Team Player Trophy

  • Team Player


    Play and complete a quick ranked game with 3 users on your side.


    There are a couple ways to do this. You can either have 2 friends play with you or you can use 2 spare controllers you have to play. Rockband and Guitar Hero controllers work. You do not need to win the game but you and the other team both must finish the game. After the game you will be awarded with this trophy.

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  • hard to get plz send friend request to BEARGRYLLS23
  • need a person to add me to get this trophy its the last one I need. PSN ID is kcku0527
  • Never mind got this one just now with the help of a buddy.
  • Only trophy I need left...any takers? PSN: ercoSNOW Would truly appreciate any helpers to get this last trophy out of my way, THANKS!
  • I have 3 controllers for a limited time. Anyone able to help me? PSN: kretzy Time Zone: EST (GMT -5) Able to do today or tomorrow. please help. Thanks
  • PSN: omenvegetto (GMT-3)
  • got 3 controllers, need player for one online trophy EU GMT+1 , but i'am available at different hours :)
  • Looking to boost this if anyone is willing, PSN h-reaper-h
  • Got this, online is pretty dead but found that if I hosted a game with 3 controllers it didn't take too long for someone to join.

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