Trickster Trophy

  • Trickster


    Score a goal using a trick move.

    Just like it says, score a goal with a trick move. To do a trick move press and depending where you are on the ice will determine what trick move you do. The trick moves are putting the puck on your stick and scoring from behind the net, throwing the puck into the air and hitting it out of the air with your stick and spinning shots where you drag your toe and shoot the puck. The easiest by far is the one where you shoot from behind the net. When your behind or on the side of the net push the button and he will put it in the net most of the time. Alternatively if you have someone else on your team you can make them check the goalie and knock him down so you can take the wide open shot. If you do it by yourself though trick shots take some luck and you most likely won't get them on your first try.

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