Ice Man Trophy

  • Ice Man


    Score two goals while an opponent is frozen in one game.

    Score twice when someone on the opposing team is frozen and this trophy is yours. To freeze someone on the opposing team simply pick up the Freeze powerup. The powerup looks like a snowflake and will be dropped after checking the opposing players. When a player is frozen he cant move for a certain amount of time making it much easier. You can compare it to a power play in real hockey as it creates an advantage for one team. Put your 3 to 2 player advantage to good use. When this powerup is on it seems that the opposing team plays more defensive as they crowd closer to the net and help the goalie out. This trophy still shouldn't be too much of a problem though as you can still pass back and forth in front of the net and when the goalie is caught on the wrong side shoot it for the easy goal. This can be done online with a boost partner or a second controller if you'd like.

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