you should be safe from any attacks.
  • Unlock 50% of the familiar library.

    See Familiar Lover for more information.

  • Unlock 100% of the familiar library.

    You need to see every enemy as well as summon every enemy to get this trophy to unlock. Meaning you cannot unlock this until AFTER you have beaten the final boss once. You need to have their summon item and blood points to actualize the servans. There are 66 servans to see in total, and 21 to summon.

    Every servan actualize items drop from enemies in the form of a crystal snowflake. The only one that can be an extremely rare drop is the gargoyle, which you can win from Colosseum or buy from a large sum from the end-area shopkeeper.

    You can actually buy every servan (familiar) item except for one as well from the shopkeeper located in the final area of the game.

    Here is the full list of servan items you can buy from the final shopkeeper.

    The only Item you cannot buy or get from drops is the black fairy (servan number 3).

    The only way to obtain this servan is by trade management with Lloyd, sending the ship the bottom right corner of the map. It may take sending a ship out several times, however eventually you will unlock the second item, the actualizing item for the third servan. Or you can follow the tip by orthmann and save before talking with Lloyd to retrieve the item received by the trading, and keep reloading until you receive the desired item.

  • Unlock 50% of the item library.

    See Item Mania for more information.

  • Unlock 100% of the item library.

    This means you need to actually have possessed at some point all the items of the game. You can check this at any time by going to the fifth option in the menu. (press or in lobby). There are 104 Equip, 21 Servan, 18 Event, and 16 Snowflake Items total in the game you will need to acquire.

    The easiest way to avoid having to farm for items is to play through every level stage again one time over. You can equip 4 Horseshoes or Old Coin accessories as seen below:

    They give you 5% or 10% chance to receive items and they stack with each other. You can bring with you the White Cat servan (#6), equipped with either a Horseshoe or SP item. You can also bring Servan #3, which has an 'item drop ability up' but doesn't say the percent, but everything stacks in this game. So ideally you could be getting a 40% plus extra percent drop rate. It's very noticeably, because just about every enemy or box you destroy an item will pop out.

    Items have a certain amount of time before they will evaporate if you do not pick them up in time, so please be aware of that.

    With the White Cat servan in your party, it will automatically dig for an item upon being summoned. Its burst ability will dig up two items. You can de-summon and re-summon to rinse and repeat as many times as you would like.

    You can't control where the cat digs, and sometimes you will have to rotate the camera around to figure out where the items are landing.

    The cat sometimes pull an enemy out of the ground.

    Be sure to look look out for the following interactive items found on maps, and attack them for a chance to receive items.



    Items like Summon Servan #3 (the black fairy) can be achieved by finding the second hidden trade item on the bottom right corner.

    A tip, similar to World Domination is to always save before talking with Lloyd when the ship returns, if you get a snowflake or other item, then just reload and talk with him again. Repeat until it gives one of the desired items. This tip was one of the save exploits that orthmann discovered.

    Snowflake #12 was the only item I could not get normally on stages or through trades, I had to clear Colosseum task 39 with three stars to earn it.

    You start with only 3 items in the game, but even without the tactics above, you will have no trouble getting everything.

    You will need purchase several items from Lloid, such as the Nightmare Helm, however you will have ample money to do so. It should also be mention Lloid is the only person whom accepts actual gold currency. Every other NPC in the game requires Blood Currency, should you become lazy hunting for items.

  • Get a 100 chain combo.

    See Chain Master for more information.

  • Get a 300 chain combo.

    See Chain Master for more information.

  • Get a 500 chain combo.

    You will get this naturally, if not through one of the boss battles, then absolutely through one of the few Colosseum missions where achieving a certain number chain is a requirement to clearing the mission.

  • Kill 100 enemies.

    See Devil Slayer for more information.

  • Kill 1,000 enemies.

    See Devil Slayer for more information.

  • Kill 10,000 enemies.

    You will get this naturally while playing. If for some odd reason you did not get this upon getting the extra ending, you can actually get this very quickly by killing enemies in Colosseum which does count toward this total. Some missions in the Colosseum can toss hundreds of enemies at you at once and you can play them as many times as you would like.

  • Any familiar reached max level.

    The default max level for servans is level 10, which will be reached naturally should you play this game through with at least 1 servan fixed. Ideally you will want to have 2 to 3 groups of servans at max level. You can level up everyone at the same time. It doesn't require you to actually to summon them or kill enemies for them to gain EXP points.

    There are also items in the game that can raise your monster maximum level to 11 or 15, so just be aware of this. Here are the images of the items:

  • Anders reached max level.

    This trophy is mistranslated, there is no Anders in the game they meant Arnice.

    Can't be achieved until you beat the last boss the first time. Go to the top floor of the elevator and go to the altar in front of where you walk in the room.

    You can check the amount of Blood currency you need for each level by viewing your stats. Do this by pressing or when anywhere in the hotel, with the exception of Dream World, where you cannot go into your menu.

    If you need to grind for blood I suggest fighting Christforoth or the final stage area before the boss. You can replay these areas as many times as you like.

    Level 11 is the max level in the game, upon leveling at the altar you will unlock the trophy.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat Blueblood Dragon.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    First boss of the game. Has tail whip, flame, and various other attacks, the main issue can be is that he will leap from one side of the stage to the other, which can cause your servans to completely whiff their bursts. Slay the dragon and the trophy will unlock.

  • Defeat Blueblood Toy.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This giant mech horse is the second boss. Every time you deplete the giant horses health, he will switch to a new phase.

    Phase 1/3 - the boss jump-attack, and will lay down to drop bombs that attack an area every now and then. The horse has low health so just attack it head on.
    Phase 2/3 - the horse will fake die, when it wakes up it becomes super quick, dropping bombs and can summon helpers. He can also cause the screen to go dark hiding the bombs and spike traps on the stage. This phase also has low health.
    Phase 3/3 - the horse will transform into a cannon that shoots 3 ways: forward and both diagonals in front of it. Avoid the blast.

    After the last cannon attempt this boss crumbles and the trophy will pop.

  • Defeat Blueblood Count.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The third boss personally my favorite boss just for the design alone. He calls instruments that swirl around him, making it difficult to run towards him. When his health gets low every now and then red energy will swell around him. When this happens, run away, if he hits you he gets a full cut scene and lands some big damage, this attack also lunges him completely forward, so keep dodge rolling, while your servans attack. I suggest using servans that have long range and can hit multiple enemies with their burst to get rid of the musical instruments that he summons. A rare status he can activate will lock your servans out of combat for about 10 seconds tops.

    The trophy unlocks when you defeat the count.

  • Defeat Blueblood Reaper.

    This Reaper boss is actually very simple and switch to a second phase after a certain amount of damage.

    Phase 1/2 - Boss swings scythe around and two homing blades every now and then.
    Phase 2/2 - At 3/5 Health this boss will enter a cut scene, and its power and speed with go up. You will also start far away, and this boss with throw more ranged attacks. If you keep all 4 of your summons focus on the boss, and use their burst as much as you can, this boss should be taken out quickly.

    Trophy will unlock upon abolishing the reaper.

  • Defeat Blueblood Stonedragon.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Blueblood Stone Dragon has a decent amount of health, as well as very damaging arsenal of attacks. Everything he throws out can be avoided easily, you just need to to be patient if you are in a bad situation.

    His Tails swipe, meteor drops, and fire breath are nothing to worry about. I would always let your servans stay close to him in the battle. However, he can cause giant magma circles to appear in the battle, these do fire damage over time if you stand in them. They can easily knock you and your servans out if you are inside them. It's best to fall back and let the dragon come to you. His other troublesome attack is flying, which will actually show you a huge pink warning on the ground. Sometimes it is impossible to roll out of the way so you can try just guarding (pressing just in time).

    The trophy will pop upon slaying the dragon.

  • Defeat Coalin.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Coalin is the Royal Guard you meet before hand and the sixth boss in the game. This boss is very straightforward and required focusing your attack on her. Coalin has a dash and swipe attack, but nothing else to worry about. With all of your servans out you can wipe the floor with her in under a minute. If you had trouble with this fight, you absolutely need to level up.

    Trophy will unlock as soon as you defeat Coalin.

  • Defeat Roodgate.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Final Boss of the Game, Roodgate, actually took me a couple attempts the first time around. You need to make sure you are getting your super form out or getting SP up really fast to summon, de-summon, and re-summon when your burst are out. I recommend the health fairy because this boss does some heavy hits, and will knock out your servans with ease (sometimes for the rest of the battle). It's good to have a second group of strong servans as backup.

    You will also need to target the small circles that come out of the ground once you attack her a decent amount of times. She will refill her health if you don't get rid of them. She gets a free full heal the first time, so just keep that in mind, you may not want to use all your burst till after she fully heals herself for the first time (there is no tactic to stop it the first time).

    Trophy Unlocks when you defeat the boss.

  • Defeat Mistral.

    Although the first extra boss this can be the hardest boss in the game, until you figure out how easy it is to exploit the tricks of Mistral. This boss has 4 phases that I recommend understanding before going into battle.

    Phase 1/4 - This Boss starts by summoning 4 Eggs, which will continually summon monsters. Her attacks include throwing homing weapons at you, spraying green orbs 180 degrees in front of her, and swinging her tail 360 degrees which can KO your servans instantly if they are not high level or just get hit wrong.
    Phase 2/4 - Once you take about 1/8 damage to her health, she will unleash a poison effect across the whole arena, damaging your monsters over time and turn the arena to Ice, making the distance you can run and (dodge roll) much shorter.
    Phase 3/4 - When you take about 6/8 damage, she will unleash a charm effect across the whole area, making your own servans attack you if they are summoned. She gains two extra attacks now, the ability to drop sets of ice stones, which damage upon follow and upon breaking apart a few seconds after. She also gains an Ice Rain attack which will kill you or servans instantly if they get caught.
    Phase 4/4 - Once she is down to about 3/8 health, Mistral re-summons the eggs, unleashes charm and poison on the whole arena, and also begins to use homing weapons this time throwing many at once.

    A cheap tactic for this boss would be Nightmare form + boomerang + stun items, as this can finish the fight easily and painlessly. If your not able to do this see below for another strategy.

    The best way is to equip you and your servans with either of these to completely avoid all status effects.

    The red mask is much better, but can only be found through drops or requests, while the black mask can be purchased from Lloyd, it may not have as good stats but it does the job.

    Half the difficulty has just been removed. The second suggestion is to bring your healing fairy servan. Use the servans burst (+"set-button") a few seconds after you use your bursts with your attack servans. However with all 4 servans unable to be poisoned, and this boss being so slow, they will most likely cause Mistral to collapse several times before even getting more then one attack out.

    If you are having trouble you can use your to avoid damage as you are invincible, important thing to note is this boss is the only one you cannot interrupt attacks. Armor form can work decently as it will stun this boss very quickly, and armor forms can actually blow it backwards. Another option could be to NOT destroy the eggs so you can always run away, achieve a high chains count against the weak monsters, and fill your super back up quickly.

    The trophy will pop upon defeating Mistral.

  • Defeat Christforoth.

    Christforoth is the second extra boss. He has the Blueblood Count boss as backup but at this point, the count isn't even an annoyance. So don't even bother targeting him, keep your focus on Christforoth, make sure to use your servan burst on him constantly and re-summon. The only move to watch out for is when Christforoth hops on 'TubaLazerCanon' (I don't know how else to describe it), he will charge and shoot a purple blast strait forward, maybe turning slightly. Just move behind him and either call your servants or de-summon them as the blast will instant kill you or them if the blast catches them. Save your transformation if your servans get sealed. It's very rare but Christforoth will do this move sometimes when under 1/2 health.

    This is also the easiest boss to grind for blood currency because of how little there is to deal with from Christforoth and how many points you receive.

    You do not need to defeat the Blueblood Count. The trophy will pop as soon as you defeat Christforoth in battle.

  • Saw any endings.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The last level is in the area with two candles by a purple door and a telephone in the start area. Once you activate the stairs you will go up to a stage where you will face off against six separate bosses, releasing seals. When all six bosses are defeated and the seals have been released you can proceed through the giant door and up the stairs to the final boss.

    If you die at any point or you time out your progress is still saved so do not worry. If you want, you can re-fight any of the bosses as many times as you would like before this area to grind for blood.

    Once you beat the final boss and watch the ending the trophy will pop.

  • Saw extra ending.

    Finish all the extra scenarios from the post-game, this includes talking to everyone at the hotel. Make sure you have cleared the extra bosses, and any exclamation points on the map, before you activate the magic stairs to the ending area.

    Once you beat the final boss a second time, you will see a different ending. To make sure it is the correct ending see the spoiler below:

    Arnice will save Lilitius with a kiss and later return in another scene to save Lilitius from the Blueblood Dragon.

  • Transformed into the 'Demonic form'.

    You are able to transform when you fill the gauge presented in the bottom left corner of the screen, and press to transform during battles (the game has a tutorial about this in the beginning). The form you will take after transformation is based on your servans group affinity. Each servan you put in your group has a color affinity and the color with the highest sum between the servans in the group determine Arnice's transformation. There are 2 things to note, the first servan of the group has a 2x multiplier on his affinity; and by default your group always has at least 9 affinity with 'red' (meaning if you 'red' affinity is lower than that it will be then 9, not added). The trophy will pop once you transform in battle.

    Certain servans have a default 'red' affinity, however this is the default transformation form. Once your transform gauge reaches maximum press during battle. If you have other affinities mixed into your party, make sure your 'red' affinity is the highest between than or that the others don't surpass 10 affinity to have this transformation active.

    You can feed your servan its own summon item to increase its affinity by one point if you need to (max 5). Make sure to use the first slot if you do not have enough 'red' affinity servans, as it doubles the affinity.

  • Transformed into the 'Lunarabit form'.

    Certain servans have a default 'yellow' affinity. You need to have at least 10 'yellow' affinity points total to overpass the default affinity (the 'red'), see Blaze Demon .

    You can feed your servan its own summon item to increase its affinity by one point if you need to. Make sure to use the first slot if you do not have enough 'yellow' affinity servants, as it doubles the affinity.

  • Transformed into the 'Phantom form'.

    Certain servans have a default 'blue' affinity. You need to have at least 10 'blue' affinity points total to overpass the default affinity (the 'red'), see Blaze Demon .

    You can feed your servan its own summon item to increase its affinity by one point if you need to (max 5). Make sure to use the first slot if you do not have enough 'blue' affinity servans, as it doubles the affinity.

  • Transformed into the 'Iron knight form'.

    Certain servans have a default 'purple' affinity. You need to have at least 10 'purple' affinity points total to overpass the default affinity (the 'red'), see Blaze Demon .

    You can feed your servan its own summon item to increase its affinity by one point if you need to (max 5). Make sure to use the first slot if you do not have enough 'purple' affinity servans, as it doubles the affinity.

  • Transformed into the 'Nightmare form'.

    Nightmare form can only be used AFTER you clear the game the first time, during post-game (clear data save).

    From now on when you actualize a servan, you will have a small chance of him coming with 'white' affinity, this is the 'nightmare' affinity which will let you transform into this form. You need to have at least 10 'white' affinity points total to overpass the default affinity (the 'red'), see Blaze Demon .

    One tip for actualizing servans with nightmare affinity is to save beforehand, actualize and reload the save to try again if the servan didn't came with the desired affinity. Thanks to orthmann for pointing out this exploit. Make sure you have a backup save if you do this, just in case.

    You can feed your servan its own summon item to increase its affinity by one point if you need to (max 5). Make sure to use the first slot if you do not have enough 'nightmare' affinity servans, as it doubles the affinity.

  • Capture any dungeon with equipping 'Hamelin pipe'

    You can do this quest at the same time as "Fragile Edge", in fact I highly recommend it.

    Equip the item Hamelin Pipe in one of your slots. This item automatically regenerates your SP, however it renders you unable to attack.

    I suggest attempt this when your servans are level 4 or higher. Go to the very first area where you defeated Blueblood Dragon (Arturia discovered that you need to start from the entry point of the dungeon), make your way to the boss and beat it. When you reach the boss make sure your servans are summoned. I would pick ones with really decent attack bursts, stay way back and re-summon if you need to.

    Please note this item is a very common drop from any level. You will acquire this item many times along your playthrough.

  • Capture any dungeon with equipping 'Glass edge'.

    You can do this quest at the same time as "Magical Flute", in fact I highly recommend it, as it will make this trophy much easier to obtain.?

    Equip the Item Glass Edge in one of your slots. This item increases your attack by a large amount however if you get hit ,any hit, will be instant KO.

    I suggest attempt this when your servans are level 4 or higher. Go to the very first area where you defeated Blueblood Dragon (Arturia discovered that you need to start from the entry point of the dungeon), make your way to the boss and beat it. When you reach the boss make sure your servans are summoned. I would pick ones with really decent attack bursts, stay way back and re-summon if you need to.

    You DO NOT need to attack the boss, once your servans defeat it you will get the trophy.

    Please note this item is a very common drop from any level. You will acquire this item many times along your playthrough.

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