• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (personal estimate) (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 31 (8, 18, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 3-5hrs (personal estimate) (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: Half of the list
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes; game must be played on Expert
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes, using hints/skipping puzzles will void trophies
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones is the third in the Nightmares from the Deep trilogy of hidden adventure games by Artifex Mundi. This time around, our heroine must save her daughter from a deadly pact she unwittingly made with the demon pirate Davy Jones.

Trophy-wise, it's a pretty standard Artifex Mundi list, and nearly identical to the previous game's list. However, there are three notable exceptions: You don't have to do an entire second playthrough solving all the Mahjong puzzles, there's no "Complete a game of Mahjong in under 60 seconds" trophy and you don't have to play the bonus episode. You can safely hold to skip cutscenes and dialogue if you don't care about the story.

I have written a Platinum walkthrough for the game and you can find it here: LINK.


Step 1: Expert Difficulty – HO scenes - gather all collectibles – no hints/skips

Unlike most Artifex Mundi games, you can get the platinum in a single playthrough of the game, as long as you make a back up save at a certain point. After unlocking O'Malley , make a save backup as there will be three hidden object scenes in relatively quick succession, which makes it ideal for the game's Mahjong trophy.

Simply play through the game, keeping an eye out for the four different collectibles in the game: seahorses, pirate cards, puzzle pieces and animals. They're all game-spanning so I highly recommend you follow my walkthrough. Otherwise, see each of those trophies for more information.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

The Great Escape
There's a Skip Button?
A Captivating Matter
About That Pact
His Secrets
On a Roll!
Scullion's Tale
The Golden Hint
Bewitching Hour
The Alchemist
No Man Treads
Every Last One
Lost Memories
No Skipping!
The Deal is Off
Expert Player

...and likely the following as well:

Quick Sleuth
Hidden Talent

...and if you got all collectibles:

Seahorse Ashore
Puzzling Find
Animal Lover
Special Card
The King's Seahorses
Card Collector
Whole Picture

Step 2: Reload save backup and play three Mahjong scenes

If you made the save backup I recommended in Step 1 (after unlocking O'Malley) , this step shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes. Otherwise you'll need to start a brand new game and play through the first Hidden Object scenes as Mahjong scenes instead, which will take around 30-45 minutes. However you do it, whenever you access a HO scene, press on the D-Pad to access Mahjong. The game generally does a good job of indicating what tiles can be matched up. It doesn't matter if you reshuffle or use hints to help you out, provided you don't skip the puzzle entirely. Just play through three HO scenes via Mahjong.

There have been reports that this trophy cannot be unlocked in the bonus chapter. I personally did not try but either of the methods above would still be quicker.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

The Joy of Mahjong

[PST Would Like To Thank themindisacity for this Roadmap]

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

31 trophies ( 18  12  )

  • Unlock every Trophy.

    Congratulations, matey!

  • Complete 3 Puzzles without using the Skip Button.

    See No Skipping!

  • Finish all Puzzles without using the Skip Button.

    Self explanatory. Play through the entire game without skipping any of the puzzles. The puzzles really aren't too difficult, even on Expert and all of them can be reset in case you make a mistake.

  • Finish 6 Hidden Object Puzzles in a row without using hints.

    See Every Last One.

  • Finish any Hidden Object scene with less than 4 mistakes.

    See Marksman.

  • Find 5 hidden objects within 5 seconds.

    See Marksman.

  • Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 1 minute.

    The first Hidden Object scene in the game is ideal for this and the other miscellaneous HO trophies, as it has the least amount of items you need to find and the locations are always the same. I do recommend making a save backup before starting the HO scene, just in case you don't unlock all three miscellaneous HO trophies the first time around.

    See below for pictures. The first picture indicates locations you need to click to reveal some of the objects; the second one actually shows all the objects. I recommend revealing all of the objects first, then blitzing through using the second picture and collecting them all in one fell swoop.

  • Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hints.

    Self-explanatory. Throughout the entire game, avoid pressing on the D-Pad. If you accidentally do, close the game via the button (don't quit to main menu, because it will automatically autosave) then reload it and your save will still be okay.

  • Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzles by playing Mahjong.

    You cannot unlock this and Every Last One in the same game as they are mutually exclusive so either do this in a brand new game or, ideally, make a save backup after unlocking O'Malley then reload that save after you've unlocked all the other trophies. This because after unlocking O'Malley, you will play through three HO scenes in relatively rapid succession.

    Whenever you access a HO scene, you have the option to press on the D-Pad to play Mahjong instead. Mahjong is a simple tile-matching game, and generally, the game does a good job indicating what tiles can be matched and what tiles need to have tiles cleared away from them first.

    It doesn't matter if you reshuffle tiles or use hints to learn what moves to make. You just need to clear three HO scenes via Mahjong and you'll unlock this trophy.

  • Complete the game.

    See Expert Player.

  • Complete the game on expert difficulty.

    When you start a new game, choose the Expert difficulty option to lock yourself into this trophy. There's no difference between Casual and Expert, except for the fact that the hint meter (which you shouldn't be using anyway) takes longer to charge and the game doesn't show where HO scenes are but if you hover over where they are, the game will indicate they're there.

  • Interact with 3 Animals on the Island.

    See Naturist.

  • Interact with 16 Animals on the Island.

    There seems to be a bit of wiggle room for this trophy. There is a Guide on Steam with 16 confirmed animals; I interacted with a few more that weren't in the Guide and unlocked this one at the 14 animal mark.

    I listed all animals I interacted with in my walkthrough but in terms of the 16 confirmed animals, I have listed them below:

    1. Beach – Dog (he will lean forward and wag his tail)
    2. Beach – Three crabs surrounding the galleon
    3. Beach – Crab next to the guardian statue
    4. Beach – Fireflies in front of the vines (I'm not so sure these fireflies count; there are multiple times that fireflies will appear, thus I recommend interacting with them whenever they show up)
    5. Crow's Nest – Seagull on skull
    6. O'Malley's Cell – Rat under table
    7. Courtyard – Giant lizard (do this before feeding it all three steaks)
    8. Courtyard – This is in the HO scene in the house after getting the giant lizard to leave. There are three small versions of the same lizard. They're animated so they're not difficult to find.
    9. Atrium – Chameleon perched on the guardian statue
    10. Palace Back Door – Crab on crane debris (you need to click it to get an item from it; for this trophy, you need to click it again)
    11. Palace Back Door – Clam on crane debris (do this before prying it open for the item it has)
    12. Road – Chameleon perched on guardian statue hand
    13. Dark Gate – Tiny lizard on the rock with the machete wedged in it
    14. Rocks – Tiny lizard just under the guardian statue
    15. Shore – Tiny lizard on the side of the stone path, in the grass
    16. Shore – Humming bird (you need to do this anyway, to get the item it has). I believe you can also interact with it when it's perched next to the flower
  • Find the first hidden puzzle piece.

    See Whole Picture.

  • Find all of the hidden puzzle pieces.

    There are 24 hidden puzzle pieces spread throughout the game. They're actually quite large and kind of difficult to miss and most (if not all) of them are in subwindows (i.e. the new window that comes up when you zoom in on something) as opposed to the main screen. In order:

    1. Beach – The guardian statue is holding it
    2. Bridge – Left of the octopus weathervane, in some plants
    3. O'Malley's Cell – In some plants on the left where you get the mug
    4. O'Malley's Cell – In the subwindow with the water, against the right border
    5. Courtyard – At the base of the guardian statue
    6. Davy Jones' Office – In the glass sliding door case (you don't need to open it to get it)
    7. Icehouse – In the machinery subwindow, between the gear and the right wing
    8. Atrium – Near the guardian statue, in the bottom right corner
    9. Laboratory – In the subwindow with the flytrap plants, hidden in some plants in the top right corner
    10. Palace Back Door – Wedged behind the cog on the crane
    11. Kitchen – Under some peppers next to the sink
    12. Road – On top of the glass bubble
    13. Entrance – Next to the skeleton
    14. Tunnels – On top of the overturned mine cart
    15. Chamber – Next to one of the blue jewels on the puzzle box
    16. Niche – Left of the green jewel on the gate lock puzzle
    17. Golden Cave – Under the golden dragon
    18. Secret Vault – This one's kind of camouflaged – It's just left of the guardian statue's head/face.
    19. Forbidden Gate – Under the root where the crow is perching
    20. Town – Left of the pirate skeleton with the talisman
    21. Town Square – Under the shelf with the bottles, at the bar
    22. Swamp – Behind some large leaves next to the guardian statue
    23. Shore – Left of the hummingbird's flower
    24. Hut - In the coat hem, near the bottom
  • Find a glowing seahorse.

    See The King's Seahorses.

  • Find all the glowing seahorses.

    There are 12 seahorses to find. These guys phase in and out of the scene so they're not too difficult to find. In order:

    1. Beach – In the rocks on the left
    2. Crow's Nest – In a barrel on the right, next to some glowing plants
    3. Prison – In the rocks under Cory's cell window
    4. Tower of Pacts – Top left bookshelf, in an oval
    5. Davy Jones' Office – Top of the pillar left of the desk. You need to turn the lights on first before you can collect it.
    6. Palace Back Door – At the bottom right corner of the house
    7. Tunnels – Find the break in the tracks. Scroll right until you hit the seahorse (if you hit the treasure chest, you've overshot it).
    8. Chamber – At the top right of the screen, in some ivy
    9. Golden Cave – In the pile of gold below the left alcove (the pile closest to the guardian statue)
    10. Swamp – Right of the pirate skeleton, against a tree
    11. Dark Gate – At the base of the rock where the machete is wedged (in the red area)
    12. Hut – This guy's really hard to miss, as the hut is dark and he flashes red but he's just right of the fireplace
  • Find the first Pirate Card.

    See Card Collector.

  • Find all of the Pirate Cards.

    There are 10 Pirate Cards. They are all out in plain sight but need to be interacted with multiple times to actually be collected i.e. once to dislodge them from wherever they are and another to actually pick them up. In order:

    1. Crow's Nest – In the mouth of the skull on the left
    2. Tower of Pacts – On the right bookshelf, amongst the books
    3. Garden – In the hands of the angel statue
    4. Atrium – At the base of the pillar in front of the guardian statue
    5. Road – In the tree trunk just above the guardian statue's head
    6. Entrance – Just above and left of the minecart with the green rocks
    7. O'Malley's Hideout – On the landing just past the first staircase. O'Malley will be blocking your access to it the first time you come here; you need to wait for him to move a little later on
    8. Crossroads – In some plants at the tip of the pirate skeleton's boot
    9. Town – Tangled in rope above the pirate skeleton
    10. Hut – On the mantel above the fireplace

Secret trophies

  • Escape from the cell.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy when you use the key in the cell lock and open the door.

  • Get to the prison cell.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy when you speak with the imprisoned Cory after crossing the bridge.

  • Find out how to cancel the pact.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this trophy after speaking with the old man about Cory's pact.

  • Find out what Davy Jones is hiding in the Icehouse.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy when you solve the relief puzzle and the subsequent "click all the crystals" minigame.

  • Reconnect with Cory.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy after speaking with Cory in the Kitchen.

  • Get to O’Malley’s Hideout.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy when you solve the sliding blocks puzzle in the Chamber to be able to access the Hideout and actually enter the hideout. I recommend making a backup save after unlocking this trophy, as it's a prime time to quickly unlock The Joy of Mahjong later on.

  • Find the hint about the treasure of Davy Jones.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy when you open the treasure chest in the Secret Vault and pick up its contents.

  • Get the witch to help you.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy when you first enter the Town and automatically speak with the witch.

  • Open the Forbidden Gate.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy when you use the potion you brewed for The Alchemist with the tree in front of the Forbidden Gate.

  • Brew O’Malley's potion.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy after brewing the potion. You will need to find the ingredients for it in the cave and surrounding areas, first.

  • Cancel all of the pacts.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy after collecting the fisherman token in the Hut near the end of the game and watch the ensuing cutscenes.

  • Listen to all of the Guardians’ stories.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    There are twelve guardians scattered around the island. If you place a doubloon in their hand, they will tell you a bit of Davy Jones' story. After telling you their story, they will give you part of some item needed to progress later on so you will be required to speak with all of them. Specific doubloons do not need to be used with specific guardian statues so if you have one in your inventory and come across a statue, feel free to use it then and there as you can't accidentally get stuck by listening to the story out of order or anything.

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