Super Speed Trophy

  • Super Speed


    Score two goals with a Super Speed powerup in one game.

    To get this trophy you need to score two goals in one game with the Super Speed powerup on. Once again only the person with the Super Speed powerup can score to get this trophy. Same as before you get powerups by pressing the button near an opposing player to check them. The powerup looks like a rocket. Just skate over the powerup to pick it up. This one is easier then the Big Player trophy to get because its much easier to score with this powerup. With the player that has the powerup on skate from side to side in front of the net and when goalie lags behind trying to catch up to you shoot and score. Aim for the side he is not on because if you try to shoot on the side he's on he will most likely save it. Same as before you can easily use two controllers or boost with someone online to help get this trophy.

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